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Minxes Think They Know Better

7 Nov 2015

“So, kids, who do you want to dress up as on Childhood Hero day at school this month?” I asked the minxes on the way home from school. 1,545 more words


A Little Bit of Humor

My boys both have colds today along with low grade fevers. After cleaning up puke that was in the bathroom sink, countless tissues around the house, and tolerating a Thomas the Train movie marathon to keep David calm and happy, one would think I would be ready for the day to just be over.   133 more words


Quote for the new week - 7.11.15

Me: “I look good, but tired.”

Insightful: “No, mom, you look good like you always do.”

Me, joking: “What, I always look tired?”

Insightful, seriously: “Yes, mom.

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Day after Halloween Car Conversations

cody:  Carter, wouldn’t it be soooo cooool if we were in an accident and after the airbags inflated and saved us, they popped open and they were filled with candy?!? 31 more words


Fly on the Wall October: Do Bananas Talk?

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 14 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. 878 more words


Rights, Wrongs and Refugees

I think everyone’s seen and cried over photos of dead children and adult refugees, washed up on Mediterranean beaches. My friends seem to splitting into 3 mind-groups: 1,095 more words


Shamone: The Definition

“What does ‘shamone’ mean, Mummy?” asked Maxi as I drove her home from Cubs, shrieking along to some Scissor Sisters song on the radio.

I took a deep breath, remembered that it was only me and Maxi in the car, and launched into a complicated explanation. 253 more words