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Something Joel Said.

‘Being funky is about being ourselves, being original, having that confidence and cool to wear what you want, say what you will. The fashion industry in London is now having a reinvigoration of old models to take back the fashion walk ways… I am talking about 70, 80 year olds who dress as funky and as stylishly as any pop star walking down Hollywood. 172 more words


A BIG Thank You!

So as you can see, I’ve been away for a while, but it was for a good reason, I assure you! (or at least I’ll try to convince you ;]) 147 more words


*the uninspired chronicle

“a couple of days ago, at some unearthly hour, i received a facebook message from a friend telling me about her uninspired chronicles thing. i gave her…

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The Uninspired Chronicles, Part 2: Uninspireder

No, Mr. Darin won’t be joining us today.

But I wouldn’t feel too terribly upset about that if I were you. After all, we all have a little Darin in us. 930 more words

As Long As I'm Blogging

Writer's Unblocked

Greetings readers!

My friend Riatarded from.. uhm, Riatarded has been collecting a compendium of sorts on methods of overcoming ones “creative funk” and since no compendium is ever complete without TheEmbarrassment, here’s my contribution. 383 more words

Just About Thought Provoking


So, this crazy lady over at Riatarded currently has a challenge going where people explain how they overcome writer’s block/un-creativity. She shamelessly promoted it on my blog and then asked me to participate. 698 more words

The Uninspired Chronicles - Update

Check out the original post for the details.

I am working on a post for The Uninspired Chronicles. Meanwhile here is a sneak peek at some of the things that will be given away. 154 more words

The Uninspired Chronicles