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Movie review’s are our favourite past time and we have the exclusive insight and spoilers for movie geeks like ourselves! Check out the reviews on Avengers: Infinity War & Deadpool 2 in episode 1 & 2 here. 64 more words


The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 16: Edwin's Sh!tstorm

You people sicken me. David, Ann, and I try to bring you the best in comedy, politics, and current events, and what episode do you all love the most? 74 more words


When Is It Okay To Spoil A Movie?

So the review embargo for Avengers: Infinity War ends very soon, in fact – by the time I write and publish this, the first reviews will most probably be all over the interwebs some complete with spoilers. 1,263 more words

Little Bits Of Movies

#5 of 100 The Usual Suspects

Whenever I asked my best friend to suggest a movie that I could watch he told me that I would love The Usual Suspects.

I can’t talk to him because he is so busy these days and I guess I was just really missing him tonight so I decided to watch it. 322 more words

Thoughts On World

The 2018 Oscars Are Tonight. Let's Talk About The 1996 Oscars, Because Movies Were Better Then.

First, let me say I hate how they do the Oscars in regards to the 2018 Oscars are actually awards for the movies of 2017. It’s confusing, so when I say I want to talk about the 1996 Oscars, that means the films released in the 1995 calendar year. 866 more words

The Culture Car

Revisiting 'The Usual Suspects' and the cult appeal of Keyser Soze

Twenty-three years since its release in 1995, “The Usual Suspects” continues to lure in tons of new viewers and fans. And with good reason; it’s one of the most stylish and original detective films out there, ending with a surprising twist that many would claim is unmatched. 277 more words