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​Trolly’s hot topic - What the fuck UK

It all started about a couple of weeks ago. First Brittney Pettibone, a right-leaning online journalist, and Martin Sellner, the founder of https://generation-identity.com Generation Identity and her romantic partner, were stopped at the border and detained by UK policemen. 1,402 more words


Integration and isolation - cultural problems and practical solutions

I heard the news that the UK government’s Integrated Communities Strategy is to invest £50m in schemes to improve community relations over the next two years. 604 more words

What does the University bring to me?

What does the University bring to me? Knowledge, definitely, it is the main purpose for me to go to this remote country.

Since studied here, I realize that the study program in the University never force us to study hard but we have to choose whether we want to work hard. 172 more words



Do not be afraid of an isolated life even though we sometimes have to admit that we are lonely.

My life has become more dynamic and fun since my course in the University began. 156 more words



The difficulty I am scared most is loneliness.

I nearly had no friends at first and had to do everything alone. It seems to be a normal thing which almost all of abroad students have to suffer. 181 more words



The city is bursting with interesting things to see, special places to go and experiences to keep any visitor busy for several days. With university buildings dotted throughout the centre, fascinating museums, atmospheric pubs, fine dining, incredible street food and ancient colleges all jostling together in the city centre, there’s the beautiful riverside and open green spaces offering a peaceful places to relax. 449 more words