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Female Figures in Tolkien

Since I discovered the Lord of the Rings online game, my husband and I have been avid players. Board games and card-playing before the computer age furnished pastimes for senior citizens; therefore, this craze was not incompatible with our advanced age nor with my past enthusiasm as a reader of Tolkien’s works.  941 more words

Frog Roll Of Writers & Books I Love

#40—“The Palantír”

We close Book Three with apocalyptic visions through a crystal ball. (Or is it an orb?) We discuss addiction to technology—or perhaps to possessing greater and greater knowledge. 76 more words


Week 11: Lord of the Rings, Book III (The Two Towers)

Write about ONE theme in Book III, demonstrating how it occurs with three pieces of literary evidence. Write TWO  questions on your assigned chapter. You must write the questions on your assigned chapter.  42 more words

i only love that which they defend

J.R.R. Tolkien wrote today’s quote in a work of fiction, pertaining to characters in a world that never existed outside the pages of his books. 92 more words

Gun Control

#39—“The Voice of Saruman”

The ultimate Saruman chapter. Perhaps we are just falling victim to the notorious spell of Saruman’s melodious baritone, but we can’t help but feel some pity for the Many-Coloured wizard at this point. 39 more words


New J.R.R Tolkien Novel Confirmed

If  J.R.R Tolkien can publish a new book 45 years after his death then people really need to stop worrying about G.R.R Martin popping his clogs before  244 more words


Peter Jackson in talks for Amazon's The Lord of the Rings TV Series

After news recently broke that the new Amazon Lord of the Rings TV show was going to cost over $500m, thanks to the Hollywood Reporter  261 more words