What an incredible place to work! Though, I don’t believe I would always call it work. Even the long days and sleepless nights of gruelling over manuscripts, editing, marketing, etc, etc, etc . 941 more words

SINGLE MUM's live the dream!

Many have heard my story, or at least parts of it. I am a single mum, who lived a life of many blissful days, but also more urgh stories than I care to tell. 871 more words

Beginnings and Endings

Book Three, The Souls Cry is now back and forth between my editor and I. I will admit that it was in fact very hard to finish this series. 159 more words

The world will soon know their name!

Before long, the world will know their name . . .

I apologize to all for being distant. I am currently finishing the third and final book to the trilogy, … 181 more words

The Tier Of Eternal Grace

Life is about choices

Life is about choices. We make choices each moment of every moments passing, within our every breaths breath, within the every beat of our beating heart. 80 more words

The Tier Of Eternal Grace

Chapter Nine ~ Defile

Some pains should never be felt.
Through pains of hell, it can at times become hard to see our worth.
The moments of despair and distortion, becoming what seems our every sight of life. 60 more words

A beautifully entertaining and thought-provoking story filled with the beauty and intoxication of breathless fantasy.

Could an author ask for a more divine review . . . the review speaks for itself. Thank you Amber McCallister, from the bottom of my heart. 694 more words

The Tier Of Eternal Grace