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My Penis Will Have a Mustache?!?!?!

Oh the things that come out of the mouth of #3…last night’s dinner conversation.

#3: Mom, raise your arm.

Me: Why?

#3: Because I think I saw hair in your armpit! 115 more words


May 29: Midi Minx had a bit of a runny botty on Wednesday night and Thursday morning = instant 48hr pass (quarantine) from school. She spent Thursday in a nest on the sofa, blinking at CBBC from behind her new, thicker glasses. 96 more words

The Things Kids Say

How long do I have to pander to my kids' fears ?

It’s a loooong time ago that I started kindy, so long that I cant even face working out what year it was. Somewhere in the mid 70s I’m guessing. 783 more words


One Month After Maxi and I Finally Had 'The Talk'

Remember back in September when Maxi first asked me about sex? Well, she never did get back to me about those finer details. She’s in a composite class with kids ranging from 8 to 12 year olds, so I figured they’re probably discussing sex amongst themselves. 1,000 more words


At Least I Have More Teeth

Today is my birthday.

Today I also stayed home from work so as to take Cody into the hospital for his outpatient Botox procedure (I am too tired (and not sure I could adequately explain it anyway) to go into detail about it but I am sure you could Google Botox and Cerebral Palsy to learn more). 342 more words


Bud 2

I just realised that I never did update on what happened about Maxi Minx being called names at school. Forgive me – I’m in the middle of 5 birthdays and as many teaching workshops, as well as all the standard gubbins, so I’ve not been writing much at all. 690 more words

The Things Kids Say

Talking with Mae

Entering the room with her hands up.

Mae:  F…B…I!

Mommy:  (blinks)

Mae:  You go to jail.  (As she pulls my hands behind my back and tries to pull me to her bedroom) 118 more words