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H.P. Lovecraft and Time Travel, Part 2

Einstein’s theories of relativity combined the three dimensions of space with time to create four-dimensional Space-Time. As part of the special theory of relativity, the closer you reach the speed of light, the slower the rate of time so if you could travel at the speed of light you could travel into the future relative to everyone else. 790 more words

In and Out of Time

Due to my literature studies background, I love looking back and analyzing trends in the field. Some of you might recall my Monster Culture Series… 770 more words


Modern Fiction - September 21, 2016

Coffee With a Character (Project)

*To download, click on Coffee With a Character Project

*Project due September 23rd

*To download in-class activity, click on Coffee With a Character Brainstorm Activity… 141 more words

Modern Fiction

H.G. Wells

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H.G. Wells is widely regarded as one of the fathers of modern science-fiction, and for good reason. His novel War of the Worlds… 583 more words

Wordsmith Wednesday

Quote Of The Day – H.G. Wells

Today’s Quote Of The Day comes from a Brit called Herbert George Wells, or H.G. Wells (1866-1946); a novelist, teacher, historian, journalist, writer of textbooks and wearer of big mustaches. 177 more words

Famous Quotes

New Shows of Fall Season

The following TV shows are actually new. To my knowledge, they are not based on any previous product. They are, at the very least, slightly unique. 1,647 more words


Calvarytemple Curiosities

We are Curious Christians. Unlike any you have known before. We lure you with our Happy/carefree/well-mannered/softly spoken Ways. And then our Pastors/deacons take over your life. 272 more words

Star Scott