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The tape said wrapped around her lifeless body. As she laid there in silence… wishing there was someone there to lay with her. 81 more words

The Usual

how i became a morning person, for real.

I’ve always dreaded getting up in the morning. I’ve always been so tired, lethargic and dreaded starting my day. So when I started 2018 I was like “I’m going to be a morning person” Basically because I have to be since I have class and work so early. 172 more words

The Usual

my first time going out spring 18' and yikes

Last night I went out for the first time of this semester. and HONESTLY what am i doing with my life. I don’t know what exactly has changed about me, but i’m just not as interested as partying anymore. 378 more words

The Usual

January Announcement

If you have been following on my social media accounts, then you might know that recently I have been uploading short “mini” clips of my life on YouTube again. 70 more words

The Usual

Cupri Lunam Resurgens

“HOLY SHIT!”. He starts off with an oxymoronic phrase.

He is running late. Things are just lying around everywhere, on his bed, on his chair, on his table, and even on the goddamn fan. 479 more words

The Usual

spring semester is here ;)

Spring Semester is here. I’m shaking in my boots.

I’m taking 16 credits this semester, aka I’m gonna be b u s y when I seriously just wanna sleep and be care free. 123 more words

The Usual

losing a friend. sad or no?

Recently I did something that I’ve honestly never done before. I broke up with a friend and we’re still on good terms. Usually when a friendship ends for me, it consists of us just falling out of touch and never speaking again. 312 more words

The Usual