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And my post-graduate certificate in research is over. Pending results, of course. But my four essays are written, my presentation is a rapidly fading nightmare, and my reflection document is like a moonlit pond. 383 more words


Featured Painting: Pete Postlethwaite, actor

Pete Postlethwaite (1946-2011)

My portrait of the actor, Pete Postlethwaite was recently bought by the owners of The Green Dragon, Little Stretton, Shropshire and now hangs in the bar above the chair the actor used to sit in. 46 more words

Identify your vulnerability and put it on a t-shirt.

That’s basically today’s suggestion. I mean it. Maybe not literally, but at least for you and those you trust to know what is on your hypothetical-if-not-real-therapy t-shirt. 596 more words

Mental Health Therapy

Math, Lord of Checks and Balances

Once upon a time , I had a problem with trying to force all gods into the same neat boxes as, say, the Greek or Roman pantheons.   301 more words


You’re wrong about The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects is a 1995 masterpiece that was written by Christopher McQuarrie, directed by Bryan Singer and if you haven’t seen it already you need to go to Amazon and buy it for a penny right now. 568 more words


3 Movies I never get tired of (that are not LOTR)

Look, I know I love The Lord of the Rings. You know, I love LOTR. Everyone knows I love LOTR. While Middle-earth is, by far, my biggest fandom, it is not my only fandom. 516 more words


Celibrating Jenny Rogneby 

I have known this amazing woman in more than 25 years . Jenny and I have performed as the opening act for Dr. Alban .. Played at various events with our own group and as the jewel in the crown has been committed with the group “basic elements” of the late Michael Jackson. 192 more words