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Tonight just after dinnertime I said to my daughter, who was dancing and singing loudly, “Sweetie, I just need some space right now.”

Her reply was precious, “Well, you better get a space suit and space ship and fly into space then.”


The Evil Tables

In my classroom there are 31 students.  We have seven groups of tables, four groups of four and three groups of five. 

At various times of the day, I call certain tables to come to turn in papers, come to the rug, line up, or whatever else we happen to be doing at the time.  192 more words


Boobs are for Ladies

Carter turned up his nose at the thought of making our own birthday invitations and instead wanted to go to the store and buy some. 259 more words


See You Tomorrow!

At work today, I had after school bus duty.  This basically consists of standing by the buses as the kiddos head out for the day and reminding them to walk, not run, to their bus.  95 more words


Traveling Sideways

In our classroom today we were suppose to be comparing two different texts with similar themes.  The story today was of a boy named Carlos who started out really wanting a particular breed of dog.  327 more words



“The Cubs are on a roll in the replay of the game!” exclaimed Cody shortly after he had just seen them lose to the Pittsburgh Pirates. 10 more words


Ask Santa!

At the dining room table this evening, someone farted.

The offensive noise clearly came from across the table so Husband and I were off the hook.  105 more words