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Episode 4 - The Usual Punch Drunk Casablanca


This month we took a break from strict themes and chose movies we thought each other would like.

This month: What do you mean you haven’t seen _____ !!! 105 more words


The Usual Suspects

‘The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.’

The Usual Suspects is a crime mystery rollercoaster of shooting, stealing and plot twists, which all starts when five criminals meet in a police lineup. 326 more words


The Usual Suspects (1995)

By Franz

This is going to have spoilers, so if for some reason you haven’t seen this movie or you some magical way don’t know the twist of the movie, skip to the overall sections near the end of the review (page 2) 835 more words


July 24: What a crazy day!

Funny how best laid plans can go awry … the day was definitely not what I expected.

I expected to be at work! I arrived just before 10am, but no one else was there. 477 more words

Mentally Fit

5 More Movie Moments That Happened By Accident

There’s a lot of beloved movies that had iconic scenes which has stuck more to the audience than the whole film itself. It might be a moment that described the feel of the movie or an unexpected event that… 706 more words

Coming up in August

YOU’VE NEVER SEEN _______ ??!!1!

This month we’re doing something a little different. We each assigned a movie for the other two to watch, something they’d never seen. 94 more words

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The Devil Returns in "Keyser Soze" from Red 5 Comics and Bad Hat Harry Productions

It was 1995 when The Usual Suspects debuted in theaters. The Oscar-winning film not only became synonymous with the modern twist ending, but it introduced Keyser Soze… one of the greatest movie villains of all time. 141 more words