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Back From Hiatus, New-To-Me Highlights

After a few months of unofficial hiatus from Cinema Crossroads, I’m back. Long story short: I pursued my dream of moving to New York City, realized it wasn’t right for me, and moved back to my hometown. 343 more words

Weekly Round-Up

Saw #30DaysOfFright

The Usual Suspects meets Se7en, Saw may be known more for its torture porn tendencies – popped into the same category as the likes of Hostel – but the first is more of a taut serial killer thriller.  793 more words


The Usual Suspects

Plot: Kint convinces the police that Keyser Soze drew him and a few other men into a million dollar heist that caused and explosion and a few survivors. 357 more words


The People's Picks: YOUR Top 10 Favorite Films Part #1


If you didn’t see my last post, I asked for volunteers of all types to list their favorite films from descending order (I think that means 1-10), and they sent me their films through their own subjective lenses. 1,536 more words


"What Goes on Behind the Words?"

I should be writing right now. Or at least doing my reading for my classes. I’m in my last semester at university and yet I somehow feel stuck. 711 more words


The Usual Suspects (1995) | 100 Day Film Challenge - Day 63

Before I go into my thoughts on the film, I have to acknowledge the fact that the “whoddunit” aspect of the film was ruined for me. 198 more words


Media Update 8/25/2016

The Nice Guys

As I stated in past editions, I have wanted to see this since I saw the first trailer. Early reports from friends said that the movie was great and that everyone should see it. 738 more words