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NASA Image of the Day - Signs of Ships in the Clouds

Ships churning through the Atlantic Ocean produced this patchwork of bright, criss-crossing cloud trails off the coast of Portugal and Spain. via @NASA http://ift.tt/2rwOAuH


Digital Doodle: Moonbow

My, it’s been a while!

I simply had to Splodge and Splatter some colour around to freshen up things around here. I ended up with a Moonbow… as you do!


21/1/2018 Stage 1: Ovarian stimulation & monitoring


🌀 I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it😆”singing: The Pointer Sisters”.

It’s officially happening tonight at 9pm it’s stabby stab time! 160 more words

What is Really Going on in The Universe?

Worldview Reality Check #1

by Jane Tawel

January 20, 2018

I decided that periodically, I might do well to post in my blog, words and ideas by authors who are –by about a million light years — well — just more… 1,075 more words

NASA Image of the Day - Prepping the Parker Solar Probe for Space

At NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, the Parker Solar Probe is lowered into the 40-foot-tall thermal vacuum chamber. The thermal vacuum chamber simulates the harsh conditions that the spacecraft will experience on its journey through space, including near-vacuum conditions and severe hot and cold temperatures. 7 more words


NASA Image of the Day - Jupiter’s Swirling South Pole

This image of Jupiter’s swirling south polar region was captured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft as it neared completion of its tenth close flyby of the gas giant planet. 7 more words


Coincidences - Is the Universe rarely so lazy?

I’ve been on this Earth a little while now and if there’s one thing I’m increasingly convinced that doesn’t exist or is rare it’s coincidences. The premise is that on your path in life many, many other paths cross yours in different ways and these are totally random events. 580 more words