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Well, That’s One Perspective

“Fantasy is the mechanism by which we attempt to suppress and avoid our emotions.”

The Trenches


“I’m sad not just because the ocean reclaimed my sandcastle, but because it showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was a construct of hope and fantasy. 29 more words

The Trenches

Remembrance Sunday

When I see the old soldiers marching
on the Sunday I allow for their remembrance,
I see their medals in the morning sun
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Which cape?

I long believed that, sooner or later, my position as Superman-among-the-clouds would be formally acknowledged and applauded.

As it turns out there is a deep and abiding (so far) peace, a profound filling up and out, in assuming the mantle of my imperfect, fated, vulnerable humanity. 90 more words

The Trenches

Facing the Dragon

I am reading Facing the Dragon by Robert L. Moore.  It is about confronting personal and spiritual grandiosity, and it is blowing my mind.  But I’m not going to give you a book report.   708 more words

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C'est la vie

Fuck me but protracted celibacy coupled with a long night of raunch dreams makes for a heady brew over breakfast.

The situation would be highly comical, if only I didn’t take the absence of a sexual other so damn seriously. 385 more words

The Trenches

Albert's Great War

“A full bag today, Albert.”
“Oh, Aye.”
“There’s a lot of them brown envelopes – War Office ones… ”
“Oh, Aye.”
“Any news from Tommy, lately?” 2,985 more words