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That's My Hero

“The hero becomes strongest at his weakest point.”—The Road to Character, David Brooks

There’s these books that I love reading to toddlers, a series of them that all begin with “That’s not my _____” The blank is filled by things like puppy, dragon, fairy, cow, etc. 1,545 more words

You Are Not Beautiful

In my last post, in addition to with everyone I’ve talked to lately, The Road to Character has been a popular subject in my mind. I can honestly say that this book changed my life, and the way I look at the world but  1,336 more words

Quiet the Self

I read a quote somewhere for my religion homework today that said something along the lines of, “If you think you have humility, you don’t.” I’ve been reading about humility in this book, The Road to Character (which by the way is where 99% of the quotes in this post are from so just assume that’s it for citation purposes). 1,098 more words

The Thing About...Gun Control

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting happened just before winter break during my senior year of high school. We had moments of silence for the victims, held fundraisers for the families affected, really mourned the loss. 879 more words

Gun Control

The Words I Choke On

It’s something you’d never understand, until you’ve fully desired it. Until you’ve finally considered it and the ways you could do it. I didn’t used to understand it. 610 more words

Personality Pessimism

Fair warning that I might seem like a Conflict Theorist/Symbolic Interactionist hybrid in this post. Also probably just a cynic who hates the world. Oh wait, that’s a conflict theorist. 608 more words

A Safety Guide to Natural Selection

Note: This post may be added to based upon future experiences

This is a guide to natural selection to dating, meaning that if this selection process does not take place, a natural selection will occur later on probably creating a bit of a living hell. 314 more words