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April Fools 2015: The Fluff Is Raging

HAPPY FRIDAY, EVERYONE!!!! What are you up to this weekend? Binge-watching Daredevil on Netflix since it came out today? Binge-watching Game of Thrones to prepare for the season 5 premiere? 1,714 more words



Growing up is actually not that bad and I think most of you can agree with me on this. What does suck however is realizing that you are growing up!!!!  118 more words


Top 5 Smartest Movie Villains

Everybody loves a criminal mastermind.  It is so much more entertaining to watch the movie hero struggle against somebody who seems to have everything perfectly planned out.   453 more words

The Usual Suspects Film review

“THE USUAL Suspects,” starring Gabriel Byrne, Kevin Spacey and a slew of others, is a smart-aleck murder mystery, the kind that layers itself with flashbacks, stories within stories and murky clues. 517 more words

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Kevin Spacey

I want you all to imagine a basic scenario.

There’s a production meeting. The production studio has just green-lit its next project. The purpose of this meeting: to decide/debate over the actor who will play your main character. 381 more words


10 Movies You just Cannot Miss !!

Being a true movie buff, TeenGazette can assure you that if you haven’t watched these flicks, dude, you’re missing out on life ! Read on to know what you are missing out… 1,477 more words


Spot the truth....

Whilst sitting eating fajitas with the kids tonight I asked my youngest (she’s 4) what she’d been up to.  Here is what she told me: 346 more words