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Black, White, Pink

A friend of mine is getting married in a couple of months. Needless to say the stress of making things work for both families is taking a toll on the two lovebirds. 364 more words

First Times

The Thing About Life

The thing about life is that it’s painfully similar to a calculus equation. If you’ve ever had a calculus class:

1. I’m so sorry, and I feel your pain. 459 more words

Calculus Metaphors

The Thing About Fate

The other day I watched Serendipity for the first time. Yes, the first time.

Anyone who ever knew that I’ve never watched it gave similar reactions: 205 more words


The Thing About Signs

The thing about signs is that they are just simple things, occurrences that are nothing out of the ordinary until we make them extraordinary. It’s something that catches our attention because at that moment, we were either deep in thought or just being mindless, and that something breaks us out of our thoughts or thoughtlessness. 43 more words


The thing about... Birthdays.

Hey guys Celestes here,

I’m sorry for the rather sparely posts this week, but we all had to do with real life stuff. That’s why I stumbled around the topic of birthdays and I began to find the concept of birthday parties and songs utterly disturbing. 223 more words


The Thing About Sierra

The thing about Sierra is that I travel. I’m 17 and I’ve already traveled across the world. It’s more spectacular and wonderful and terrifying than you could have ever imagined. 97 more words



Do we become more accommodating with age or the exact opposite of it? Does the maturity we supposedly gain make us calmer and more adjusting or does the wisdom we gain from our experiences, especially the bad ones, make us more firm in our beliefs and principles? 172 more words

First Times