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Canary Wharf cruising

This morning, in the toilets just inside Canary Wharf tube station, two suits by the urinals.

One is short and ginger, almost a dwarf. But he has a hard and thick cock. 133 more words


London - Day One: Kensington, The Tube, Jack the Ripper, and Haunted London

Today was designated for developing our London navigation skills. A small town girl at heart, growing up in a rural village of 2,500, I can easily become overwhelmed in large cities. 664 more words


The Tube in my eyes...

These drawings I sketched while living in London and all of them were done while traveling on the all impressive Tube (I ended up making new friends with a few people looking over my shoulder, bored) basically these characters have been influenced by real people and scenarios that I encountered in my day to day life in London… trust me, I was never short of interesting characters as London is full of them! 659 more words


Travels On The Tube 3: 3/04/18 Part 3

The best station, in my opinion, to see central London from without exiting it; the diagonal “Inclinator” and a station to hear football fans chanting from. 263 more words


"Mind The Gap!" ~ The veins of London

I LOVE London! and one of the main things I love is the amazing Underground or “The Tube” with its 402km winding network of tracks… 455 more words


Travels On The Tube 2: 3/04/18 Part 2

Did you know that the Overground goes over the Underground in London? Did you know that the speed of sound was first accurately measured from a church next to a tube station? 329 more words


Travels On The Tube 1: 3/04/18 Part 1

What does a station that is at the end of a line because it was never fully completed; a place where the underground goes over the overground and the least Instagrammed tube station in London have in common? 554 more words