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Tolkien Week: Gollum's Song

And we’re back with the Peter Hollens covers, ladies and gentlemen! I hope you all had an excellent Hobbit Day. Picking up where we left off, today’s song is the succinctly titled “Gollum’s Song” from the closing credits of… 44 more words

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Judge of the Rings: From Worst to First

Well hello Internet and happy Hobbit day! That’s right, in a time in which there is still practically nothing going on in the movies let’s just sit down, pull up our second breakfast, and celebrate Frodo and Bilbo’s birthday!! 863 more words


The Two Towers "Lament for Theodred" (2002)

Note: I was actually going to do “Riders of Rohan” today but my headphones are missing right now and I didn’t want to wait all day to do a post, so I picked this one instead :) 437 more words


Book 3 chapter 10 The Voice of Saruman

Better late then never, as someone once said. It’s short chapter of mind games with Saruman. The above picture is original art by Tolkien himself. Today we talk what a hobbit reality show would be like, and a lot about the structure and layout of Isnegard. 31 more words

The Fellowship Of The Ring

book 3 chapter 9 Flotsam and Jetsam

A short chapter and podcast this week. We do a quiz, talk leather shirts and how bad the cartoon lord of the rings is. Don’t forget to leave us feedback, share the link, and tell your friends!


The Fellowship Of The Ring

Dissecting A Scene- Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

View Dissected Scene Here

This scene takes place when Sam, Frodo, and Sméagol are in Osgiliath with Faramir and his men. During this time, the city is failing to stop Sauron’s army from overrunning it. 1,356 more words


The Two Towers: A Review by Tian Yu

The Two Towers, second book in the Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R. Tolkien, is an incredible novel. Not only is it still interesting more than 50 years after it was published, but it’s still popular because it’s actually a good book, unlike those ‘classics’ that are literally only read for class projects. 339 more words