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Roger Sherman, Signer of the Articles of Association, Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the U. S. Constitution

In 1723, when Sherman was 2 years of age, his family relocated from his Newton, MA, birthplace to Dorchester (present Stoughton). As a boy, Roger read widely in his spare time to supplement his minimal education at a common school. 1,171 more words

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Get Out of My Class and Leave America

From TownHall.com, Mike Adams, 08/28/2015 –

Author’s Note: The following column is comprised of excerpts taken from my first lectures on the first day of classes this semester at UNC-Wilmington. 973 more words

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LESSONS IN LOGIC: This Story Is An Admission That The Rule Of Law In America Is Dead

The rule of law is based on a strict adherence to a set of known laws, the purpose of which is usually explained by those who created the law.  847 more words

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What Are Your Rights as an American?

When the colonists arrived in America from England they felt a renewed sense of purpose and freedom. They were finally out from under the tyrannical King George whose rule was extremely oppressive. 746 more words

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"'Advice & Consent'? No One Really Knows What the Founders Had in Mind." | History News Network

Ray Raphael briefly reviews the history of the “advice and consent” clause of the Constitution at the HNN.

Afterwards he notes that “[t]he current Senate is more than eager to question ‘the judgment of the Chief Magistrate,’ and the avowed aim of Republican senators is to undermine the administration, not provide ‘stability.’ Nor, in this age of unrelenting media buzz, is there much interest in ‘a silent operation.’ Ironically, those who call themselves Originalists, and who hang on the framers’ every word, loudly broadcast their intention to thwart the Chief Executive at this and at every turn.” 17 more words


Remembering Scalia's controversial legacy How the high court and the nation should move forward

By: Jonathan Hogue ~Opinions & Editorial Editor~

There is no doubt that Justice Antonin Scalia was a powerhouse figure on the U.S. Supreme Court. Since his appointment by President Reagan at the height of the Republican Revolution, Scalia was a conservative scholar whose legal prose shaped a quarter century of the Court’s rulings. 767 more words

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United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dies

Conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has died, setting up a major political showdown between President Barack Obama and the Republican-controlled Senate over who will replace him just months before a presidential election. 648 more words

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