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Get involved... please!

For the past 3 or 4 Presidential elections I have urged my two daughters to get personally involved in the primary process.  “Too busy, Dad…”, “I’ll vote but I just can’t invest the time needed before the general election…” I must admit my frustration that I have failed so terribly to properly communicate why I believe it has become so much more important than ever before. 226 more words

"Justice Thomas Needs a Lesson in the History of the 2nd Amendment" | History News Network

“The overall point to be made is the Seventh Circuit did not relegate the Second Amendment to a “second-class right” as Justice Thomas claims. History refutes such a conclusion. 43 more words


Brazilian Impeachment Crisis Causing Turmoil Across Nation

Brazil’s impeachment plot thickened Wednesday with speculation rife over whether President Dilma Rousseff will be abandoned by a key ally and the Supreme Court stepping in to put the whole process on hold. 697 more words


Why Lobbying is Allowed, part I

Why it is allowed for lobbyists, interest groups and other outside actors to engage in lobbying activities to the extent it currently is. The Constitution, the Supreme Court and Congress have all shaped the current legal framework that enable lobbying activities. 1,314 more words

American Elections

What Does "One Person, One Vote" Mean?

The new Supreme Court term began this week. As usual there are some fascinating cases with the potential for major impacts. One of these is Evenwel v. 592 more words

The Supreme Court

A well regulated militia

We hear a lot about the rights under the Second Amendment, so dear to the hearts of so many people, so I thought I should read it again. 705 more words