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I saw you in the prayer garden...

I saw you in the prayer garden
last night
walking the flower path
singing a mantra
I had never heard

had there been moonlight
I would have understood… 63 more words


you walk in eternity, beloved...

every scream arises
from the world’s first sorrow

every wound
every curse
every failing
every torment

is ancient beyond time

you walk in eternity, beloved… 34 more words


The Twin Red Dragons

There was an angry man who threw stones at the gods and cursed them for their injustice. The gods said to the man, You are your mind, therefore be your mind. 180 more words



there was that night
I saw myself in you

you were finding pebbles
in a stream by cloudy moonlight

see this one, you said
it was once a mountain… 46 more words


dark dove

as many times as you must

enter the fullness of the dark
where the deep lessons are kept

and if what you find seems to you evil… 82 more words


Hubris and Fitting In

Hubris: Keeping one’s mouth shut.

Sometimes our ego’s get in the way, and we feel that we can do anything. Sometimes it causes a jealousy and drama which we can avoid. 345 more words

Dear Graduates : I hope you dance...

2001- I was a gangly and plain eyed caterpillar who with the daily academic rigors not to mention intense subject requirements slowly transformed into an eager chrysalis  ready to step out of my safe cocoon. 898 more words