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The Florida Vlog

In case you missed the vlog from this summer, I went to Florida with my grandparents.

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Hello From Down Here

Life lately has been hard. By “lately” I mean the last four months and by “hard” I mean impossible. I know that impossible is an exaggeration but I don’t care. 580 more words

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Autumn Is Here... and here are my thoughts

I am, hands down, the type of person who will celebrate Autumn as soon as September rolls around. My favorite time of year is September through November when it’s sweater weather in the morning but by the afternoon it’s still hot enough to be summer.  424 more words

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Where'd All The News Go?

“ If I don’t have my newspaper, what will I wrap my Biriyani in?”

– Karthik Nair

You wake up in the morning as a child, and you go to your walnut wood dining table only to be greeted by a bone china plate of your favourite breakfast and the sight of your father hunched behind an enormous spread of newspaper, reading about the share market and downing a reasonable amount of filter coffee simultaneously. 427 more words

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Let's not forget

The importance of these things called boundaries.

You may have heard me say this before, and if you’re unlucky, you may have experienced this on yourself: I’m not a person known to be forgiving. 731 more words

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The Timeless Monotony

Time, has been passing by, one second at a time since the dawn of time and universe. Time has been going past, into the past in the same way for the last 13.5 billion years, slowly and subliminally. 447 more words

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In Memoriam: Ken Levinson

If you’re in contemporary jazz, then you probably heard of Ken Levinson before. You probably knew him on Facebook, or if you travel, you hung out with him and his wonderful wife, Robin, at many a show. 259 more words

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