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How I met your father

I swear this story will not take a bajillion seasons to get through only to end up ticked in the end. This one has an awesome ending. 359 more words


The Best Supporting Supporting Actor Contest: Meet Kevin Pollak

By: Dan Grant

Welcome to the hunt for the best supporting supporting actor!

First thing’s first: no, that’s not a typo.

Here at the Same Page, we like to have fun. 1,508 more words


Is Micheal Flynn acting like Roger Kint to Congress to get his immunity so he can disappear into the day like Keyser Söze?

Dear countries and peoples outside of the United States of America,

Donald Trump got his presidency’s Benghazi story his first 100 days. Benghazi is the Russian hacks.   383 more words

Donald Trump

Cinema: The Usual Suspects/ Os Suspeitos (1995)

Que filme legalzinho! E do qual eu nunca tinha ouvido falar, apesar de ele ser sim conhecido e agraciado por premiações.

Na história, Verbal (Kevin Spacey, sempre genial) é um criminoso conhecido, parte dos “suspeitos usuais” que foram reunidos alguns dias antes devido ao roubo de armas. 307 more words


The Usual Suspects, 2017

Chazz Palminteri interrogates Stephen Colbert about an international conspiracy.

“You’re just not listening! I’ve been telling you for like a year! There’s something weird going on between Trump and the Russians!” 49 more words