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Standing Too Close

if I held some offense
to my heart like a wounded
bird that must be cared for

or die and if in time
I saw that it is… 89 more words


even the wise...

even the wise
begin with seeing lack in themselves
and others and believe it a virtue

to stand strong against the turning
of the world until learning after eons… 20 more words


Daily Draw: The Owl & Broken Wing

Messages are not getting through to you these days. Your wounds may be getting in the way, or you may be in too great a need for healing to hear what’s coming through. 79 more words


Angel Tompkins portrait

Angel Tompkins: born Angel Stromberg 1943, model-turned-actress, on screen 1968 – 1992, including 70s sexploitation movies ‘How To Seduce A Woman’ (1974) and ‘The Teacher’ (1974) and Playboy Magazine pictorial February 1972. 34 more words


you say these things...

you say these things
out of kindness
to make me feel better
maybe make yourself feel better

not true, you say
my cupped hands only… 7 more words


Daily Draw: The Wheel of Fortune (rev), The Nornir

Well, there it is. Some days are just not lucky days, and today is one of those. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries got kind of a hard-core spiritual smackdown yesterday during which we embarrassed ourselves, and we’re still processing the fallout from that today and it shows in this draw. 98 more words