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Here We Go • Seeking His Face

Why a Blog?

The last several months have undoubtedly been the most difficult of my life. I’ve faced more than ever: my great weaknesses and wounding, the imperfection of human relationships, and an unprecedented level of “senioritis”. 743 more words

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No, You're Not Being 'Nice'. Yes, You Are Being Creepy.

This is yet another one in the series of things I really wish I didn’t have to explain, but it does come after a series of incidents – some having happened to me and others having happened to a good friend of mine – where I shudder at the sheer memory of certain things, and they were relatively recent. 2,546 more words

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Once again, stating the obvious

FB shares keep plummeting, Zuck is testifying in Congress, and I’m just sitting here and having a “geez, I feel old” moment.

Social media has been around since the Internet has become a thing. 799 more words

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A reminder, on love

If there is one thing I learned, and should constantly remind myself, on love, it is that being in love with another person is not supposed to be defined by how we need that person– how out of everyone we encountered in our life, in our everyday, it is him or her that we desire to be there when we want to celebrate something, or when we seek comfort. 338 more words

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Somehow the idea to start a blog just wasn’t as daunting or scary as I first thought. Sort of just popped into my head after just a really tough day and I was looking for some way to just express myself and here we are.

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The Usual!

And once again from the Land of Shitty Ideas...

The whole “Walk Up” campaign in response to the student walkouts after yet another school shooting.

The entire principle of the “Walk Up” campaign is for the kids to start talking to the “loners” and the “outcasts” and try and be friends with them. 1,466 more words

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The tape said wrapped around her lifeless body. As she laid there in silence… wishing there was someone there to lay with her. 81 more words

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