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X is for...

X – C A L I B U R

Okay I cheated – I know it is spelt Excalibur but there are no Disney Characters that begin with X. 118 more words


Disney Work

Here’s a handy but incomplete list of mundane tasks that a Disney movie makes look like magic.

*Disclaimer: I went through YouTube to find all of these clips I wanted to talk about, but at some point, some of these videos may be removed abruptly from YouTube because, well, Disney. 684 more words


10 underrated Disney movies

Here’s a little list of the most underrated Disney films of all time. Some may have received amazing critic reviews, but just wasn’t loved by the audience, or vice versa. 866 more words


It's movie marathon day: King Arthur

I’m waiting for the new King Arthur movie… well, actually I’m waiting for the new Charlie Hunnam movie (I’m a Sons of Anarchy fan). But I like the figure of Arthur, a British mythological character, the ideal monarch both in peace and in war. 111 more words


Freshman year: The Once and Future King, by T.H. White

Photo from broadwaymusicalhome.com. I don’t own it, Professor Google just found it for me.

Sorry for the delay with this one… I’ve been working crazy hard this past week getting a story ready for submission to the podcast Cast of Wonders’ flash fiction contest over at the escape artists forums, and now I’m sick.   1,126 more words

The Sword in the Stone (1963)

A poor boy named Arthur learns the power of love, kindness, knowledge and bravery with the help of a wizard called Merlin in the path to become one of the most beloved kings in England history. 81 more words

Best King Arthur Adaptations

It’s pretty amazing that the King Arthur legends have been around for about fifteen centuries- entertaining global audiences for nine- and still hold up today. Storytellers have drawn out many narratives from Arthurian legends, using various character point of views and a variety of mediums. 502 more words