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First Few Steps

“If, Maureen, while sitting in the darkness, you changed your mind and decided you wanted to sit in the light, would your first few steps be in the darkness or in the light? 14 more words

If Chakras Could Speak ...

 Some of us have the ability to speak to our chakras and hear what they are saying back to us. Some of us only occasionally hear whispers from our chakras, and even then sometimes we doubt what we hear. 70 more words


Limiting Beliefs - Infinite Love

Yesterday morning I decided to wake Christiana up with breakfast and decisions. The first decision was whether or not she wanted bacon and eggs or ham and eggers. 1,869 more words

Why the Universe Looks the Way it Does

Lee Smolin has a problem with theories that can never be proven. The physicist says that string theory has problems that may never be solved. In fact, it’s not even a theory in the way other theories are (like evolution.)  It’s more of a conjecture. 493 more words



“There would never be a book written about him, for he was already a living novel. He wasn’t just rare; the world had never seen anything like him.

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Old Soul

FAQ 15-16


I started to hold a memorial service for my ancestors, and I had a question the other day. Is it OK to write my surname in Joyo Kanji (常用漢字), the commonly used Chinese characters, on the Tanzaku I use during the service ? 410 more words