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Small Steps


This is the French word for ‘fuck’ that I learned on my second day from my French buddies, and I used it frequently while walking through the heat of France in an uphill battle to wonder why the putain I had decided to do this trek. 4,090 more words


Road Trip Planning Resources

The fact that I’d never planned a month long road trip didn’t faze me.

What did faze me – what sent my insecurity rising like the mercury in Houston – was the fact that I’d never planned any vacation. 898 more words


Day 25: Don't Forget North Dakota

The wind never let up, which led to our worst night’s sleep to date. At 4:30 in the morning, the wind was so strong that the side of the tent was folding in on itself and smacking us in the head as we were laying inside. 489 more words


The Start of My Way

My flight to France was about 7:00am in Edinburgh. After looking over options, I decided that taking a cab would be the best due to me having to be at the airport by 5:00am, and because it looked like the trip would take perhaps an hour to get there. 1,697 more words


First Impressions

If you want to get a great impression of flying to Scotland on Icelandair, I recommend looking at the name of the plane you’re taking. Mine was called Hekla Aurora, which is named after one of… 1,526 more words


Returning Home: The Trip, Days 27 and 28

Tuesday, June 9th

At morning we broke camp for the last time, then Randy and I pointed the Journey east and waved goodbye to the mountains, waterfalls, slickrock and wildlife of the past 26 days. 816 more words


New Blood

I am currently at the airport and seeing whether I can post something within thirty minutes because I get forty-five minutes free wifi at my airport, but I used fifteen of it to update my Facebook so people knew my phone is dead to the world unless they have an iPhone, too. 709 more words