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YES, I Hear You Knocking, Geez!

I usta do blow a lot. And pain pills. And obviously I drank a shit ton. I got drunk for the first time when I was 15 and my best friend and I did that thing where we each told our parents that we were sleeping over at the other’s house so we could stay out all night. 1,438 more words

In Memoriam

My grandfathers were respectively at the Battle of Jutland and in the trenches.
They worried about feeding their families.

My father was in Burma.
He worried about The Bomb. 58 more words

Payroll bureaux - help 'em out the trenches!

This blog's all about helping payroll bureau get their voice heard.If you are an agent helping people with auto-enrolment - take this survey to get out of the trenches… 703 more words

Peter's War

They arrive at the marshaling point early in the evening. Lieutenant Peter Harrison, responsible for a mixed unit of replacements. In France two months. Life, a series of moves. 1,324 more words

Shoal Hope

Somme Victory

Pitmen worked beneath the skin, their charges primed,
to smash each fortress on each bitter crest.
They’d exhale death upon the hour, and time
the start – the steady boys above would do the rest. 113 more words

The Great War

Strolls Through No-Man's Land

Strangled light accentuates
The pock marked damnation
Of deformed no-man’s land,
Malformed haze devotedly
Pilfers our silent sights,

Stagnant water feeds death
Into the already crumbling… 187 more words


The Trenches

Where the rubber hits the road.

Where the submit button sends your post.

Where the streets have a name and where the streets have no name. 59 more words

Ashton Gustafson