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Attending the lecture

I woke up yesterday morning a few hours before my alarm went off. I didn’t think anything of it since I have trouble sleeping. I picked up my phone and scrolled my feed on Facebook. 811 more words

Personal Musings

love or hate: a choice

He hates me. He hates himself. I make him hate himself. It’s over. I know it is. He hasn’t said anything. He hasn’t been decent enough to say he doesn’t want to do this. 571 more words


Back in Time

Hooray!  Today, the Hubble Telescope celebrates its 25 anniversary!  And what a celebration it should be, and is.  The New York times posted an article today… 433 more words

Science Fiction

The economic growth after the war for people to improve their spirituality

Looking at the belt zone between Ise(伊勢) and Hakusan(白山), I find an interesting point in terms of Japanese modern economic growth. Many of the founders of the modern great Japanese companies such as Omi merchants who were active from Kamakura period to Recent period and Ise merchants in Edo period, are from Toyama prefecture, located on the line of Ise t0 Hakusan. 525 more words


The Hand of Zeus

Bonjour, mes amis!

Whilst away in France the delightful 1 for 1000 have published my latest short, The Hand of Zeus. Feel free to zip over if nostalgia, depression, love and astrology are your thing. 34 more words


You're as cold as ice

Astronomers have discovered the biggest known structure in the universe, and it turns out it’s a hole.

This is surprising information to many of us who thought that a hole usually constituted a gap, with a distinct lack of any structure. 1,434 more words

Blathering About Nothing