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Comfortable confidence

  • I know how most people are intimidated by looking at other ladies doned in perfect makeup 6 inch heels, 26inch brazilian hair. I was one of those people so I bought the hair, makeup and heels and yet I felt so insecure.
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Matching Prints

Today I woke up and felt so lazy to blog. Was just gonna get up and go until I was dressing up and I realised my shirt and shoes have the same print. 34 more words

The Style

March lusts

I tend to buy lots of things that end up dying in my kloset. I got lots of printed shirts and pants and no neutrals so this month am lusting over the neutral side. 80 more words

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Thrift Bunny

Okay so am gonna go ahead and say it. I love thrift. All my looks I end up putting on a thrifted some some. So amma give you some dos and donts when you go to the thrift store… 172 more words

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So after posting Oversized shirt: The 3 in 1 look (here) I discovered I aint the only one loving the oversized shirt. It has become a trend among my friends to lust over the same things. 9 more words

The Style

Oversized shirt: The 3 in 1 look

So I took my hubby’z shirt he never wears it and whats his is mine (justification). I just hope he doesn’t view my blog.

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A week in outfits #11

Doing a week in outfits in the winter is no easy task since I’m always super bundled up, rotating my 4 go to coats. Instead of showing y’all the same coats over and over again, I figured I would start doing “what’s under my coat” a week in outfits post! 104 more words