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Robot Sidestreet- Emotionally Stable Passenger Car

Human Highway’s debut and only release Moody Motorcycle is one of those that leaves you pining for lost high school love with all its cute melodrama, deflection of blame, and shy young joys. 263 more words

The year in music: Erik Leijon's favourites of 2014

1. Caribou: Our Love. In this age of streaming, it has never been easier to ignore the album format. Fortunately, Canadian producer Caribou’s latest works as both a front-to-back listen and as a series of standalone singles. 530 more words


POP Montreal 2014: The Best of the Best

Don’t mind me, just finally coming up for air after a sweaty five-day tryst with my favourite lover, POP Montreal. I saw almost 20 bands, listened to the erudite Steve Albini espouse opinions, sat in on a live taping of Psi Factor and The Cougar, and dug for dollar bin gold at the record fair (guys, I don’t want to brag, but I found some Murray Head). 1,230 more words


Arcade Fire, Barclays Cener

Arcade Fire @ Barclays Center

Arcade Fire @ Barclays Center

Arcade Fire @ Barclays Center

By Nicole Monaghan

I’ve been to Barclays Center a few times before and honestly, it doesn’t disappoint. 278 more words

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3AM Eternal: The Unicorns "The Unicorns:2014"

Canadian lo-fi weirdos The Unicorns released a handful of self-released EP’s before releasing their sole album, Who Will Cut Our Hair When We Are Gone?. Though it would later appear as a re-recorded, non-album single, “The Unicorns:2014″ is an odd little ditty, and this early version is even odder, with bleeps, blips, and synthetic tones backing some really wonderful, oddball vocals.Was their return in 2014 predicted all those years ago? The world may never know…

Three AM Eternal

August 1st, 2014; Naples, Italy

Today marks the beginning of our eighth month on the road. I can’t believe that we’ve made it this far! There have certainly been hiccups along the way, but I can’t imagine my life without this experience. 7 more words

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