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Season 9 Episode 1 - The Taming of Smeagol


  • Glorfindel comes to Elrond with Haldir of Lothlorien. Haldir brings news of the breaking of the Fellowship.


  • Saruman sends his army out with the purpose of killing Theoden of Rohan’s son, Theodred.
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The Lord Of The Rings

Season 9 Episode 4 - The Black Gate


  • Faramir sees the funeral boat of Boromir.


  • Gollum remembers his past, including his murder of Deagol

Season 9 Episode 6 - The Forbidden Pool

Dol Guldur

  • Khamul the Ringwraith sends out armies to attack Lothlorien and the Woodland Realm.


  • The army of Dol Guldor attacks Lothlorien. The army is repelled by Celeborn and the power of Galadriel’s ring.
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This Week's Reading List

I’m reading The Two Towers because Tolkien. Funny Girl is my book club’s current selection for April. I sat to to read the first couple of chapters last night. 39 more words


Concerning Ents

Caution!: Before reading this I must warn you that, if you have not read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy OR watched the movies, there is some spoilers in this post. 1,117 more words

My Life, The Boring Kind

On Choice

The Choices of Master Samwise

What of the choices of Master Samwise, spider-slayer, Ring-bearer, long-musing? For choices abound throughout this chapter for the gardening Gamgee, both unintentional (as when he fights with Shelob) and deliberate (his long discernment over Frodo). 543 more words

The Two Towers

Friday Reads 20/3/15

Here’s what I’m currently reading and what I’m planning on reading this weekend.

Have you read these books? What are your thoughts?

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