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A Surprising Supreme Court

The 2015 Court term is complete, with the final opinions being issued this morning, so it is timely to examine what has transpired. The Court is narrowly divided between conservative and liberal justices, so few cases had clear and predictable outcomes. 1,053 more words


The People Of Arizona Win An Important Supreme Court Case

And take gerrymandering away from their state representatives. It’s sort of a loss for Republicans in that they were the challengers, but gerrymandering is an issue both parties are absolutely guilty of, and this ruling minimizes gerrymandering in one state. 12 more words


Marriage: Privatize it.

Let me forewarn you here, this piece will, I think, have something in it to piss off damned near everyone.  So, why should I waste time in doing it? 840 more words

Dear America, If You're Against The Right To Gay Marriage Then You're Against 'America' Itself

Last week we saw the Supreme Court hand down a 5-4 decision which legalized gay marriage across the nation. Since then we’ve seen a predictable backlash against the ruling citing the democratic process, state’s rights, and even a kind of concern trolling which claims that the ruling will make it harder for some Americans to accept gay marriage. 1,162 more words

Why The Supreme Court Is A Threat To Our Society

I am uncertain whether or not I should begin this blog post with a disclaimer.  Those who will be prowling the internet today looking for homophobes will not finish reading what I am about to write if I do.  1,109 more words

Gay Marriage