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"Mind the Gap" - London's Tube

The London Underground (also known as the “Tube”) is the world’s first underground railway system and the main source for London’s public transportation. The Tube’s multiple railways stretch 249 miles above and below the city, making it convenient to travel just about anywhere throughout London in a short amount of time. 250 more words

Trafalgar Square, The Tube & Public Art on the way to the Tate Modern

As a newly minted as an HE student who has never visited the Tate Modern before, I hopped on a train and headed down to London to visit the iconic gallery. 506 more words

Year 1

5 Tips For Living In London

Most people know that

living in a big city can be hectic and rewarding at times, but most people don’t know always know what they’re missing out on in… 320 more words


My English Summer, Pt. 1: Finding the Unexpected

“Mind the gap,” warned the soothing overhead voice and the subway train’s doors closed. “Mind the gap” has become a refrain that that brings smiles, a nod, and a wink between me and my son. 673 more words

The Tube

I have attached a link  called, The Tube, which is an audio recording of a descriptive narrative that I wrote regarding the details of waiting for a train in the Underground. Enjoy!



Walking through the tube on my way home.
In this crowd.
That I could
Be a cloud
Up above.
Yet we are all clouds… 175 more words