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Hey guys!!

Firstly I wanna thank you for all the love and appreciation I got for my previous post My story. It took me a while to write and opening up to these matters is a real challenge so Thank you. 116 more words

The Style

Thats my Story

Hey there

How have you all been? Hope your week was great. I just thought I should make a quick blog about how I love my body with all its flaws. 471 more words

The Style

Why I favor Jumpsuits.

Hello, Ola

Hey guys hows been your weekend? Mine was awesome, went to church, played with Tay, saw some family, chilled with hubby, watched Straight Outta Campton and cried a lil. 187 more words

The Style

Sabbath dress!! 

As I sit on my sofa, am thinking How many days left till Saturday. And no am not bored with my weekdays neither am I a party freak. 132 more words

The Style

Maxi season 

Hey there!!

Let me just start by saying Summer is here with full force. Like i can’t believe the temperatures out there. Its blazing hot in Harare. 172 more words

The Style

Poolside Chill

Hey there readers!!!

How have you all been? Am now great. Like really great. After my flue i was feeling kinda low depressed and out. I think it was the medication. 111 more words

The Style

Thick and twinning 

Hey there readers.

How was your weekend? Mine was terrible with my son going to hospital and me dying of flue. Am still in bed trying to get some Zzzzs. 148 more words

The Style