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The Acrobat Challenge

Young trombone virtuoso, Stephen Sykes, is fighting for his life from a rare form of cancer. To help Stephen get treatment, trombonists and brass players from all over the world have been taking The Acrobat Challenge. 25 more words

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Watch Out! They'll be 'avin' yer!

As much as one may dislike hearing people playing the bugle, I think this level of police intervention should be reserved for those found guilty of committing bagpipe practice. 15 more words

The Trumpet O-iii&lt;O

Sound Advice From Wynton Marsalis On Attitude To Practice...

Wynton’s Twelve Ways to Practice

As a boy growing up in New Orleans, I remember my father, Ellis, a pianist, and his friends talking about “sheddin’.” When they got together, theyʼd say, “Man, you need to go shed,” or “I’ve been sheddin’ hard.” When I was around 11, I realized that sheddin’ meant getting to the woodshed – practicing. 944 more words

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The Great Maurice Andre - An Interview

It is five years on since the passing of the great Maurice Andre. He was and remains, in the view of many, the greatest trumpeter of all time. 16 more words

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Original Edition First Page...

It is interesting to note that this famous tome appears to have been written for military use.

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