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Vagary is the Shakespearean Word of the Day (12/02/14)

Vagary (n.)

Vagary means wandering, displacement, roaming about. Vagary is cited in Shakespeare’s The Two Noble Kinsmen (TNK IV.iii.72) The Doctor says to Gaoler and Wooer about Gaoler’s daughter: “her senses are now in a most extravagant vagary. 9 more words


Playing on a Word: Noble

“O, youth of the noble birthright, carry on.”
-Carry On (Hymn #255)

“A noble person attracts noble people, and knows how to hold on to them.” 58 more words

Playing On A Word

38 Plays / 38 Days: The Two Noble Kinsmen

The Two Noble Kinsmen might have been Shakespeare’s last play. Scholars generally agree that he wrote the play probably between 1613 and 1614 in collaboration with John Fletcher, who became the primary playwright for the King’s Men after Shakespeare’s 1616 death. 822 more words

Kinsmen Walk the Line

What do you get when you mix A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet, and Two Gentlemen of Verona? An awkwardly comedic tragedy, often called a romance,  1,034 more words


Check this out... Shakespeare's plays in 3 panels

Three Panel Plays via Good Tickle Brain

Check out these cool comic versions of Shakespeare’s plays. Below is a little taste…


2/20/2014 - Quote of the Day

“A very thief in love, a chaffy lord,
Not worth the name of villain.”
From “The Two Noble Kinsmen” by William Shakespeare

If you like the quote for the day, you can find this and more available for purchase on hundreds of items at… 7 more words


My Blackfriars Playhouse Debut

During the Actors’ Renaissance Season the actors direct themselves in 5 plays over 10 weeks.  With so many lines to learn, they keep their prompter just off stage and say “prithee” when they go up on a line. 137 more words

Blackfriars Playhouse