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I normally don’t have to drag my sorry backside out of bed until at least 7am of a morning at the latest. And even then, I can still sit in my pyjamas and contemplate if I do really need a job. 517 more words


Saturday Night Training

So much space,
so many seats,
why be cheap –
you’ve all piled into one
steaming heap.
Squeezed between the
arms of the patriarchy,
you compete, 102 more words

All Woman

Day 15 - Free Day in London - Museum & the West Side

That title sounds like a laid-back day in London, but we packed as much as possible into our free days in London.

On this second free day in London, I woke up jazzed up–Les Miserable on the West End of London. 777 more words


Your Handy Dandy Guide to London

London is or is top three of one of the most iconic cities in the world. The centuries old history of Westminster, the hipster vibe of Camden, and the shopping center of Oxford Circus London simply has a little bit of something for everyone. 855 more words


Store Window in Chelsea

“Woke up it was a Chelsea morning”…

I was very excited that morning to be going to Chelsea. I felt very hip, literally, because we had been walking so much in London, much of the time with me carrying my granddaughter, that I felt every hip movement. 590 more words


Mind The Gap

Those of you who visit this blog on a regular basis already know that I have an inordinate interest in travel posters, graphic design, and especially public transport system safety posters. 53 more words


Day 12 A Tour of London

We woke up early for our first day in London and had breakfast down stairs in our hotel–a full English breakfast.

We had to catch The Tube and then walk to Victoria Station to find our tour bus. 752 more words

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