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Day 10

Today I am thankful for lists.

I love making lists, but sometimes they can be overwhelming. Now is one of those moments. I have so many questions and concerns… 232 more words

Daily Bread

i'm alive still

I should honestly rename this blog to “Sporadically G,” because that’s literally how frequently I come in here now to update. SIGH.

I was planning to write a birthday post, but didn’t care enough to. 896 more words

The Usual

Me: Do you feel guilty you didn’t look at your whiteboard after he wrote down his vacation days? That you don’t know what they are even though he’s your employee and he wrote down his vacation days right the fuck on your whiteboard in your office? 119 more words

Today is a new day. What a lgorious thing. I don’t have any escape, not even in the morning. Telepathy starts pretty much right away. Especially if I’m upstairs and they’re downstairs. 193 more words

Blue Juice

She felt ashamed for plugging in. She plugged in to stop feeling so ashamed. This was the loop of Margot’s life, how it doubled back on itself, going nowhere. 6,038 more words

The Usual

The Tale of Five Kingdoms

Below is a fable that belongs in the world of my current work-in-progress, Vaganto, a novel.


Post-Shift Fairytale
Origin Unknown
Retellings punishable by the Swarth… 879 more words

The Usual

Spider Veins

I just can’t
get rid of these spider veins
spinning in
on the thinnest premise

they unfurl
like a beach umbrella
wall to wall
six legs… 134 more words

The Usual