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the last point as the teenagecaveman

Well it turns out that the last point I filmed myself making on my youtube channel was also the last point that I made as a teenager. 45 more words

Flint Knapping

my new blog

Well.. The time has finally come for me to move onto a new blog. In about a month my internet alias will no longer be Theteenagecaveman. 124 more words

The Teenagecaveman

cabin fever

i didn’t take any photos or video at the knap in. but tomorrow ill post some photos of the rock that i picked up and the point that i made. 56 more words

The Teenagecaveman

cabin fever knap in 2012, Friday

Sitting in the car..  dub-step flowing all around me, slamming my tympanum until it hurts. The small red car is packed full of four people, my sister and her friend who are going to a church convention or Chaplin workshop of some sorts. 207 more words

The Teenagecaveman

made my first tomakawk this afternoon.

the handle is maple, stained with red ocher and beeswax. the head is made of crazy mahogany, gold sheen, midnight lace and dacite. the wrapping is artificial sinew. 14 more words

The Teenagecaveman

some new stone art

here’s some recent work from last fall.

click on the thumbnails for a HUGE detailed picture!

thanks for looking!

The Teenagecaveman

new stone found on the weekend

hey there rocknerds!

so i found some new stone. it’s tough as nails raw, and pretty chalky but it definately has some potential for heat treatment. 214 more words

The Teenagecaveman