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On Laetare Sunday

The Window in the West

“Laetare Jerusalem: et conventum facite omnes qui diligitis eam: gaudete cum laetitia, qui in tristitia fuistis: ut exsultetis, et satiemini ab uberibus consolationis vestrae.”

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The Two Towers

Tolkien Reading Day

Today we celebrate Tolkien Reading Day as we do every year since 2003, doing this we try to praise and keep his legacy and literary work alive. 224 more words


On Long Descriptions of Nature

Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit

If you thought we had left such long descriptions of nature behind in the Shire, then you were wrong: for here we have perhaps the most detailed and elaborate depiction of nature within The Lord of the Rings. 587 more words

The Two Towers

On Finding the Gate Barred Against You

The Black Gate is Closed

Frequently in life we come to a difficult fork in our path.

On the one hand, there is the Black Gate: the path of resistance, the gate barred against us. 507 more words

The Two Towers

On the Corpse Road

The Passage of the Marshes

The journey of Frodo, Sam, and Gollum through the swamp just outside the lands of the Dark Lord is a haunting and intentionally-uncomfortable experience for the reader, foreshadowing the unpleasant and frightening paths of the Dead and Cirith Ungol that lay before us. 541 more words

The Two Towers

Fool of a Took: The Misconception of Tolkien and Allegory

Given my blog title, you’ve probably already gathered that I’m a huge Tolkien nerd. So big that nobody wants to play Lord of the Rings… 1,037 more words


On Forgetting About One's Rope Until One's Master Is Half-way Down a Cliff Side

The Taming of Sméagol

Samwise, you had one job: keep your master safe on his journey to Mordor. And here you are, not a few days from breaking off from the Fellowship, in the midst of a storm with Frodo blinded and half-way down a cliff side, and now you remember the rope? 540 more words

The Two Towers