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I read this book so you don't have to

William C. Lubenow. “Only Connect”: Learned Societies in Nineteenth-Century Britain, (Boydell Press, 2015) pp. x, 315. $99.00.

Tamson Pietsch

The American Historical Review (2016) 121 (5): 1744-1745. 1,060 more words

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New (year) resolutions for the new politics

Towards the end of last year the Times Higher Education magazine asked me what my new year’s resolution was (requires subscription for access), and this is what I told them: 272 more words

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Misconduct in Japan: who writes the rules of knowing?

What is the warrant for knowledge?  If the Floating University was an educational experiment, who wrote the rules of knowing that determined what counted as its success or failure? 298 more words

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Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, and the APA's "Code of Conduct"

by Edward Kazarian and Leigh M. Johnson

A little over two years ago, more than 600 philosophers petitioned the American Philosophical Association to “produce a code of conduct and a statement of professional ethics for the academic discipline of Philosophy.” The immediate motivation for the petition was several high-profile cases of sexual misconduct by philosophers, which together amplified what many viewed—rightly, in our estimation—as a widespread and endemic culture of hostility, predation, exploitation, and intimidation within the profession.  1,859 more words

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Great Gatsby Gap Year

In September 1926, 500 American university students left New York aboard the Floating University, on a journey around the world that involved stops at forty-seven ports and visits to foreign dignitaries including the King of Siam, the Sultan of Lahej, Mussolini and the Pope. 279 more words

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A Few Cheeky Cheats For Zoology Undergrads

-Katy Waters

My time at Royal Holloway is now coming to an end and on July 12th my student status will have evolved into that of a zoology graduate. 975 more words