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the people work

“The People Work―Evening,” Benton Murdoch Spruance (Benton Murdoch Spruance/The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens)

Brave New World

I hope you've had some nice sun today

The city of Melbourne gave their trees email addresses so people could write in about problems like broken branches. But people used them to write little love missives. 189 more words

The Sweet Life

Milk's Favorite Cookie- Oreos

I did it. Pushed aside fear, took a risk,  and I did it. I made Oreos.

In the mix of ice cream, s’mores and all things peanut butter, is one of my favorite cookies, Oreos. 610 more words

The Sweet Life

beauty born of danger

Beauty, liberty, and wisdom are born of danger, neglect, decay, fear, dirt, sloth, ruin, accident, uncertainty. Not of security, enterprise, perfection, strategy, planning, foresight. Death not money. 72 more words

The Sweet Life

The Sweet Nothings... :)

There lives a fair maiden
She has a sweet tooth
Carts full of sweet laden
She puts in her booth

Her eyes fill with twinkles… 126 more words

Creative Writing

wise or unwise

It’s not that the mob or the everymen who collectively make up a citizenry are right and wise, it’s that, by ensuring they decide by their vote who will lead and by what policy, the law will prevail and arbitrary measures will not.   99 more words

The Sweet Life