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Movie Review - "The Time Machine" (1960)

The second film by George Pal adapting an H.G. Wells novel, the first being “War of the Worlds,” “The Time Machine,” falls into many of the same categories as the other adaptation – Good effects, lousy characters, but a great job adapting Wells’ message about the strengths and weaknesses of mankind. 250 more words


Book Review: Time Travel: A History by James Gleick

Time Travel: A History is an attempt by a popular science writer to provide an overview of humankind’s concepts of time and literary attempts to fictionalize the phenomenon of travel through time.  680 more words

The Mysterious Island

The title does not refer to a movie.

It refers to a book.

But – to life as well.

For life is indeed a mystery. 994 more words


A Fast Paced and Thought Provoking Read - 'The Time Machine' by H.G. Wells 

This short novella was published in 1895 but it still feels fresh and relevant reading it today in the current political climate. The plot is essentially quite simple – a scientist invites a group of men to dinner, he arrives late to this dinner in a dishevelled state with a story about travel on the time machine he has invented. 164 more words


Tracks Across Time

“The Temporal Event Indicator’s lighting up. Looks like we have another trip in our near future.”

“Or our far past, Josue.”

Wyatt Ellison walked over next to where his partner Josue Hunter was gazing down at the screen of the Indicator. 3,400 more words

Science Fiction

Top 10 Best Time Travel Devices Of All Time + Vote for your Favourite

One of the tropes of science fiction is time travel and it has spanned the works of H.G. Wells to this year’s blockbuster Doctor Strange… 1,044 more words

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