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Janet and John Can't Get No SATisfaction

The other day All Change Please! was drivin’ in its car And that man came on the radio And he’s telling me more and more About some useless information Supposed to fire my imagination about how good regular high-stakes SATs are in schools. 810 more words

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Perfection is a Myth My Dear.

This blog was birthed from a very real place. A place of hurt, disappointment, feelings of inadequacy and eventually a place of anger. For the past 9 months, my marriage has been on one of the worst roller coasters ever. 1,108 more words

The Truth

The Truth

“I had my future planned out so perfectly, and i haven’t realized, that was where everything went wrong. Nothing is, and can be perfect. As the future that i had planned out comes closer, I realize the cold truth.”


I have read Randy Alcorn’s Lord Foulgrin’s Letters and its sequel The Ishbane Conspiracy so many times I’ve lost count. Something that I’ve always been bothered with is the fact that they felt a missing piece of themselves, that they knew they were looking for Something and Someone great. 563 more words



Got off Facebook. Said goodbye in there to a few that I considered friends. Had a few real exchange of thoughts. Updated phone numbers, inboxes, addresses… 221 more words



i love you and it hurts so much being apart


The Truth

Meet Joy Grant - Struggles of Jehovah's Witness Women


Joy Grant talks about her struggles as a Jehovah’s Witness woman and how despite all of her accomplishments, it took her many years to gain self esteem after leaving the organization. 76 more words

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