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Social responsibility versus government responsibility

As our country heads to fiscal insolvency, there is a lot of talk about who is to blame.  One side of the screaming minority lays it at the feet of the rich.  1,783 more words


Arbitrary ideas

1) Confirmation bias.  Confirmation bias is a tendency to favor information that confirms ones beliefs.*  It is a tendency to gravitate to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck if you are conservative.  1,834 more words


Why Republicans resent Hollywood

Many of my friends say that a Hollywood star could never influence them in choosing a political candidate seeking office.  The implicit idea behind such a statement is that due to the fact that a Hollywood star couldn’t influence them to change their vote, a Hollywood star cannot influence anyone’s vote. 1,474 more words


The Notification that Should be Placed Outside Every Karaoke Bar

10) There are no A&R (Artists and Repertoire) men in the audience tonight.  It’s just a bunch of nobodies listening to you, so sing your song and get off the stage. 1,470 more words


Obama attempts to rebalance the balance of powers

For years now, conservative radio and television commentators have made jokes about President Barack Obama being “the anointed one”. They have called him “the chosen one,” the “one that we’ve been waiting for,” and the many other nicknames that Obama and his followers have affixed upon the head of their favorite leader. 1,667 more words


Obamacare and medical technology

By all accounts Obamacare is in its infancy stage at this point, and we’re already seeing massive transformations in our country.  Private insurance companies are raising their prices, doctors are saying that they’ll leave their profession if it’s implemented, and medical device manufacturers are raising prices and laying off employees, and Obamacare is only in its infancy at this point. 1,456 more words


Bob Kerry will run for Nebraska's Senate seat

The moment we Nebraskans have been crossing our fingers over for so long that we nearly went blind is finally here! Bob Kerry has informed Democrats to inform MSNBC to inform people to inform people from Nebraska that he has decided to run for the Senate seat that Nebraskans allowed Ben Nelson to occupy for twelve years. 1,148 more words