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Adorable Words

There are few words Little MPB is currently saying that are absolutely adorable.

First he loves to say It’s De-licious.  He does not say yummy, in fact if we say yummy he tends to correct us with… 235 more words


Too Much Minecraft?

Cody:  How do you make it spawn a new page?

I showed Cody how to open up a new blank document in Word and left him to continue his school work.  29 more words


Serindipitous Noises #C4N79009!

Interesting conversation I overheard between a 6yr old Daughter & her Father over the model on the box:

Daughter: Deddy, he looks like he’s constipated. 21 more words

Serindipitous Noises


Every-night before bedtime we ask Little MPB who is taking him to bed tonight.  For a while now he always says MommyDaddy.

So then we’d ask again and tell him he had to choose just one of us to take him.  182 more words


Nighttime Manners


The command came from Carter who was fast asleep in his tent.  (He has been indoor camping in the bedroom he shares with his brother for several weeks now in a pop-up tent.) 56 more words


A 3 Year Old's Goodbye

I’m currently sitting in the airport which is a place I haven’t been in quite some time. I’m traveling for work, making my way to a 6 day training which will end with some new certifications and knowledge about how to better support my team. 382 more words

Self Growth

Sixty Minutes vs. One Hour

Tonight during our dinner conversation, riveting as they always are, the topic of the t.v. show Sixty Minutes came up.  It is a news show that Husband and I both have fond childhood memories of.  134 more words