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You little fibber

What lies have you been telling the kids?
Latest research suggests teenagers tell the most porkies. Does “Everyone else is allowed to go” and “No, I don’t have any homework” sound familiar? 1,361 more words


Don't Talk on The Tube!

It is an unwritten, or more precisely, an unspoken rule, known instinctively to all Londoners.

As paramount to survival in the great metropolis as never waiting for the lights to change at a zebra crossing. 514 more words


The #TubeStrike is extortion

London is being thrown into commuter chaos today as a result of strike action by four transport unions which means there will be no London Underground services whatsoever for 24 hours. 296 more words


Music Geography 101: The Jam - "Down in the Tube Station at Midnight"

I recently assigned the students in my Geography 101 course a writing project whereby they select a song with geographically-oriented content and report on all of that song’s inherent regionalisms. 831 more words

Music Geography

The Seventh

I am not supposed to be here.

That’s almost all I can think as I run as fast as I can away from Tavistock Square. It is 7 July 2005. 1,517 more words


7 tips for getting around London

Preparing to go abroad to London is no easy feat, and making sure that your actions don’t scream “tourist” is even harder — without insider knowledge, that is. 759 more words