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For many years I scoffed at Christians and their excitement about God, their fervent faith in God’s almighty power and love. I lay some of this judgement and intolerance at the feet of my rebellious teenage self. 539 more words


The Bible Ten Commandments - The Law of God

“And the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God AND have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” … 2,168 more words


The Ten Commandments

Up until the mid-1950’s, American schools showcased the Ten Commandments. Sometimes they were immortalized in plaques, other times it was on posterboard. Then, Ms. O’Hair came on the scene. 533 more words



Aw, geeeeee. . . . .

Yesterday I wrote about the cartoon cat who shaved off his whiskers because he thought it would make him look sexy,  cool,  modern;  but all that happened is that he lost an important guide for daily navigation. 266 more words

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Beginning My Spiritual Will

Passing on tangible assets to children and grandchildren can be nerve-racking.  Just thinking about dividing my personal property among my family brings a sweat to my brow.   472 more words

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(07/21/2015) To Enter Life?

Scripture points are shared, today, showing again that correct knowledge of and obedience to divine law remain important for eternal life.  The writer at “Yahoo! Answers UK & Ireland” using the ID “Breakthrough” (Level 6 with 11,845 points, a member since June 29, 2013) posted the following: 749 more words

Duty Of Believers


Extras having lunch on set of the Ten Commandments, 1955… Cool.,

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