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Overusing the word 'Like'

Last Sunday I had a trip on the Tube to old London town.  It started off relatively quiet until after two stops, a young and seemingly well dressed and respectable lady sat down on the seat behind me.   635 more words


So, You're Here! How Do You Get Around and Start Exploring?

It’s been a little over a month since I’ve left the States and I’d like to consider myself a Londoner at this point! However, I still get lost and confused at some points. 627 more words


This Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks

Many parents get to the stage in life where they are ridiculed (in the nicest possible way) by their children for old habits and ways of doing things that the kids deem foolish — or at least inefficient, embarrassing or just plain nutty. 1,017 more words


Talking on the Tube... has the whole world gone mad?

For a huge city, London is quite a friendly place.  We didn’t even make the list of the most unfriendly cities of 2016 and Londoners are many things but they don’t have a reputation as being eternally grumpy like Paris or Moscow or entirely lacking in concepts of personal space and good manners like others.   701 more words


Dear friends,

I finally got to visit London, England in August and I fell in love with the city! London is cosmopolitan, vibrant and beautiful! It is a surprising clash of old and new, posh and indie. 962 more words