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Anxiety as an entrepreneur

Anxiety as an Entrepreneur

One of the things I had to deal with as an entrepreneur is Anxiety. An uneasy feeling of inner turmoil. For me it usually has me second guessing myself, binge eating and headaches.  410 more words

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Is Winter here?

Is Winter here? Now that’s the question. Here I was reading up on seasons in Zimbabwe, thinking we supposed to be in spring April to mid May but the weather aint agreeing with that. 142 more words

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Spring Haul

I really believe this sunshine is giving me life. Like, honestly, Madrid is not considered to be the rainiest place on earth yet it has been pouring for so long I basically feel like home, so seeing the weather change into summer is making me pleased. 451 more words

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Girly Evolution

Hey guys!!

 I been asked to describe my style in many interviews I have done lately and I just cant answer that question. All I know is I love feeling nice and classy. 76 more words

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Trend Alert: Athleisure

Hey Guys!!

What is Athleisure? Athleisure is a trend whereby clothing designed for athletics and workouts are worn in other settings. One of the most popular pieces is the tracksuit also known as warm-ups. 105 more words

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Wide legged pants 

Hey guys!!!

I been on this trend eversince grade 6 when it was still called hipsters and now we call them wide leg pants.They just suit me so well. 40 more words

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The Heart Opener Minimal Necklace

If there´s one thing I´ve been in love with lately that is necklaces. And you know this is weird for me, because anything that surrounds my neck is sensitive to become suffocating and therefore unwearable.. 161 more words

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