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Living Restless

I seem to be constantly tired, but consistently restless, and restlessness is not something that agrees with me, especially spiritual restlessness. My whole life I have been searching for something, and yes, I understand that the ego’s game is seeking and not finding, but this, I hope, is different. 777 more words

running in the rain

i was at cafe avocado (my go-to cafe in changgu, bali) with my spirit-sista leanna, when a downpour came over us, that made us wade through knee deep water, in order to get to the toilet…. 41 more words


Sorry Universe, it's a fact. We're all one.

(Still havent figured out how to make space between things. Like I don’t want to cram words from the first paragraph straight up the embedded video’s ass. 355 more words

Retractions and Good Vibes

Okay, so I nearly took down my last post, oh let’s say, only about 6 hours after I wrote it. Sometimes we can get a little lost within the negativity of a situation, and let the bad things get the better of us, which is what all you guys had to witness on Thursday (sorry, again). 549 more words

Life In General

Notes from my phone

I found this in my iphone notes and thought it was worth posting, mostly because it was already written and I’m feeling lazy….

I feel like I’m starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. 560 more words


FAQ 39-40

Question 39

Do electromagnetic waves have some effect especially on hearts? Are the people with a pacemaker affected by them?


MKMMA -- Week 24 -- Seeking spiritual truth is soley an inside job

MKMMA — Week 24 — Seeking Spiritual Truth is Soley an Inside Job

The spiritual journey is individual. I cannot be organized or regulated. It isn’t true that everyone should follow one path. 591 more words