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Is God Asking Too Much of Us?

Over the last ten weeks I’ve studied and written about the Ten Commandments.  I learned a lot.  I also realized I’m too spiritually weak to obey them all.  2,881 more words

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Beware the Greener Grass

The machine that produces an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) was a “breakthrough” device.  It allowed doctors to examine any part of the body (including the heart, brain and other organs) in a short period of time and without surgery being involved.  2,847 more words

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The Poison of Slander

Don’t hire him. He lied on his resume.

She’s so ugly, and she has gonorrhea.

You don’t want to work with him, he’s racist, and hates you. 570 more words


Moral Reflections Inspired by (some of) the Ten Commandments

by Daniel A. Kaufman

Reflection on the explicitly moral commandments in the Decalogue raises a number of interesting considerations, in the area of Ethics.  I am thinking, specifically, of the following (translation is the 1985, Jewish Publication Society’s… 1,339 more words


Our class took a field trip to the TIFF Film Reference Library. We were given a tour of the vault and reference room, and shown one of the film production files they had on hand, which contained a selection of material from DeMille’s original… 306 more words

Fearing God's Greatness

The Israelites did not want to go up into the land of the Amorites and they complained saying, “You brought us out of the luscious land of Israel just so we can be killed by the Amorites!” And the Lord heard their complaining and said, “Surely not one of these men of this evil generation shall see that good land of which I swore to give to your fathers.” Once again in these chapters they have reviewed the Ten Commandments,and again this shows you how very important they are. 42 more words

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Cowardly Lyin’

It takes courage to tell the truth but that’s what God expects from His children.  Commandment #9 states, You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor… 2,844 more words

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