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Family Time at Our House!

There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to have that proper family time we all deserve. With busy schedules of work, school, gymnastic, tournaments here and there, projects etc, being able to fit in some quality time can be a bit tricky but can be done. 344 more words

Adventures In Cooking

"Not Medically Necessary"

I really have a love/heat relationship with our insurance provider. We have private insurance through my husband’s employer and trust me, without it, we’d be well over $750K in debt. 354 more words

The Sweet Life

A Very Berry Ice Cream

Is it really cheating when you find an easier way to simplify a process? Why work harder when you can work smarter.

Traditionally, most ice cream recipes call for tempering of eggs or cooking process which can take a bit of time. 194 more words

The Sweet Life

Strawberry muthafuckin jam


  • 200g castor sugar

  • 200g fresh strawberries (Leaves removed)

  • 15ml lemon juice


  1. In a pot add all the ingredients, smash them and bring them to a boil.

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The Ultimate Carrot Cake Cupcakes w/Mascarpone Frosting

What is Easter without carrot cake? Better yet cupcakes?

When I was growing up my aunt Bea always made the best carrot cakes. I use to watch so intensely to find out what was the secret to her moist masterpiece.  434 more words

The Sweet Life

Welcome to Holland

In the last several months, I keep coming across an Essay titled Welcome to Holland. Some people love it, others not so much, but I think it’s an easy way to put something so complex into an analogy everyone can understand. 678 more words


Madeleines with Love

Happy Monday!

Kid you not, I have always wondered about these Madeleines. Are they bite size cakes, are they cookies? Which side is up? Needless to say, I love them, whatever they are. 223 more words

The Sweet Life