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As someone who’s dabbled in various art forms (music, drawing, writing) I’ve noticed patterns that transcend these mediums. While all three are artistic and personal expressions, the music and artistic communities seem more open than the writing community. 538 more words

My Happy Little Corner

Coming Back to Berks

It’s funny how memory works, and it’s even more interesting how circumstance plays into that memory.

One of the first music-related entries on this blog, way back in 2010, when I was still getting my music-business feet wet, one of the entries I made was about my first trip to a major jazz festival. 539 more words

The Usual

Another Epiphany

Something that I find so hard is love. It’s a four letter love but causes four billion emotions in just a split second. Okay that might not be true, but to me that’s how it feels. 371 more words

The Usual

Runnin' Down a Dream

I spent my birthday at the Korean Spa. I had never had a buff or Korean massage before, but I needed the break. Time stops in the aquarium of a bathhouse. 108 more words

The Usual

Friday Five

Long time, no talk. Lucky for you, that means that I have a lot to say. :) I’ll spare you every crazy thought that has recently popped up in my brain, and just go with the curated version. 579 more words

The Usual

Happy CNY

Time flies yea. I remember lamenting to my brother last year that it would be my last cny before heading to the States. May all be well, may all be healthy and happy :) 306 more words

The Usual

Week 7.5: I'll Have the Usual

Welp I’ve bin at this for over 60 days and like that meal that you always get when you go to that place that you always go, this shit is getting a little old. 220 more words