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note to self: watch Phantasm 2 through 5 soon. I’vet seen the first one a bunch of times, but just never got around to the rest. Weird!

Halloween Sensory Slashers II: When You Die, You Go to The Tall Man.

“The funeral is about to begin, sir!”

After patiently waiting following the early 2014 announcement of the film’s existence, Phantasm: Ravager was finally released on October 4th for digital streaming and download. 897 more words


October Horror Movie a Day Challenge, Day 4: Phantasm: Ravager (2016).


Before we get into the review, let me give you a brief run-down on the history on Ravager, and why I’ve been both dreading and anticipating it. 1,969 more words


Lifetime Theater: The Tall Man

My first clue should have been that The Tall Man wasn’t shot in the same nouveau-riche Vancouver suburb where every other Lifetime movie takes place. The second was that it wasn’t lit like a telenovela, and the credit sequence was a bunch of needlessly expensive helicopter shots. 1,223 more words

Projected Pixels And Emulsion

'The Tall Man' Has Ambition, but is He Frightening? (Review)

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: Pascal Laugier

Cast: Jessica Biel, Jodelle Ferland, William B. Davis

I was torn on this film when it initially arrived, and a second visit, years later, hasn’t done too much to clarify my own opinion of the flick. 586 more words


Before The Fall...

by Noah Hawley, is the book I just picked up from Chapters. Indigo. Whatever. On my way to the store, I had to elbow through a group of naked people giving out free hugs. 25 more words

Things No One Cares About