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Time to get my eyes checked

And so she was dethroned in the haunted court. I was left standing, holding her vacant court finery. I turned to face the ghosts and found the hall transformed. 37 more words

The Trenches


Something is changing in me. Unexpectedly my heart keeps cracking open to feel the limitless beauty of existence. When this happens, tears come, welcome and unstoppable. 22 more words

The Trenches

The Trenches: Al Horford will be key to a championship in Boston

Being a Celtics fan, I’ve been waiting for another team like this one. A team that looks like a championship contender. Not in a “my teams gonna sweep the warriors” way but a legit, number 1 seed contender. 334 more words

The Trenches

The Trenches: Is Tony Romo worth it?

It’s been a week since Tony Romo announced his retirement. As I watched the media coverage and read some of the reactions on social media, one question came to mind. 405 more words


The Harlem Hellfighters - The soldiers that fought tyranny abroad and racism at home

A history of the United States of America is a particularly violent one. From European colonisation and the systematic slaughter of Native American tribes to the revolutionary and civil wars –┬áthe USA was born out of war. 1,495 more words