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It’s been a hectic few days and it won’t let up until tomorrow afternoon, when I think I will go to bed for a few days! 35 more words


The Tube Girl

Her eyes glint like brand new marbles, one blue, one green,

This girl on the tube, is she the prettiest that I have seen?
She is teasing me and playing me with her piano key smile, 293 more words


London Underground

All those colours, how creative¬†pretty daunting…

At least that’s what ran through my mind. Doesn’t matter how many times people tried to tell me what was what, it went straight over my head. 1,015 more words

Moving Abroad

Why I Love the British, Part 5

I’ve not added one of these posts for ages–shame on me, as there are so many reasons why I love the British, including the three I live with. 27 more words

Why I Love The British

London Underground

The mind-boggling short video below is a visualization of 562,145 journeys on London’s Underground network.


Mind the Gap

‘Please mind the gap between the train and the platform’ is a recorded announcement familiar to travellers on the London Underground. The ‘tube’ is the oldest underground railway in the world and when it was built in the 19th century the tunnels often followed the line of the streets above so as to avoid the costs of obtaining permission from owners to tunnel under their properties. 1,088 more words