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Talking with Mae

Entering the room with her hands up.

Mae:  F…B…I!

Mommy:  (blinks)

Mae:  You go to jail.  (As she pulls my hands behind my back and tries to pull me to her bedroom) 118 more words


My Weird Bud

Maxi Minx has been feeling particularly troubled recently with classmates continually calling her a weirdo. It’s been going on for a while. She’s carved the hidden side of her bed with “I am a weirdo” and I sometimes find that she’s written it on bits of paper littering her bedroom. 832 more words


Standard Half-Term Rollercoaster

Thursday was Day 1 of half-term. If the week continues like this, I’ll have aged a few decades before they go back to school.

It started really well with a playdate early on Thursday morning with one of Mini’s nursery friends and her little sister. 967 more words


Simple Sunday - Car Conversations

Car driving conversation are the best.  Out of the blue, Carter had this to say:

carter: When I grow up I might be a librarian.  … 94 more words


5 Reasons Why I Love Teaching (In Korea)

I haven’t made a post recently about why I love teaching. Teaching abroad, well teaching in general, is sometimes just plain exhausting. At times you would rather be anywhere else except in front of a class of hyper young kids all competing for your attention. 189 more words


Mini the Uber Minx

Today was brought to me by the word: “groggy”.

Mini Minx had had a nightmare and crawled into my bed for comfort. I don’t mind that at all, and am glad to be able to cuddle away her bad dreams. 1,147 more words

The Things Kids Say

Midi's On a Roll...

A week or so ago, the school had a Burns celebration, so they learned some Scottish country dancing so they and the parents could have a wee… 144 more words

The Things Kids Say