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First Amendment Folly: An Evaluation of Carl H. Esbeck’s “Protestant Dissent and the Virginia Disestablishment 1776-1786” (Introduction)

Several months ago I posted a blog on the abuse of history in constitutional law (“The Politics of Deception”), and this is the first of the promised evaluations exposing this abuse. 2,702 more words


Finally, Election Day

Now the next campaign can begin.

Seriously, I am wondering what the Republicans are going to do about the Supreme Court if Mrs. Clinton wins. If they rush to confirm President Obama’s nominee, who is quite a centrist, they will expose themselves for the political manipulators they are. 143 more words



Traditionally, campaign spending has been done by a committee set up and overseen by a candidate running for election. A candidate’s campaign committee is governed by state or federal laws depending on the office for which the candidate is running. 1,051 more words

The State Of Our Democracy

"Just Two Simple Words!"

all this “stuff” is meant

to stop “hillary questions:”

two words: supreme court!

J Richards

Bill Lockwood: Post-Christian America

Post-Christian America- “– in many American circles, the persecution (though mild) has already begun.”

by Bill Lockwood

Salon Magazine has a recent article in which they label our nation a “post-Christian America.” The “process of secularization,” says Matthew Sheffield, “has been slower-moving in the U.S. 657 more words


The Politics of Deception: History, Knowledge, and the First Amendment

 In a 1988 lecture Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia declared that originalism was “The Lesser Evil” over other methods of constitutional interpretation. (1) Born out of a resentment against what was perceived as an activist liberal Supreme Court, the movement to make originalism… 4,724 more words