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Hello friends! Welcome to Tag Thursday! I was tagged by the wonderful Orangutan Library to do this tag, and I’m going to do the same and give multiple answers. 500 more words


Tobacco Addiction: Allen Carr

I wrote about cigarette addiction in the last collection of articles that I put together, but I feel like I ought to write about the subject again in this one. 6,043 more words


Bright Future?: A Reader's Response to The Time Machine

The Time Machine by H. G. Wells discusses the potential future of humanity if technology and innovation goes too far, separating the social gap of the wealthy and the working classes. 414 more words



So a Costco membership in fifty five dollars? You give them $55 for the privilege of giving them more money when you actually buy stuff? Am I missing something? 446 more words


Oh the places I’d rather not go

I’ve been very lucky to go to some amazing places, and I can’t think of many locations I have been to that I wish I had never gone. 566 more words

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The Time Machine

Title: The Time Machine
Author: H. G. Wells
Publisher: Rock Paper Company
Publication Year: 2014
Genre: Classics | Science Fiction |
Rating: 3.5

“In a moment my hand was on the lever, and I had placed a month between myself and these monsters.”

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The Time Machine

Title: The Time Machine

Author: H. G. Wells

Published: 1895

I’ve never read this book before now. And I’m a little disappointed in myself for that fact. 546 more words