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Rookery Blues

Lately I’ve been rereading Rookery Blues, a wonderful book by the late Jon Hassler whose works often center on small-town life in Minnesota. Hassler was a careful writer of beautiful phrasing and lively dialogue. 575 more words

Nothing to stop the Hatters

On Monday past Luton Town finally recorded a win after seven straight defeats, albeit it wasn’t pretty but it was three points all the same. 285 more words


The Town

I used to live in this town many years ago, until the darkest event in my life happened and my family made the decision to move a couple towns over. 362 more words

Written By Jacob Pandeirada

From one town to another...

Luton Town to Dundalk Town that is.

It’s coming to that time of year again, the time of year everyone loves and the time where winners are decided. 329 more words

Luton Town

Friday 3-Sunday 5 April: Culture Jam presents The Town

You might have read our feature on Culture Jam last week. For those who haven’t, here’s an except from the feature on what this exciting crew are up to. 286 more words

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288. The Town of Sol Silenst

Tired the wanderer of night seeks refuge from the cold.

The chilly air of midnight soaks and takes a-hold.

Every thought becomes a scream which must be silenced. 819 more words


Green Eggs and Jon Hamm

What do I..? Where..?

I just don’t even know where to start.

Jon Hamm, damn. Hot damn. Jon dropped by a couple of nights ago to relax, celebrate his birthday and release some tension/let off some steam (his words). 392 more words