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Review of 'The Uncommon Reader' by Alan Bennett

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Having rubbished Alan Bennett’s ‘The History Boys about a year ago, when I read the play and went to see it at the theatre, I was dismayed when my lovely aunt in Canada pressed a copy of Bennett’s ‘The Uncommon Reader’ into my hands, saying how much she had enjoyed it. 573 more words

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The Uncommon Reader

The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett
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Oh, what a breezy read it had been. If you are an avid reader, often got into trouble for reading books past midnight, admonished by friends for missing outings because you could not bear the thought of leaving the book uncompleted, read so much that your mother had to hide books during exam times, had quarrels with friends for judging your favorite fictional character, started writing to accompany reading and so on, then this book is for you. 73 more words


February Reading Wrap-Up

Hola my friends, Romans and countrymen! The second month of the year is over and done with and I know that time is linear but why does it have to move so rapidly? 1,074 more words


The Uncommon Reader - Alan Bennett

I found this a charming and very pleasant read.  The premise is that the Queen, late in life, becomes an avid reader and in doing so reevaluates much of what she thought and how she thought it. 96 more words


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If it was love I was looking for, I found it early in the year. That it should be a book comes as no surprise, at least not to me. 651 more words

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30 Day Book Challenge | Book 5


The Uncommon Reader is a really short & really fun book to read! It’s about the queen of England and she’s kinda obsessed with reading. 39 more words


Book Review : The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett

This was my Wishlist Wednesday book last week. It is a book about books, so I knew that I would like it. But unlike most books of this genre which tend to be non-fiction, it is a novel and it features a very real person, the Queen of England who is the uncommon reader in the title. 819 more words