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Tentang dia.. tentang Kita..

Benarkah ia adalah orang yang akan menggenapi setengah dien-ku?

Begitu sering pertanyaan itu menghiasi benakmu. Shalat tahajud, shalat istikharah, hingga buku-buku saran berumah tangga kawan dan karib kerabat turut mewarnai pencarianmu akan jawaban itu. 462 more words

The Truth

Show Me The Direction | Gospel Movie "Caught the Last Train"

Chen Peng was a pastor in a house church. He had burden for the church work, and ministered to the believers year after year. But in recent years, the church became overwhelmingly desolate. 102 more words

Be Saved

Morning Person Or Night Owl?

Lately we’ve been reading about celebrities early morning routines and how having a 9pm-5am sleeping pattern can really help you be more productive. And if you’re not a morning person then you must be a night owl right? 474 more words


Get Rich Quick Schemes, Instant Fame, And Other Lies From The Internet

Recently, I was speaking at a conference in Canada and the event planner said she was surprised nobody had ever heard of me. I wasn’t. Most people have no idea who I am, and that’s okay. 498 more words


Although this song is best suited for a rainy weekday, it fits right at home as the song you want in your car on your ride back to your couch.


A Dying Superhero

 There is this ability we have. The ability to die over and over while trying desperately to look alive. Putting on makeup and cute clothes to feel beautiful. 815 more words

The Truth