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August 19-23: Finding a rhythm after holidays

Going to Sicily and London were lovely additions to this year’s fitfor15in15 escapades, but it’s taken me a few days to get back into the swing of blogging every day. 861 more words

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The Usual Suspects - Throwback Thursday

Intro to… The Usual Suspects
The Usual Suspects hands its viewers a question: Who is Keyser Soze? This blog gives its readers an answer: Should you watch it? 268 more words


Quote of the Week #38

Kujan: You had a gun, then why didn’t you help him? He was your friend!

Verbal: Because I was afraid, okay? I was afraid. 57 more words

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Trainwreck (Cinema Screening)

(spoiler free)

Here we are again, yet another romantic-comedy hitting the big screen, but wait – this one seemed to be getting good reviews!? I find it hard to enjoy this genre, for me most of the films are carbon copies of each other and they are just filled out with soppy over emotional rubbish, could Trainwreck change things? 421 more words

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Twenty years ago this week, Bryan Singer‘s explosively iconic neo-noir The Usual Suspects hit theaters. The then-unknown director, who would go on to direct many films in the X-Men franchise, managed to create a modern classic on a tiny budget and not only kick-started his own career, but also the careers of actors like Benicio Del Toro and Kevin Spacey (the latter of which won an Oscar for his unforgettable role of Verbal Kint). 30 more words

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Nationals Notebook-- Broomed by the Bay.

Did I say something about an ominous roadtrip last week?  How a west coast swing could rejuvenate or roast the Nats postseason hopes?  I think it’s more of a roast now…with the cooking temperature more of a charred-medium well.  978 more words

Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of 'The Usual Suspects' With These Lines

The Usual Suspects is one of those films that you feel everyone is almost obligated to see at least once. The classic heist film stars an ensemble of the younger versions of a lot of today’s famous actors, such as Benicio del Toro and Kevin Spacey, who won an Academy Award for his unforgettable performance as Roger “Verbal” Kint. 923 more words