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Day 3 - It's Not Good For Your Elf

Saturday night was the second of The Boss’s solo elf japery nights, and Mini awoke on Sunday to this confusing tableau:

Mini’s sisters exclaimed that this proved beyond all doubt that Edbie was a boy, cut from the same cloth as his presumed-father, … 89 more words


Elf Day 2

Oh dear, Day 2 and already Edbie has gone too far.

Well, The Boss has.

I was away this weekend at Cub Camp with Maxi and Midi, leaving Mini in charge. 52 more words

The Things Kids Say

There's a New Elf in Town

It’s December 1, which in Garrison Trout means only one thing: the arrival of the Elf (or Elves).

I think we’d absolutely run Edward and Edwin and Barbie to the end of all reason. 226 more words

The Things Kids Say

Ugly Teacher

Nearly every day, I come home and tell my roommate or inform my boyfriend about something nutso that happened at work.   I am an English teacher, so of course I love writing far more than the students do.  347 more words

Fly on the Wall: Just Mama

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 6 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. 509 more words


I don't like any of these people...

Election Night 2016 and the unlikely, the impossible, the unthinkable is happening…Donald Trump looks likely to win the 2016 presidential election?!?!?

Say what?!???

And I blame my kid. 277 more words


Gettin' mad

​Parenting dilemma: what do you do when your child confides in you that something at school is really making her “pissed out.” 😂
Once I stopped snickering we discussed the various alternatives, wondered once again why all non religious curse words either involve urinating, defecating, or fornicating. 47 more words