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My New Books Are Coming Along

The Fugitive Prince is No. 5 in my Bell Mountain series. Collect all seven!

Another few chapters and I’ll be done writing the first draft of… 196 more words

Book Updates

Yahweh protects David (Ps 9:3-9:4)

“When my enemies turned back,

They stumbled.

They perished before you.

You have maintained my just cause.

You have sat on the throne.

You have given righteous judgment.” 31 more words

Where is Jesus?

No, Jesus isn’t missing; He’s not lost. He knows exactly where He is. The problem isn’t with Jesus. The problem is with people who think they know where Jesus is-only to find out that He isn’t where they thought He was, who then taught others what they thought. 273 more words

Choir of the Church of Almighty God "God's Kingdom Has Appeared on Earth"

1. The almighty true God, the King on the throne, rules over the entire universe, rules over the entire universe, facing all nations and all peoples. 435 more words

Eastern Lightning

King Demetrius II does not keep his word with Jonathan (1 Macc 11:52-11:53)

“So King Demetrius sat on the throne of his kingdom. The land was quiet before him. But he broke his word about all that he had promised. 65 more words