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January 10, 2019

Our first full day in London.

We headed to Primark in the morning to get sheets, pillows, & blankets to attempt to make our tiny rooms more homey. 347 more words


Tube Drivers earning £100K+ is outrageous. But privatising the Underground would reduce value, redirect that money to deep pockets and cost the Public much more besides

The stranglehold that the Unions have on Transport for London has long since been questionable. But questionable and acceptable are two very different things.

With some Tube Drivers now reportedly earning six figures and potentially more, the point has definitely been reached where it has become clear that their ability to command salaries that completely dwarf comparative roles on other networks has simply gone too far. 490 more words


Boy on the Train

The station was packed, and all I could think of was getting on the train as fast as I could, I definitely didn’t want to stand throughout the ride. 726 more words


"The Tube" Car Wash

There is a new car wash that opened earlier this year on Illinois Road near the I-69 cloverleaf and next door to Mendard’s (a large home improvement big box store) and we decide to drive over and check it out. 218 more words

Fort Wayne

The Harry Potter-lover’s Guide to London

By Kate Arnold

As a Harry Potter fan, London holds more magic than most cities. Being able to go to locations described by J.K. Rowling, such as King’s Cross Station was really a surreal experience for me and there’s so much more that London has to offer for the casual or die-hard Harry Potter fan. 800 more words


Your Guide to the London Underground

By Kate Arnold

The Tube is very easy to navigate once you have a map and you know where you want to go. It’s a cheap and quick way to get around central London as well as getting out to further away towns and attractions. 750 more words