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An Opinion of YSU Journalism

By Tyler McVicker

When starting this report, I had a bit of an axe to grind with YSU’s Journalism department, and school in general. Although time has taught me that this is never a way to go into a story, I unfortunately still was quite bitter. 1,225 more words

Fall 2017 Stories

Multiculturalism and The Muslim Community at YSU

By I’yonna Taylor-Smith
YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio: The Muslim community at Youngstown State University continues to rise every semester, along with the global negative effect of Islamophobia. Students at YSU, who practice Islam, are bridging the gap between Islam-practicing and non-Islamic practicing. 944 more words

Fall 2017 Stories

The Tressel Perspective

By Amelia Mack

YOUNGSTOWN,Ohio: Just before I was accepted into Youngstown State University as an incoming freshman, it was announced that Jim Tressel was returning to Youngstown to be the new university president. 1,484 more words

Fall 2017 Stories

Are YSU Football Athletes in Danger?

By Alexa DeVore

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio: The National Football League was caught under fire and put to blame after a recent autopsy sought out how deceased New England Patriot, Aaron Hernandez, suffered from a severe form of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. 1,264 more words

Fall 2017 Stories

Universities’ war against truth | Spectator Life

Having beliefs and expressing them is no longer tolerated and the contagion is spreading

Source: Universities’ war against truth | Spectator Life

“However, as soon as inclusiveness itself is questioned, freedom is cast aside. 160 more words

What's the point of university?

I’m teaching my first Great Christian Thinkers class on Friday, and because it’s meant to be a course that orients my students to their degree as a whole and we’re opening on the theme of ‘What Matters Most?’, we’re going to spend some time thinking about the purpose of university; both what they want to get out of their degree and what a range of other people and institutions might want them to get out of it. 912 more words

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Educational Development evolving

When I started in this role in 2011, the remit of our (small) team was rather instrumental: the PGCert had just become compulsory for probationary academics, as had CPD provision for new postgraduates who teach (PGTAs). 519 more words