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Dogs & Deployment

The other day I was petting Geronimo and looking at how gray his muzzle is and thinking about his experience as the dog of a soldier. 603 more words

The Usual

The Roundup...

Well, it’s been an interesting week. By “interesting” I mean I’ve been a nervous wreck and barely slept more than a couple of hours at a time. 1,195 more words

The Usual

First Thoughts

I spent the last three days eating and drinking and smoking my feelings. Today I woke up with the sense that something has washed over me, leaving behind a renewed sense of moral and personal clarity. 701 more words

The Usual

House of Horrors

That was the Daily News headline this morning, and it captures what I feel very succinctly.

Dear mother of God, what have we done.

What. Have. 1,261 more words

The Usual

A quick follow-up to prior.

I’m sure my fellow CapJazzers received the letter from the production in their production.

My assessment?

Well done, Capital Jazz!

I truly mean it, well done. 170 more words

The Usual

CapJazz X: The Day After

First of all, CapJazz knows about this post, and I fully expect to hear feedback from the people there about it.

Second, I had an absolutely  1,552 more words

The Usual