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Facing the Dragon

I am reading Facing the Dragon by Robert L. Moore.  It is about confronting personal and spiritual grandiosity, and it is blowing my mind.  But I’m not going to give you a book report.   708 more words

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C'est la vie

Fuck me but protracted celibacy coupled with a long night of raunch dreams makes for a heady brew over breakfast.

The situation would be highly comical, if only I didn’t take the absence of a sexual other so damn seriously. 385 more words

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Albert's Great War

“A full bag today, Albert.”
“Oh, Aye.”
“There’s a lot of them brown envelopes – War Office ones… ”
“Oh, Aye.”
“Any news from Tommy, lately?” 2,985 more words


Remembrance Sunday

When I see the old soldiers marching
on the Sunday I allow for their remembrance,
I see their medals in the morning sun
shine 64 more words


The Maiden

I knew this girl, beautiful as heroin.

I loved her like gravity.  I feared her like cruelty.  I desired her like Aztec gold.  I miss her like oxygen, and she is gone, gone, gone.   85 more words

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The Walking Dead

Hmmm.  How to tell this story without sounding overly dramatic.  Eh fuck it, I’ll just dive right in.  This Wednesday past I hit a bereft-of-hope, nothing-left-to-do-but-check-out moment. 888 more words

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Crisis Choices

The Premise

Every moment of every day we’re making choices. Christ. I can’t believe I just opened with that. Sorry. But it’s important to say it so I can take it further: we are making choices not only on which burger to have for lunch, but how our reality takes shape. 1,921 more words

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