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Trauma-Sensitive Yoga - Yoga Outreach Training

This past weekend I was given a great opportunity to participate in Yoga Outreach’s Core Training. Yoga Outreach works to provide yoga services to underserved populations, such as correctional facilities, harm-reduction sites, women’s shelters, at-risk youth programs and others. 394 more words

Yogic Musings

Teaching my first class: "Wait, is the playlist on shuffle...?"

On Monday I taught my first official yoga class, to 4 amazing friends who came out to support me. I’d been planning this class for daaaaaays, the sequence was perfect, and the playlist was complete. 313 more words


The Guest House by Rumi

This was read to my teacher training class last week, and I love it. The reader was an Occupational Therapist working with acute mental health patients, and it makes it all the more meaningful. 119 more words


The Hungry Ghosts Within

This weekend at teacher training was a workshop with Michael Stone called Awake in the World: Using Yoga Postures, Meditation and Study to Wake Up! We walked through postures, stopping for demonstrations (STOP, that looks awful, come up close and watch), working with getting to the end of the exhale and the very top of the inhale, staying present with the sensations, good or bad. 429 more words


10 minute update on Teacher Training

I’m giving myself exactly 10 minutes to write as much about teacher training as I can. I’m long long long overdue for a post, life has been hectic between new jobs, new paths and lots and lots of yoga! 200 more words


Week 1 of Teacher Training

Week one has come and gone, and I am still enrolled in teacher training. And loving it.

Walking in to class on day 1 the most overwhelming feeling was one of uncertainty. 449 more words



Yoga Teacher Training at Semperviva requires 40 days of meditation. We are doing Sat Kriya, and Kundalini style meditation, for 11 minutes. My arms burn, my feet go numb, and holy cow, it sucks all around. 134 more words