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The Dissents of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

The following table categorizes Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.’s dissents according to “Dissenting Opinions Authored” and “Dissenting Opinions Joined.” Totaling the dissents in each column will not result in the sum of the cases in which Holmes dissented because the table includes only cases in which Holmes dissented with a writing. 1,201 more words


Judge sides with anti-abortion group in birth control case

WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal judge on Monday sided with an anti-abortion group that challenged a key birth control provision of the Obama administration’s health care overhaul. 398 more words

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“I just want a Lamborghini”

We’ve all seen them, the gruesome videos detailing Planned Parenthood’s cold, calculated harvesting and sale of infant body parts.

“I just want a Lamborghini,” one Planned Parenthood doctor joked when a buyer asked about the price of various organs. 348 more words


Native Americans in US prisons loose the fight for long hair

Native American inmates in Alabama fighting for their right to wear long hair based on religious beliefs was turned down by the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals this week. 193 more words

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The Love of Money Leads To The End of the World, & It Appears to be Close. (I Hope I'm Wrong)

So much has happened in America & the world at large this year, it is quite numbing to try to keep up. From The Supreme Court violating Constitutional boundaries by re-defining a religious institution into a secular one, to Barack Obama’s Iran deal that seems to put Israel along with the rest of the globe in a worse position due to nuclear potential, to Planned Parenthood being exposed for selling and negotiating aborted babies, it is one shock after another to say the least. 191 more words


40 questions on marriage equality from Matthew Vines:

Trying to decide how to do a post about the events of the past few weeks has been difficult.  The fact is, countless voices have chimed in on gay “marriage” and the Supreme Court decision, many offering unique and poignant observations.   3,958 more words


Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

The aftershocks of the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage continue to reverberate in our nation, denominations, and congregations. The 5-4 decision split reflects the deep divide in popular sentiment on the subject. 423 more words