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A reader posted a comment in my previous post that deserves a thoughtful reply.  In his comment, he pointed out that I am actually making the case that the North was and remains in the wrong for its aggression against the South in the War of Northern Aggression ( 1,106 more words

Natural Law

The United States Constitution And Gay Rights


Where did the laws of the United States originate? To what source did the framers of the Constitution draw their inferences in establishing the rights of citizens for America? 4,747 more words

PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: The Social Contract (Constitution) Has Been Irreparably Violated

Last week, the men and women who sit in the building that once housed the Supreme Court of the United States completed the Second American Revolution.  1,205 more words

Natural Law

The Constitution Delusion

Back when I was a mainstream conservative I used to be all “raw raw Constitution!” This was despite, of course, being Canadian and not really having a Constitution (at least not having one anyone cares about). 541 more words


PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: Justice Assumes Consistency Of Understanding

The idea of ‘Justice” rests upon something we call ‘the rule of law,’ and the rule of law rests upon the written word.  The written word is governed by laws, Natural Laws.  1,286 more words

Natural Law

More Evidence U.S. Constitution Dead! Time to Secede!

The U.S. Supreme Court decision on Obamacare today is a clear violation of the Constitution.  The ruling is illegal.  It is a clear violation of Natural Law in terms of language, the law and the Social Contract ( 335 more words

Natural Law

It is NOT About 'Gay' Marriage: It Is ALL About Destroying The First Amendment!

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The Supreme Court is set to decide whether or not there is a Constitutionally protected right to ‘gay’ marriage, but this is not what is actually being decided.  604 more words

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