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193. Be grateful for your creativity.

You’ll probably be aware that people in this part of the world are reputed to be incredibly intelligent. There’s no denying it, what kids from Hong Kong or Taiwan can do vs what I could do at that age can be likened to Einstein and a plank of wood. 989 more words



I just edited a 37-minute video…now it’s a 32-second! I tried to capture the sunrise, well actually I captured what I can see from my window when the sun rises. 144 more words


How I decided to leave everything behind and move to Scotland

Well, I haven’t really moved there yet. I’ll probably be packing my bags on the 28th of August, waking up in the early hours of following day and driving to Milan, then flying straight to Glasgow with two heavy (overpaid, thanks Easyjet!) suitcases. 1,063 more words

Sức ép chính trị nội bộ Anh-Một lý giải cho lý do trưng cầu dân ý Brexit

Sức ép chính trị nội bộ Anh-Một lý giải cho lý do trưng cầu dân ý Brext

Nội bộ Đảng Bảo thủ

Năm 2010, khi Cameron làm Thủ tướng của Chính phủ liên minh hai Đảng Bảo thủ và Dân chủ Tự do, ông đã nhận thấy một sự gia tăng chủ nghĩa hoài nghi Châu Âu trong nội bộ những người Bảo thủ sẵn sàng gây sức ép để đòi hỏi một cuộc trưng cầu dân ý về tư cách thành viên EU. 2,108 more words

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Places I Would Like To Visit In My Lifetime | Travel


I spend a lot of time reading travel blogs, researching culture and just overall inspiration about other countries. They truly fascinate me.
Especially Europe. Not only because it happens to be my own continent, there’s just a lot of culture here that inspires me personally. 518 more words


Immediate Thoughts on #IndyRef2

Shortly after The EU Referendum I was with a few like minded Labour friends discussing where we go from here. We had all been part of the No campaigns in the #IndyRef in 2014 and all bore the scars of that 18 month long campaign. 1,305 more words


A Happy Little Vegemite Living in the World of Marmite

In my humble opinion, London is a pretty good spot for an Aussie to relocate (for the first time anyway), since there’s no major culture shock. 1,144 more words