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The Obama era ends: A few thoughts on how history will see him, and how much we'll miss him. The greatest TV program guide description ever, from Australia. And thoughts on Joe Biden, whose reputation has changed so much in eight years.

People are very quick to pronounce that something or other is “the end of an era.”

Friends say it all the time, when a buddy gets married, or when people go off to college and leave all their childhood friends behind. 718 more words

Submitted For Your Approval

Many of us with gray hair find it almost impossible to encounter a bizarre situation without invoking the title of an ancient television show. It ran from 1959 to 1964 and was in black and white. 710 more words


History of Tower of Terror

by Tyler Jones

As one draws near the Entrance Gate of “Disney’s California Adventure”, the turn-of-the-century motif is undeniable and quite exciting to the senses. Each land filled with new adventures to be had, and memories to be made. 538 more words


The Sunday Herald's perfect listing for Donald Trump's inauguration

The Sunday Herald is many things. It is a Sunday paper. It was the only newspaper in Scotland to come out in support of Scottish independence. 79 more words


Scotland's 'Sunday Herald' Treats The Trump Inauguration As A 'Twilight Zone' Revival In The TV Listings

The award for trolliest TV Guide listing ever goes to Scotland's Sunday Herald….brilliant!!! Unfortunately now Trump will invade Scotland pic.twitter.com/Msk9Wc659v

— Scott Wryn (@scottwrynn) January 15, 2017…

425 more words

One For The Angels

It’s time for episode two! And this is one for the angels. By which I mean that’s the title of the episode. One For The Angels. 999 more words

The Twilight Zone

Episode 69 - Battle of the Network Stars Part II: Who's the Boss Edition

Welcome to week two of our four week long Battle of the Network Stars competition. This week, we’re looking at…Who’s the Boss. Our competitors are Danny Pintauro ( 79 more words

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