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Day 9 -- Stand for your truth

#grayskychallenge, Day 9

Last night, I found a charming Fedora hanging on a Bob’s Barricade, as if waiting for me to come claim it. I’ve always loved hats, and Fedoras, especially. 334 more words

My Spiritual Journey: Following A Prophet

The Hymn of God's Word "To Bear Witness for God Is Man's Duty" | The Church of Almighty God

To Bear Witness for God Is Man’s Duty

God bestows you with life; it’s a gift you receive from Him. And so it’s your duty to bear witness to Him. 236 more words



Sometimes you have to run far away to fall back into the arms of the living God. He waits while we pack up and leave for pilgrimage. 564 more words



Here we are 2017 and still building soapboxes out of blood, sweat and tears, and the the dried up bones of our forefathers in order to continue, and maintain an elaborate lifestyle for these snake oil salesman – we so admire – to stand on and preach from, about freedom. 109 more words

Disorganized Crime...Human Behavior

Saige's "fixed" hair, Dual credit, YouTube, and the Truth about my Writing?

Greetings, Guys! It’s Kiki! Before, we start I want to say: sorry for not posting in awhile. I’ve been busy with other stuff recently. But I’m here now! 447 more words


Blue Candy 

In this world of Men who constantly turn women into their chewing gum.
This is my fantasy for one man to treat me like a lollipop. 52 more words


Modify Your Perspective

If you do not like something change it, and if you cannot change it modify your views of it. Yes this can be difficult, but being able to see things from another perspective is a great skill to have in today’s day and age. 243 more words

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