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Fashion Friday

Little Philosophie loves her clothes poofy, lacey, girly and sparkly.¬†She wears dresses and skirts 99% of the time. I don’t really know why but I guess that’s her style. 51 more words


Mother's Day thrift

Last month I went to visit my granny and I came across my moms old clothes. I had to dig through my love for thrift. This is my favorite top at the moment love you Mum for keeping all your clothes. 14 more words

The Style

Saying 'hi Gypsy'

after losing Drogo my 10 week old pitbull i thoughts i could go back to hating dogs. And then he came along. Happiness in white and brown. 9 more words

The Style

Witches of East End

If I had lived in the 1700s I would have rocked that age too. Surprised how sexy I felt all covered up.

Skirt: thrift
Top: 12 more words

The Style

Camouflage twins

The most precious gift that God gave me. My lil boy. I remember the 1st time I heard you cry most amazing time kf my life. 45 more words

The Style

Comfortable confidence

  • I know how most people are intimidated by looking at other ladies doned in perfect makeup 6 inch heels, 26inch brazilian hair. I was one of those people so I bought the hair, makeup and heels and yet I felt so insecure.
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The Style

Matching Prints

Today I woke up and felt so lazy to blog. Was just gonna get up and go until I was dressing up and I realised my shirt and shoes have the same print. 34 more words

The Style