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Big changes!

Now that the twins are nearly nine months old, life as we know it is changing very quickly.

Take our morning routine, for instance. After play time and bottles, the boys usually sit in their bouncy seats in the kitchen while Keith and I (or just I) eat breakfast. 806 more words


Matt is getting sleeeepy — NOT!

Look at this face.

 It’s the face of an angel, right?

Wrong! That, my friends, is the face of a baby who WON’T NAP!!! 608 more words


Two-Thirds of a Year!

Three days ago—February 19—the twins turned 8 months old. That means they are more than two-thirds of the way to age one. Keith and I can’t quite believe it!!! 386 more words


A Messy Life With Twins

It’s been over two weeks since my last post, but I can explain—really! One evening soon after I last wrote, Matt refused to go to bed. 451 more words


Matt and Nate, Career Men

Is it possible to predict your kids’ future career paths when they are only seven months old? I’m not talking about what you hope they will be when they grow up. 560 more words

Life With Twins

Celebrating individual milestones!

When I was in the second half of my pregnancy with the twins, Keith and I were already astounded by how different they were. Nate was significantly larger than Matt, for instance. 567 more words


Meet Matthew and Nathaniel!

Keith and I are thrilled to announce that our twin boys arrived on Sunday, June 19—Father’s Day! What a truly special first Father’s Day for Keith! 340 more words