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Japan Matsuri 2016

Today was Japan Matsuri 2016! It’s a free event held at Trafalgar Square in London every year to promote and celebrate Japanese culture.

I had never been to Japan Matsuri before so it’s my first Matsuri experience. 207 more words

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Brexit – What’s really happening?

On the 23rd June all of us woke up to realise that the unthinkable had actually happened… Britain had voted to exit the European Union. However, the voting margin was so close that many questioned and still question whether such a huge decision could go ahead without a second vote. 1,241 more words

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Open House London 2016

I’ve lived in London for over 5 years yet this is the first time I’ve been to Open House London. I think it’s somehow always crept up upon me and I’ve either forgotten about it and planned something else, or I wasn’t in London entirely. 988 more words

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Cleaner, safer, stronger

Did you hear about how this Tuesday, the 13th of September, a new £5 note entered into circulation? Did you also know that it’s also plastic? 412 more words

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Almost 50% of British Women Can't Identify the Vagina

Well, this is alarming. A new study that surveyed 1K British women found that only 56% of women could identify the vagina from a medical diagram. 198 more words


Beyond the Pond

Well, after waving goodbye to Rachel & Mary at the security gate, they hopped in some Icelandic man’s car to hitchhike back to our AirBnB and I hopped on a plane. 1,089 more words