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Fauxtography inside the Matrix

The Tel Aviv Museum of “Art” has an interesting exhibit called “Fake?” It’s an exploration of various forms of fakery in art, from some of the most notorious Vermeer forgeries by Han van Meegeren to phony archaeological artifacts. 946 more words

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No more twins!

We went off the tracks here with the twins business. We had discovered real twins in show business, knew of the ability of the industry to keep its secrets, and using some credible photographic analysis coupled with confirmation bias, projected too much. 1,178 more words


"The Usual"

This weekend I celebrated the annual passing of February 2nd by watching Ground Hog Day the movie. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Bill Murray ‘s character Phil repeats the same day (Feb 2nd) over and over throughout the movie until he has what I would consider to be a spiritual awakening (profound alteration in his reaction to life).   279 more words


Capital Jazz XI Cruise is Coming Together

And I have to ask you guys: bear with them.

Just today, I saw the announcement: India.Arie, Will Downing, and Jeffrey Osborne are on board. 393 more words

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What is the best way to memorize or remember what you study/read?

What is the best way to memorize or remember what you study/read? by Rohit Malshe

Answer by Rohit Malshe:

First, a joke from the Indian Institute of Technology:

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"Easing the Burdens"

Trump’s in. President Trump. Don’t get used to it. He is, unfortunately, our president, despite posterboard signs to the contrary, but we shouldn’t shy away from this unpleasantness. 672 more words

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Godspeed, and a word of caution

Right now, buses and planes are flying to DC from the world over, full of women who are marching on Washington, DC. Protests of the inauguration and the coming administration have already started. 574 more words

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