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Japan: then and now

My mum once said to me (in a slightly disappointed tone), “why don’t you buy a house in Skanör and settle here like the other daughters?!” I just stared incomprehensibly at her and responded: “how can you show me the world and then expect me to stay here forever!” It’s true, my parents were (and still are) passionate travellers. 734 more words

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Havana - Hasta Que se Seque el Malecon

The title of Jacob Forever’s Latino summer hit, which accompanied us everywhere in Cuba (and is now an entry in my all time favourites playlist), gives the Malecon, Havana’s legendary seaside promenade, a higher rating than I would. 709 more words

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Yosemite in the Spring

When: Middle of March, 2016

Location: Yosemite, CA

Vibe: There is not much to say about Yosemite because if you’ve heard of it you know that it’s stunning. 181 more words

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36 Hours of the Most Backpacker Existence 

It starts with a three am wake up call, blearily getting dressed because somewhere along the road I decided that a six am flight was the best idea. 615 more words

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Not British? You might still enjoy The Trip and its sequel anyway

The Trip is cobbled together from the highlights (?) of the BBC2 series of the same name, documenting Steve Coogan, best known for his role as Alan Partridge, and . 446 more words

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Walking in familiar footsteps

When I arrived in Honolulu in December 1992, little did I know that just a couple of months earlier I had met my future husband (although I prefer “ski buddy”), and that we would return to Hawaii as a family. 451 more words

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Japan vs. Germany - 5:0

Being German I naturally pride myself of belonging to a nation that can organise things. In fact, in line with German modesty, I always thought we were the world champion in getting things done. 659 more words

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