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Interview With God/Prime Source/The Universe/The Creator

I have just finished watching this video and thought it so wonderful I just had to share the link. There is so much content that I cannot go through it all. 26 more words


You Lost Me at Affirm Your Mantra

Ever take a yoga class and the teacher drops a guided mediation segment in? And then you hear “mantra of your choice, quietly affirm yourself on your next breath cycle”.

200 more words


Hello everyone!

I wanted to start a page to constantly expand my knowledge on…well, everything. I find myself constantly learning new information about random stuff all the time. 212 more words

General Disscusion


By day, a member of the Pooch Walk crew…..

Bravely facing D B Mann and trying, unsuccessfully this time, to get him to play…!

Later, all played out, having a rest with his best mate Dusty. 8 more words


Message from the Universe: Get ready for something spectacular!

“You are the greatest.

You are the best and the coolest.

You surprise us every single day.

This is not a test.

Do not adjust your settings. 329 more words

Message From The Universe

The Sun Finds his Courage

The sun peeked through the blinds and slowly started creeping into the dilapidated bedroom, which didn’t much profit from the impulsive invasion. It crawled down the cracked wall, noticing with concern the peeling, yellowing wallpaper that hindered its decent. 409 more words



Flying is an adventure. A burst of speed followed by a breathless lightness as you take to the sky. As the world below shrinks into mere shapes and movements, a new world is approached. 206 more words