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10 Classic Disney Movies to Show Your Kids

From www.popsugar.com – It may seem like your kids have seen every possible Disney movie, but what about the old-school favorites? Share some of these beloved Disney flicks with your…

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I Have a Bone to Pick with Disney

So lately (and by that I mean like within the last five years or so) people have been giving Disney a pretty hard time about setting up kids to have warped views of romance.  509 more words


My Favorite Disney Character

When you think of memorable Disney characters, who pops to mind? Ariel? Maleficent? Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum? There are hundreds to choose from and Disney just keeps creating more. 429 more words

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Review? The Sword in The Stone


What is it about?

The Sword in the Stone is the story of Arthur becoming King of England.  We begin with the death of the King, leaving no heir and a sword inside an anvil awaiting the right wise King to pull it out. 1,037 more words


By the Book: The Sword in the Stone

The Arthur saga is technically a legend, and would therefore not fit into this series, but this movie is not based on the legend. It is an adaptation of a specific book based on said legend with the title… 1,529 more words


Merlin and the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Disney and magic are synonymous with each other, and one of the most renowned wielders of magic, not just in Disney’s world but in literature as a whole, is Merlin. 231 more words

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