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The University, Thomas Basbøll

Author Information:Thomas Basbøll, Copenhagen Business School, tb.lib@cbs.dk

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Undergraduate Programs at SBS in English

Hey everyone,

With the end of my first official year of university coming to a close, I wanted to discuss more in detail the current program I study: Business Administration and Political Science (BAPS). 615 more words


run. Back home. The Farmers Market. Had to walk through the University–departmental graduation ceremonies underway. The amount of people along the major EW thoroughfare, the nervousness that accompanied walking through them made me need to pee, went to the VA-built Omitted building where they have bathrooms at the end of the cafe (line, anxious mothers in Chanel and equivalent brands, saw a lot of amazing season-appropriate nude pumps; didn’t feel too shitty because I decided not to walk out looking like a slob this morning). 111 more words

An interdisciplinary soundboard for British-German relations.

The importance of German themes and subjects for the Cambridge academic community has been demonstrated by the foundation of the Cambridge DAAD Research Hub in German Studies, which officially began its work in January 2016, following the signing of a memorandum of understanding by the Vice Chancellor and the President of the DAAD Professor Margret Wintermantel in March 2015 in Berlin.  592 more words


The Prepared Mind

Reacting to my Medium.com piece, 5 Writers Imagine America: Reflecting Forward, 2016, my friend, Vermont documentarian, Michael Hanish, emailed the following (I will place it here as an image because the form is relevant, I think; it’s exactly as it appears in his email—like a poem that we’ll title, “So”): 102 more words

Cultural Studies

AP Reading Group: ‘The “McDonaldization” of Higher Education: Food for Thought?’

On Monday 21 March we will be discussing:

David Hartley, ‘The “McDonaldization” of Higher Education: Food for Thought?’, Oxford Review of Education, 21(4) (December 1995), pp. 181 more words

Reading Group

The nature of the creative

To do world class intellectual work, the first requirement is a completely calm mind – no matter what is happening around you, or what shit is going down in your life – one must completely relax and only then work. 1,557 more words

The University