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In the Battle for the Wall of Separation between Church and State the Supreme Court Now has a Wrecking Ball

The Trinity Lutheran v. Comer Supreme Court decision has unfortunately not received the attention it deserves. This is partly a result of the distractions of the all-consuming Trump show, and partly because it was portrayed in the media as a limited decision of little importance beyond the specific case. 2,007 more words


American Oligarchy

American Oligarchy- “America is already in the chartered waters of an unconstitutional oligarchy.”

by Bill Lockwood

Oligarchy means that governing powers of a state belong only to a few persons. 1,208 more words

Donald Trump

A Constitutional Crisis & Typhoid Mary

A Constitutional Crisis & Typhoid Mary- “…the man to whom she reported and conversed on a daily basis—was Barack Obama. ”

by Bill Lockwood

D… 1,218 more words

Donald Trump

Crucifying the Constitution

Crucifying the Constitution- “Do no give us any standard by which actions can be judged to be right or wrong.”

by Bill Lockwood

The Progressive Era, beginning at the turn of the last century, has brought us a constant assault upon the rule of law in America. 934 more words

Bill Lockwood

UNDERSTANDING THE CONSTITUTION: Tomi Lahren is Wrong about Abortion and the Constitution

Tomi Lahren recently demonstrated that she does not understand nor support the Constitution.  She did this when she claimed she has to be ‘pro-choice’ or she cannot claim to support the Constitution.  743 more words

Natural Law


I spend a great deal of time reading what our founders actually had to say about liberty, and the proper role of government.  I do not read what historians tell me the founders thought, mostly because I have learned those historians do not know.  175 more words

Founding Ideology And Original Intent

Transgender Rights and the Constitution


An individual’s immutable biological sex is objectively determined by anatomy, physiology, or genetics at or before birth. A person may determine that they wish to be known by an alternative gender, but this does not void their biological gender identity. 429 more words

The Founding Of America