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Along The Same Path (Quote)

“I am not going to do anything with you: not if you mean by that ‘do something to you’  without your leave. We might do some things together.

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MARCH 2015 Classics Challenge - Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

So I definitely missed February for this challenge, but I was a big combination of lazy and busy, but in any case, I didn’t read a book. 419 more words


Sepia Photography: San Francisco's Most Notable Two Towers

San Francisco has a number of iconic pieces of architecture dotting her skyline. In this photo on the right is Coit Tower in the North Beach sector of the city. 128 more words


Season 9 Episode 1 - The Taming of Smeagol


  • Glorfindel comes to Elrond with Haldir of Lothlorien. Haldir brings news of the breaking of the Fellowship.


  • Saruman sends his army out with the purpose of killing Theoden of Rohan’s son, Theodred.
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The Lord Of The Rings

Season 9 Episode 4 - The Black Gate


  • Faramir sees the funeral boat of Boromir.


  • Gollum remembers his past, including his murder of Deagol

Season 9 Episode 6 - The Forbidden Pool

Dol Guldur

  • Khamul the Ringwraith sends out armies to attack Lothlorien and the Woodland Realm.


  • The army of Dol Guldor attacks Lothlorien. The army is repelled by Celeborn and the power of Galadriel’s ring.
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This Week's Reading List

I’m reading The Two Towers because Tolkien. Funny Girl is my book club’s current selection for April. I sat to to read the first couple of chapters last night. 39 more words