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Walking vs. The Tube in London

After having walked my commute for a considerable amount of time now and having taken my fair share of tube journeys around the city too, I’ve decided once and for all to finally weigh up which is the lesser of two evils in a classic pro/con head to head. 672 more words

Steps Of An Urban Walker

Censorship is not a magic pill to boost young women's confidence

In the Evening Standard newspaper this week, Labour politician and London mayoral hopeful Tessa Jowell declared that images of “emaciated and unhealthy-looking models” will be outlawed on the public transport system if she becomes Mayor.  1,111 more words


Tube Strike

I don’t purport to know anything about the inner machinations of either LuL, the relevant unions or TfL, but to me this latest strike of the tube drivers seems to hark back to the bad old days of union power being omnipotent. 512 more words

My World And As I See It

You little fibber

What lies have you been telling the kids?
Latest research suggests teenagers tell the most porkies. Does “Everyone else is allowed to go” and “No, I don’t have any homework” sound familiar? 1,361 more words


Don't Talk on The Tube!

It is an unwritten, or more precisely, an unspoken rule, known instinctively to all Londoners.

As paramount to survival in the great metropolis as never waiting for the lights to change at a zebra crossing. 514 more words


Two days ago I was in London on the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 attacks. As I walked around the city, criss-crossing between different Tube stations, aware of my imminent move and knowing that I would not be seeing some of the places again for quite a while, I felt sad that at one point people wanted to destroy our city. 262 more words