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That's What She Said

You know how when your kid says something that isn’t funny, but the WAY they say it, MAKES it funny? And you know how that thing they are saying isn’t really all that appropriate to be yelling out in public, so the less attention you give it the better? 400 more words

Oi, Witch!

Maxi: “…and another thing, that Wizard of Oz? It’s all wrong. The witch doesn’t melt: she dissolves!”

Pedantic Girl, thank God you’re here to save the Universe!

The Things Kids Say

From the Mouths of Babes

Mini, singing to herself on the beach: “Angels, angels, they are so pretty! Angels, angels, they are so kind! Angels, angels, have lovely white wings! Angels, angels, have massive big holes” 6 more words

The Things Kids Say

When children melt your heart. 

“Mummy, because it’s sunny outside can we please go and feed the ducks.”


“But after lunch mum, because we are hungry and we will eat the bread for the ducks on the way if we don’t eat.”


Camp Fail

Saturday 2 April: Day 1 of the Easter Holidays

The Boss and I had spent since Friday lunch-time packing, stuffing and loading and finally shoe-horned the kids into the car just before midday Saturday. 2,206 more words

The Things Kids Say

Smooth Talkin' Seven Year Old

I am not one to splurge, especially on myself.  But today, I did.  It wasn’t much of a splurge as far as splurges go, but it made me very happy and it was inexpensive.  114 more words


Although we’re a secular household, I think it’s important that the minxes know a little bit about different religions. I’m not doing a very good job:

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The Things Kids Say