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Review: My Paperchase by Sir Harold Evans.

What was your favourite gift you were given at Christmas?

When starting my journalism course (you can read more about it here) one of my teachers mentioned Harold Evans. 498 more words


Times says Poetry's Back! (& I reread Denise Riley & get tangled)

Patricia Nicol writes a great story, in today’s Times, about the re-launch of Penguin’s Modern Poets series.

I loved the original Penguin Modern Poets when I was teenage reader, and still have, though can’t today find, my copy of  Yevgeny Yevtushenko’s… 1,362 more words

Halting the Momentum

One of the few advantages of the modern age is that you can get the Sunday papers on the continent on the same day of publication. 1,235 more words

“Sex pervert strikes again” 64 years later—this time in Kerala, this time digitally


Before he set sail to India and then onward to England, where he rose to become one of the greatest investigative reporters of the 20th century at… 591 more words


The Great BBC Plagiarism Scandal

  1. Here I show what I consider to be intentional plagiarism of facts and images from my blog by those responsible for a BBC TV programme broadcast in November 2016.
  2. 2,670 more words
Military Charities

Menopause Matters secretly promotes advertisers on Twitter

  1. Menopause Matters, a trusted source of information for both women experiencing the menopause, and healthcare professionals (HCPs), secretly promotes advertisers on Twitter. Here I show two examples.
  2. 1,124 more words
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