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Corbyn the Commie Con Man

I must add conman to Corbyns titles now, he is manipulating figures obtained from within the Peoples Demokratik Party to make a totally different result. 303 more words

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A Dangerous Traitor

This man is in bed with the Irish terrorists, the HAMAS, the IS and should be punished as a traitor. How he ever got to be labour leader is totally beyond comprehension. 13 more words

The UK

American public universities are no longer the most expensive in the world

The US may no longer be the most expensive place to get a college education in the world. New research shows that England has the highest tuition fees at its public universities than pretty much any country in the industrialized world. 166 more words

Borders Must Close, say Britons Who Want America to Keep James Corden

According to a new survey by Radio 4, 92% of the British public believe that the UK’s borders should be permanently closed. This sudden increase in anti-immigration fervour has been traced back to recent events – namely rumours that TV barnacle James Corden might return from the US. 187 more words

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UK Fireworks

Its about time the govt banned all fireworks except for organised displays. Its now 21st November and we have had bloody fireworks every night for a month. 119 more words

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