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NASA Image of the Day - Slim Crescent of Ice

The low angle of sunlight along the slim crescent of Saturn’s moon Enceladus. via @NASA http://ift.tt/2rL511T



May 20th

When I was young
I naively
thought that everyone
lived like me:

calm and quite
never wanting,
but as I grew
I saw images daunting. 78 more words

As I See It

Time Influences Interactions

May 19th

Time is relative to interactions.

Positive, higher frequencies,
makes time go faster.

Negative, lower frequencies,
makes time slow down.

That’s why time flies when you’re having fun, 32 more words

As I See It

NASA Image of the Day - CubeSats Deployed Outside Station's Kibo Lab Module

A pair of CubeSats, with the Earth’s limb in the background, moments after being ejected from a small satellite deployer outside of the International Space Station’s Kibo laboratory module on Wednesday, May 16, 2017. 31 more words


The Golden Rule

May 19th

Do Unto others
as you’d have done
onto you.

There are so many people
hurting in this world…

It costs nothing,
and doesn’t take much… 25 more words

As I See It

The Secret: And How My Thinking has Completely Changed

At the time of this writing, I watched a documentary that many people have told me to check out. Those who have watched it and abide by the film’s essential message swear by it, and it turns out that the most successful people knew about this concept and they achieved what they did because of it. 584 more words