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NASA Image of the Day - Deployment of the Space Station's Roll Out Solar Array Experiment

Over the weekend of June 17-18, engineers on the ground remotely operated the International Space Station’s Canadarm2 to extract the Roll Out Solar Array experiment from the SpaceX Dragon resupply ship. 31 more words


The Sculpted

Day Three Hundred Twenty-Six
The Sculpted

Even the most
beautiful stone
can be covered up and dirtied
by life’s weathering process.

All it takes
is just one person… 53 more words

As I See It

NASA Image of the Day - Webb Telescope Set for Testing in Space Simulation Chamber

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope sits in front of the door to Chamber A, a giant thermal vacuum chamber located at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. The telescope will soon be moved into the chamber, where it will spend a hot Houston summer undergoing tests at sub-freezing cryogenic temperatures. 6 more words


Shedding Skin

June 18th
Shedding Skin

like a snake
who has become
too uncomfortable
its own

I must be
getting ready


As I See It

Victoria Cochrane's Channellings from the Masters: The Universal Womb

Imagine, if you can, a chalice, much the same as the one Jesus drank from before he was crucified. It is large enough to hold the water of the world and more in it without ever spilling a drop. 925 more words

The Creator

Your Heartbeat Is the Pulse of Your Universe - Some Notes On This Idea

Everything in the universe has a pulse from the Galaxies to the most minute subatomic wave.

The whole universe is repeated as you zoom in and it’s infinitely repeated as you zoom out. 160 more words