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B-Movie Monsters - The Time Machine

The Time Machine (also known promotionally as H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine) is a 1960 American time travel science fiction film produced and directed by George Pal, that stars Rod Taylor, Yvette Mimieux, and Alan Young. 108 more words

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Ooty ooty ooty

I’m a little confused about the concept here. If the person is transported to the time where his behavior is most appropriate, wouldn’t they be accepted happily there? 27 more words

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Another Friday Haiku

Another week gone

Time speeds past, where does it go?

Left with memories

Independence Day

Another 4th of July has passed, Happy Birthday, America, but can we please grow up and stop blowing shit up all night long, keeping people who have to work the next day awake, terrorizing pets, and traumatizing military veterans suffering from PTSD? 1,247 more words


The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

The Time Machine, written by H.G. Wells in 1895, is one of the biggest classics in science fiction. Indeed, the term ‘time machine’ itself was coined originally by Wells, and Wells is often considered to be one of the grandfathers of science fiction. 821 more words



A few years ago I wrote about time in the context of chronos and kairos, human time and God’s time.

I recently read what is probably one of the earliest stories about time travel, H. 399 more words


'The Secret'

I think there was a particular order to reading the three books I ordered by Rhonda Byrne yesterday: The Secret, The Secret – Daily Teachings… 851 more words


To the Future! (The Time Machine - A Book Review)

The Time Machine
Author: H.G. Wells
Published: 1895


A brilliant time traveler holds a dinner to tell his tale of a harrowing journey he just returned from. 338 more words

Book Review