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Rights, Wrongs and Refugees

I think everyone’s seen and cried over photos of dead children and adult refugees, washed up on Mediterranean beaches. My friends seem to splitting into 3 mind-groups: 1,095 more words


Shamone: The Definition

“What does ‘shamone’ mean, Mummy?” asked Maxi as I drove her home from Cubs, shrieking along to some Scissor Sisters song on the radio.

I took a deep breath, remembered that it was only me and Maxi in the car, and launched into a complicated explanation. 253 more words


Me to Mini, over breakfast: “Pull your dress down when you’re up at the table. And why aren’t you wearing any knickers?”

Mini: “Cos I’m playing at Princesses”.

Me: “…”

The Things Kids Say

Twas The Night Before School

Things you don’t want to discover the day before your kids go back to school Number 428:

– a mouldy banana that’s been festering in a school bag for 6 weeks that Maxi claimed to have emptied before she stuffed it in the back of the cupboard. 469 more words


Taking the Minxes for a Pub Lunch

Today I sweetened the hellish ordeal that is school shoe shopping for 3 girls by taking them all the way to Arbroath and going to Wetherspoons for lunch. 1,249 more words


The Things Kids Say

I should create a page of all of the amusing things our school aged kids say. I just so happened to be wearing a dress to work one day that was snug in the midriff area. 148 more words

The Things Kids Say

Q: What is the hardest substance on Earth?

Excerpts from actual conversations with a teenager:

Teen: Hey mom….I want to show you something.

Me: Does it involve fire, explosives or any other kind of chemical reaction? 370 more words