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On Ego

  1. Ego is a divine grant, allowing the direction and enfolding of consciousness back on itself
  2. As such, ego is the only known mechanism by which consciousness is capable of being directed out of enmeshment with the environment and into transcendence and unison with the divine…
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K1 [7.3.18]

“Prayers move at the speed of their intention and sincerity.”

The Trenches

I wonder if sleep misses me too?

As I sit here, it’s nearly 2 a.m. and I’m up because not only do I have a newborn who needs to eat, I need to pump so I can build a stash of breast milk before I go back to work, and also we’re trying a new thing where we split the night so the other person can sleep. 452 more words


Well, That’s One Perspective

“Fantasy is the mechanism by which we attempt to suppress and avoid our emotions.”

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“I’m sad not just because the ocean reclaimed my sandcastle, but because it showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was a construct of hope and fantasy. 29 more words

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Which cape?

I long believed that, sooner or later, my position as Superman-among-the-clouds would be formally acknowledged and applauded.

As it turns out there is a deep and abiding (so far) peace, a profound filling up and out, in assuming the mantle of my imperfect, fated, vulnerable humanity. 90 more words

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Facing the Dragon

I am reading Facing the Dragon by Robert L. Moore.  It is about confronting personal and spiritual grandiosity, and it is blowing my mind.  But I’m not going to give you a book report.   708 more words

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