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meet gabriela...

meet gabriela…. it is long overdue. making my bali-crew of beautiful-creative-souls (i already introduced you to helena and leanna) complete. no wonder i we reminisce about it so much…. 262 more words



The species of my soul is alien by nature, emanating from a galactic paradigm that is beyond the scope of my conscious perspective. I was once in utero, meditating in her silent center, her supreme temple. 572 more words



The best realization I ever had was that the universe is basically indifferent to us. It’s neither for nor against us. And that indifference is a good thing, a really comforting thing.

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What Mother Teresa Wanted to Say

“Everything in this world is what happens between you and your Inner God, after all. Things have never happened between you and others.”―Mother Teresa


Calling people 'failures'

Is it possible for somebody to be a failure? Personally I wouldn’t say so. To call somebody a failure is almost like calling them a waste of life. 168 more words


I am the Walrus

Today has not by any means been less stressful than yesterday. It has been worse, but I think I’m dealing just fine…I hope? Anyway, I had several signs from the universe yesterday and I have reached a decision that I think is the most convenient and truthful to what I want and need in this moment of my life. 331 more words

have you adjusted yet?

after spending the last months in southeast asia, where i was mainly surrounded by juicy nature (for instance the lush-green of bali) i am currently vagabonding through europe (mainly in munich…. 180 more words