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Like the cattle

“I understood now what all the beauty of the Over-world people covered. Very pleasant was their day, as pleasant as the day of the cattle in the field. 25 more words


Gig Review - Clowns, American Sharks, Kombi Killers @ The Time Machine, Feb 22 2015

Arriving slightly early at the time machine in Nambour on Sunday arvo still reeling from the nothing short of epic tequila consumption from the previous nights shenanigans. 346 more words

Watch The Time Machine (1960) Movie

Watch The Time Machine (1960) Movie Run time: AL 103 min Rating: 7.6 Genres: Adventure | Fantasy | Romance Director: George Pal Writers: David Duncan, H.G. 23 more words

black is white

“‘You can show black is white by argument,’ said Filby, ‘but you will never convince me.'”

— H.G. Wells, The Time Machine


Time travel for beginners: top 5 movies

What’s the big deal about time travel movies, I hear you ask? Well, they happen to be some of the most awesome in the universe, that’s what. 704 more words


Time Travel

One of the great things about science fiction is how it allows an author to explore the human condition in contexts that ordinary fiction cannot. For example, it can explore the idea of immortality. 1,608 more words

Sci-Fi Saturday

The Time Machine: Book cover and spine design

HG Wells – The Time Machine – 1895

I researched existing The Time Machine book cover designs online.

I found that the majority use one or two of the following three elements as the focal point of their design: 856 more words