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The Meaning of Life

Before we ask, “what is the meaning of life?” we should ask, “Is there a meaning of life?” Assumption is ignorance, as I stated in my first post—and asking ourselves what the meaning of life is before we’ve established there is one, is like asking, “What does a sea unicorn like to eat for breakfast?” The following points aren’t meant to crush your hopes and dreams. 244 more words


The Evolution Of God Over The Past 51 Years

Photo by bela_kiefer. Published on 15 March 2010
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What I mean about the evolution of God is the evolution of God in my own personal life. 1,348 more words


Star Stuff

I needed an extra big place to put this, so consider this a small weekend bonus.

Sending kahanas in mandalas!

I was taking a long walk today, to the part of my town I enjoy going but do not as often as I want to, when I noticed a tiny sign leading to a small gallery-café located at the end of a narrow alley. 718 more words


A Journey From Face To Space

Last night, while taking a mini-vacation of the mind to decompress from the bombardment of idiocracy that has surfaced during this presidential election, I came across 287 more words


On Stars and Moons

I lie back upon the grass
Beneath a clear night sky
Wond’ring at the vastness

In a tiny dot
Of twinkling light
A hundred billion stars reside… 80 more words