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Godspeed, and a word of caution

Right now, buses and planes are flying to DC from the world over, full of women who are marching on Washington, DC. Protests of the inauguration and the coming administration have already started. 574 more words

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How Did You Find Out There Was No Santa Claus?

I was probably around 8 or 9 when  I stopped believing in Santa Claus. I know that some things took type for me to accept. like the tooth fairy. 160 more words

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Saying Goodbye to a President

This is probably one of the harder posts that I would write on this blog, if you consider the contexts of the present time, and when Pres. 1,294 more words

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Found this poem buried in the basement of my Google Drive and liked it:

there are one hundred trillion neural pathways in the brain… 200 more words

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I haven’t forgotten my promise to myself, and my more implicit promise to people on the Internet, to be more politically active. Reading, writing, calling.¬†Physically joining in things in Australia when I can. 230 more words

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Review: The Usual

This will be an introduction to my oatmeal escapades. While some may see this as taking an “easy way out”, I wanted to give you all a glimpse as to how I usually do this. 223 more words



The next days are going to be hectic, and I am kind of looking forward to it. Movie, burgers, gym, hairdresser, samaritan errands – the whole package. 202 more words