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What has been birthed is not a revival! It is a New Day! God's 7th Day! A New Age! God's Kingdom Age! The Kingdom!

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: those that take the kingdom.

To: those that take HIS ABSOLUTE RULE.

To: those who take HIS ABSOLUTE DOMINION. 211 more words


Story: The Throne

By: Natalia Suri

“Kanta bai, don’t let your broom touch my chair,” ranted Lata, her voice trembling. The old woman sat on the chair as she spoke, her feeble toes barely touching the floor. 1,494 more words


Still No Facebook!

By all indications I can discover, this blog is properly connected to Facebook. But now I’m on my third day with no referrals from Facebook–a loss of 10 to 20% of my traffic. 95 more words

Now Available in Kindle: 'The Throne'

Well, here it is–The Throne in Kindle format. So much for shipping costs!

In fact, I think it’s free if you’ve got Kindle Unlimited. I don’t, so please don’t ask me how that works. 121 more words

Book Updates

A Few More Writing Tips

Spring is coming, and I want to be ready to start writing another book as soon as God gives me something to start with. To that end, I’ve just read… 422 more words

Fantasy Criticism

The Throne - Frail Threads

The Throne is a five piece band from Szczecin, Poland. Their second, full length album titled ”Frail Threads” will be released on March, 5 through Unquiet Records. 179 more words