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The Legend of Slenderman

Most people in the internet age have heard of Slenderman. The terrifying paranormal creature takes the shape of an unusually tall man who wears a black and white business suit. 533 more words


The Tall Man horror review trailer

The Tall Man is set in Cold Rock, which is a small town in Washington that is run down and has something menacing occurring in it. 479 more words

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31 Days of Halloween - Day 11 - Phantasm

Phantasm (1979) is a cult film with a huge fan following, which accounts for the numerous sequels, but the original still has flaws, great moments, and total weirdness.   620 more words


I'm just slightly underwhelmed by "The X Files" reboot trailer.

It really just seems to show us everything we’ve seen before: ominous dialogue; dire, vague warnings from sources; and flashbacks to urgent looking 50’s-era soldiers and government workers.   195 more words

The Tall Man Versus The Fat Man: A Highly Contested Battle

Ali vs. Frazier. Trump vs. Clinton vs. Sanders vs. Deez Nuts. Hansel vs. Zoolander. Not since then has there been such a rivalry — yes, The One And Only Tall Man versus The One And Only Fat Man has been such a contentious battle and consumed the lives of these two men… New Orleans, LA and Asheville, NC are battling for the supremacy of ‘Fine Eats, Strong Drinks, Top-Shelf Tunes and the supremacy of the Silver Screen. 314 more words


Quote, Unquote : Pascal Laugier

“As a member of the audience I’m so fed up with formulas. It’s always the same thing and I hate that. I’m turning forty and I don’t want to be told what I’m supposed to think and feel when I’m watching a movie. 47 more words

Flashback Weekend - Phantasm Reunion, Chicago, Illinois, August 9, 2014

My fourth visit to Chicago’s annual Flashback Weekend was definitely my favorite, and most exciting from the guest lineup was the cherished cast of Phantasm… 768 more words

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