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on the ground

the ones on the mountain
split clouds
with arrows of purity

What of the Time
from Death to Birth?

on the sidewalk
I chant bus schedules… 50 more words


"Make The Sweat Drip Out Of Every Pore..."

I don’t remember quite when it started, but the most vivid memory I have, and the most likely candidate, is during Seven Nation Army. 825 more words


(1) नोँ गंसे सोरांहोग्रा, आं सोरां गैयै बाथि
सोरां होबाय नोँ।

(2) जोनोमनि उनाव– आं मोनबाय गंसे दिङा,
नोँ होबाय बैथाखौ।

(3) आं गांसे बिजाब मोनदोँमोन– आंनि आफानिफ्राइ,

The Teacher

Ways of Helping the Other to See

Ways of explaining something and
teaching another. Not telling the other what to believe, not drilling facts into their head.

The ways of communicating and helping the other to understand, to SEE. 157 more words


"Drunken Disguise Changes All The Rules"

“Let me guess,” I offer. “Affair with the secretary?”


“She’s what? 27?”

“Close,” she says. “28. You’re good at this.”

We’re on drink number three or four, I forget which, and The Teacher has loosened up quite a lot since arriving. 964 more words