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July Wrap Up - Part II

This is the second part of my July Wrap Up. You can take a look at the first part here.

#5: “A Darker Shade of Magic… 661 more words



“There is no difference between time and any of the three dimensions of space except that our consciousness moves along it”. The Time Machine, G. Wells… 139 more words

The House of Bread

Verse 1

There’s the ache of rain in the air

Releasing me from this summer suffocation

Lightning bolts burn shocking tattoos into my skin

A frozen anchor, a blonde white angel… 2,437 more words


My Theories On Time Travel In Movies

Lately I had been thinking about time travel in movies lately since I saw Terminator Genisys. I wanna take this moment to talk about time travel in movies, which ones I think got it right and ones that I feel are wrong and why they are. 728 more words

1892/1979: The Time Machine and Morlock Nights

In 1892 a book was published by H. G. Welles entitled The Time Machine. It became the inspiration for many other books, films, tv shows, comics and radio programs dealing with time travel, whether, directly and indirectly. 1,346 more words


June/July Library Book Haul!

I live about 10 minutes away from my local library give or take and that is both a blessing and a curse because when I go back to university I don’t have that luxury so I go crazy at my library over the summer. 324 more words

A Tale Of Two Cities