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NASA Image of the Day - NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson Sets Spaceflight Record

534 days, 2 hours, 49 minutes and counting. NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson flew through the standing record for cumulative time spent in space by a U.S. 36 more words


Before the Image

In silence and solitude, where our conversation with the universe takes place, I lose myself, hoping to return with more than what I carried into that vastness, more than the substance I encompass and its portrayal, which is projected into the aether until a mutual exchange blends consciousness with the mysteries of existence in a single breath, inhaled and exhaled, and carried in a vibration, where I am both a part of and severed from the tangle of life and it’s myriad impression… always a memory (with each passing second), a memory that is integrated within the Self who is also consumed and discarded before the next draw of breath. 58 more words


Coyote the Trickster

April 23rd

There was something in
the collective conscious
that said,
I am dumb.
I am stupid.
I can not
do this!

At first,
I thought… 75 more words

As I See It

NASA’s Hubble telescope captured two galaxies in one epic photo / Selina Cheng / Quartz

Since it left Earth on April 24, 1990, the Hubble telescope has delivered again and again stunning snapshots of the vast universe around us, and kept us in awe of the marvels of space.

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Whose Dream Is It Anyway?

April 22nd

What you think you want when you’re younger,
more often than not,
is someone else’s dream for you,
and for themselves,
but not necessarily… 56 more words

As I See It

NASA Image of the Day - NASA's Fleet of Satellites Keep an Eye on Earth

NASA’s fleet of 18 Earth science missions in space, supported by aircraft, ships and ground observations, measure aspects of the environment that touch the lives of every person around the world. 14 more words


How did Quasars Form ?

The Kavli Foundation Q&A: How Did the First Quasars Form? Thanks to a record haul of new, ultra-distant quasars—powerhouses of light from the farthest reaches of the universe—astrophysicists can now piece together the rise of mighty objects in the early cosmos. 2,169 more words