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Angel Tompkins portrait

Angel Tompkins: born Angel Stromberg 1943, model-turned-actress, on screen 1968 – 1992, including 70s sexploitation movies ‘How To Seduce A Woman’ (1974) and ‘The Teacher’ (1974) and Playboy Magazine pictorial February 1972. 34 more words


you say these things...

you say these things
out of kindness
to make me feel better
maybe make yourself feel better

not true, you say
my cupped hands only… 7 more words


Daily Draw: The Wheel of Fortune (rev), The Nornir

Well, there it is. Some days are just not lucky days, and today is one of those. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries got kind of a hard-core spiritual smackdown yesterday during which we embarrassed ourselves, and we’re still processing the fallout from that today and it shows in this draw. 98 more words


I saw you in the prayer garden...

I saw you in the prayer garden
last night
walking the flower path
singing a mantra
I had never heard

had there been moonlight
I would have understood… 63 more words


you walk in eternity, beloved...

every scream arises
from the world’s first sorrow

every wound
every curse
every failing
every torment

is ancient beyond time

you walk in eternity, beloved… 34 more words


The Twin Red Dragons

There was an angry man who threw stones at the gods and cursed them for their injustice. The gods said to the man, You are your mind, therefore be your mind. 180 more words