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Message from the Universe: Expediting the process!

“Anything you could ever hope that I might one day do for you, is something you can begin doing for yourself today, making the whole thing happen about 7,000 times faster. 359 more words

Message From The Universe



By Varsha Venugopalan: Culture Editor


While there are those bursting fireworks for festivities in some countries, others cower at the very sound of them thinking it could be the next bomb that ends their life, such as the current situation of… 701 more words

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Podcast Roundup 002

The Friend Zone –¬†Forgive? Or Forget It?

This episode weighs in heavy on some really crucial topics in the world including rape, politics, and forgiveness but… 421 more words


That moment when.........

Hair and makeup….check…


Everyone sitting comfortably….check (well 2 out of 3…see below)…

Say cheese….check…


Just as you ready yourself to capture¬†the next cover of ” Pooch Monthly”… 16 more words


Message from the Universe: It is your time to shine!

“Never yet, not once, have you ever smiled at a stranger, said “sorry” to a friend, or bowed to the glory of nature, when sparks didn’t fly, tears didn’t roll, and praise wasn’t sung for you behind the curtains of time and space. 375 more words

Message From The Universe

Eliminating labels invalidates identity. It's a quest for peace that subliminally teaches hate.

I ran across something on social media that I haven’t been able to get out of my mind.

Disability comes with so many complex emotions, and stages of how you handle those emotions. 1,328 more words

The Universe


I chose this poem for the science theme as it would not be my most natural way of viewing the world. This is good for it gives my students the opportunity to explore more ideas that might inspire them. 363 more words