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irrational beguiling belonging

Habits persist and cluster and conform us to shared dull, thoughtless behavior: mimicry in speech, going along with the mob.

Drums, dancing and music induce a primodial state outside of habit that is irrational, pleasurable and relational. 165 more words

The Sweet Life

asking pardon of the spirit of the tree

Imagine asking pardon of the spirit of the tree before cutting a branch, of the mountain before extracting stone for aggregate, of the lake before fishing, the stream before removing water, the sky taking a bird, the earth mining minerals. 227 more words

The Sweet Life

Strawberry & Rhubarb crumble

Strawberry & Rhubarb crumble: The Sweet Life – Deserts from Chanterelle by Kate Zuckerman

Serves 8 – 10 (or make half quantities for 4 – 5) 262 more words

we are made for art, memory, poetry, oblivion

The gods make trouble to spur us write and sing songs (Homer); we write down everything we see in the world (Mallarme). Mallarme’s full statement was “Tout au monde existe pour aboutir a un livre,” which means everything in the world exists to end up in a book. 121 more words

The Sweet Life

Company Behind M&M's, Snickers Endorses "Added Sugars" Label For Foods

Of all the companies to advocate for alerting consumers to added sugars, the country’s most famous candy maker would be probably be among the least likely. 265 more words

drowning heavenly ecstasies, fervour, enthusiasm, sentimentalism

Below, how these good things – ecstasy, fervour, enthusiasm, sentimentalism – are discredited and drowned by ‘egotistical calculation.’ Can you imagine going to work and being ecstatic, fervent, enthusiastic and sentimental and lasting a day? 180 more words

Brave New World