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Eating at McDonalds

We visited McDonalds in Dundee for lunch today to review its child-friendliness for the Soil Association, as part of its Out To Lunch campaign. They’re spending the summer, along with an army of parent volunteers, assessing whether big chain restaurants: 973 more words

The Things Kids Say


Ah, summer! When you’re woken early by the dawn chorus, or the morning sunshine streaming through your window. Or your 5 year old sneaking into your bed and singing, “What Does The Fox Say?” loudly in your ear till your eyes open… Oh, I will have my revenge when she’s a hungover teen with a pot, a metal spoon, and a clear exit route! 347 more words

The Things Kids Say

Dear Jess. Tippi writes a letter to her best friend after her big holiday.

Dear Jess,

Hello, it’s Tippi! I can’t wait to see you in Sydney at your birthday party next week. I wish I were turning 6 too – it’s not fair that you always get to have a birthday before me. 1,052 more words


The Trouble With Theme Days

Day 10 of the school summer holidays and the total injuries tally is growing: by Monday the minxes had used 4 plasters, 5 steri-strips and half a bottle of calpol. 933 more words


Mummy you are a cumbersome hulk!

That’s what my 5 year old called me, much to his amusement, several times this past weekend ( I know he got it from a dinosaur programme, but that doesn’t really help).   258 more words


Skinny Dipping is the Answer

Yesterday afternoon Carter and I were sitting pool-side enjoying popsicles.  His was raspberry.  Mine was lime.  It was hot, maybe 108 or so and the popsicles were dripping. 185 more words


My Penis Will Have a Mustache?!?!?!

Oh the things that come out of the mouth of #3…last night’s dinner conversation.

#3: Mom, raise your arm.

Me: Why?

#3: Because I think I saw hair in your armpit! 115 more words