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On a Few Well-earned Comforts

The Road to Isengard

Nearly a third of the way through the season of Lent, nearly half of the way though The Lord of the Rings, where do we stand? 432 more words

Book III - The Treason Of Isengard

On Spiritual Warfare

Helm’s Deep

We, as a rule, are both familiar and unfamiliar with the notion of war. We experience war frequently: in our media and through our news, in our perception about the world and our place in it. 568 more words

Book III - The Treason Of Isengard

On Halls, Horsemen, and Horns

The King of the Golden Hall

by Kevin Sullivan

“Where now the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing?
Where is the helm and the hauberk, and the bright hair flowing?

499 more words
Book III - The Treason Of Isengard

On the Turning of the Tide

The White Rider

It has long been noted that Frodo, Aragorn, and Gandalf embody in part the traditional understanding of the three roles of Christ: Frodo as Christ the Priest, the sacrificial lamb on a Via Dolorosa to his own Calvary; Aragorn as Christ the King, the long-awaited return of a bloodline thought spent, enrobed in gold that does not yet glitter; and Gandalf as Christ the Prophet, called forth to advise the seats of power on Good’s behalf. 533 more words

Book III - The Treason Of Isengard

On Not Being Hasty


It’s as counter-cultural as atlases in the age of smartphones, the embodiment of the catch-phrases of our days: “Keep busy!” “There is much to do!” “Be quick about things!” To not be hasty is not to be economically efficient; to not be hasty is not be technologically on the cutting edge. 508 more words

Book III - The Treason Of Isengard

@TCM To Air Complete LOTR Trilogy, Monday, March 2, 2015

Greetings Friends and Fiends, from Middle-earth.

Ye Olde Dragon here, reminding you that the good folks at Turner Classic Movies will be airing the complete trilogy of… 175 more words


On Orcs

The Uruk-Hai

Have some pity on the poor orc. More beast than being, their aspirations seem quite low: fight, kill, eat man-flesh, repeat. Given their nature I am sure there are some lawyers and customer service operators about their ranks, but in general compared to the more multi-dimensional races of Middle earth, the orcs may seem quite simple and un-nuanced. 482 more words

Book III - The Treason Of Isengard