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Two Ways Krishna Reminds His Parents Of A Higher Power

“When she saw that her dear baby Krishna was playing on the chest of the dead demonic woman, Mother Yashoda, at a loss what to do, began to walk this way and that. 844 more words

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The Two Influences Of The Material Energy

“In the government, the criminal department and civil department may appear different in the eyes of the citizens, but in the eyes of the government both departments are one and the same. 847 more words

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The Two Factors Beyond The Scope Of The Mind

“Modern scientists have stopped their brainwork by discovering the theory of uncertainty, but factually for a living being there cannot be any brain activity which is not checked by time and space limitations. 894 more words

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Two Examples Of Krishna Being Baliyan

“When Krishna killed Arishtasura, some of the gopis said, ‘My dear friends, just see how Krishna has killed Arishtasura! Although he was stronger than a mountain, Krishna plucked him up just like a piece of cotton and threw him away without any difficulty!’ There is another passage wherein it is said: ‘O my dear devotees of Lord Krishna, may the left hand of Lord Krishna, which has lifted Govardhana Hill like a ball, save you from all dangers.’” (The Nectar of Devotion, Ch 21) 676 more words

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Review of Gossamer Gear "The Two" Tent

This review of The Two tent is based on three weeks of continuous use while hiking Benton MacKaye Trail in November.  Click Here for a summary of the Benton MacKaye Trail… 753 more words


Two Ways To Realize The Presence Of God

“The devotee realizes the presence of God by devotional service, whereas the atheist realizes the presence of God in the shape of death.” (The Nectar of Devotion, Preface) 598 more words

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Mum accused of lying to protect killer son

{“contentType”:”NEWS_STORY”,”id”:{“value”:”7be6937191af9765cd54b92b4d175c49″,”link”:”http:\/\/api.newsapi.com.au\/content\/v2\/7be6937191af9765cd54b92b4d175c49″},”originId”:”PerthNow-2456648″,”origin”:”WORDPRESS”,”channel”:”NONE”,”title”:”Mum accused of lying to protect killer son”,”altTitle”:””,”subtitle”:”Mother accused of lying to police to protect killer son faces court”,”description”:”

A WOMAN accused of lying to police about where her son was when her daughter-in-law was brutally murdered \u201cgenuinely believed\u201d he was not in Australia though he had been hiding in her home, a court was told yesterday.“,”link”:”http:\/\/cdn.newsapi.com.au\/link\/7be6937191af9765cd54b92b4d175c49″,”paidStatus”:”NON_PREMIUM”,”originalSource”:”PerthNow”,”creditedSource”:”PerthNow”,”version”:”PUBLISHED”,”dateUpdated”:”2017-10-31T12:27:36.000Z”,”dateLive”:”2017-10-31T22:00:45.000Z”,”customDate”:”2017-10-31T22:00:43.000Z”,”dateCreated”:”2017-10-31T12:21:29.000Z”,”status”:”ACTIVE”,”thumbnailImage”:{“contentType”:”IMAGE”,”id”:{“value”:”7313ebb8055f6f66076858f44b8bd0c3″,”link”:”http:\/\/api.newsapi.com.au\/image\/v1\/7313ebb8055f6f66076858f44b8bd0c3″},”originId”:”PerthNow-2456728-spp_thumbnail”,”origin”:”WORDPRESS”,”title”:”SONG, Tie Pei Grandmother accused of helping her son murder her daughter in law Dan Sun in 2010. 1,607 more words

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