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In a Vase on Monday: Sugar and Lemons

Tomorrow is Pancake Day in the UK, and although the tradition of eating thin crepe-style pancakes on Shrove Tuesday does not seem to exist anywhere else in the world I have always made them wherever I have been – even when I lived in Japan I had a pancake party! 297 more words


No Room in Industry For Prayers & Rightly So

From am email from the USA:

Here’s another example of how Islam is not compatible with a modern civilized society. Muslim workers walked off the job at a Colorado meat processing plant because they demanded more accommodations for their multiple daily prayer sessions. 663 more words

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SNP - No is not an aswer

Scots had a referendum to leave the UK, and the vote was NO! It seems that the SNP can’t take no for an answer and want to hold another, and probably another and again, until they get the vote that they want. 203 more words

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EU Referendum - June 2016?

UKIP leadership think Cameron may call a snap referendum in June!!

I imagine it may be because the President of the EU said today that whatever Cameron thinks he has in concessions, they can easily be reversed. 9 more words

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EU UK Negotiations? The Big None Event

Cameron has been lying through his teeth to the public of the UK, in the media, on tv and saying we have gained something, not sure what, but then, today, the President of the EU announced, 157 more words

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Labour Voters

Once upon a time voting labour was a right, a demonstration of the opposition to the so called ‘ruling class’ of the Tory. But times have changed and the traditional labour voter has to change or die in the trend of abject communism. 319 more words

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Indians are falling out of love with British universities—and David Cameron is to blame

A record number of Indian

students are enrolling for higher education in the US—in just two years, it rose by 71% to 181,051. But the trend’s been just the opposite for the UK. 30 more words