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River Flow

Bits and Pieces

I wrote a little bit already about trusting the universe here – but this weekend, I really learned what it means to be open to what the universe has in store, and to recognize when manifestation is in progress (spoiler alert: it’s not always one fell swoop! 243 more words


the world is shifting to a new reality and that it is destined to become a truly beautiful place

A few years ago, I started my spiritual deep dive as I went ‘looking’ for my friend Jimmy who was in a coma and had suffered brain damage after he passed out and was not quickly resuscitated. 408 more words

The Universe

Love Letter #3

I will know when I see you
By the look in your eyes

I return your stare
Your sideways glance

Who are you?
How do you exist? 127 more words


The Party's Over (3 poems and a bonus poem)

My head is throbbing like a car stereo, there’s stubble on my tongue. Last night, I invited Slim and the rest of his Poet’s Circle over for a few drinks to celebrate the end of April-Month of Slim and it was quite a night, or at least, I think it was. 413 more words


The Sun

What is it about the sun that gives us so much energy

You can get into the physics and chemistry of it all

But at the end, it’s a ball of swirling energy… 134 more words

366 Poems: April 27th, 2016


Someday I’ll learn how to draw

the light dancing on someone’s skin,

the veins of a butterfly wing,

the fire in a cat’s eye, 55 more words


LIGO Press Conference

February the 11th was an epic day. I walked down the Infinite and couldn’t stop grinning the largest grin to myself. This was the day LIGO released their discovery of gravitational waves. 150 more words

Amateur Astronomy