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In Memoriam: Bruce Nazarian

Writing this physically hurts.

But this is the news I woke up to this morning. My best friend left me a voicemail at two a.m. saying that I’ll wake up to terrible news, and she was not understating it. 368 more words

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I'm alive

I don’t have a computer (I’m typing this from my phone) and that’s why you haven’t heard from me. Because trust me I have a lot to write about. 71 more words

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Nothing changed.

Another shooting, in Oregon this time.

So people, tell me what’s worse: the fact that there’s another shooting, the fact that no one is the slightest bit surprised, or that it was in a “nice and quiet neighborhood”. 1,273 more words

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And cue the political circus music

Isaac Asimov must’ve been speaking prophetically when he uttered the following:

“Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that… 1,437 more words

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In both an effort to mitigate my grief and to regain focus, I need to write again.

Topic of the day? Perseverance. The ability to stand up and keep going. 749 more words

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In Memoriam: Grandma (3/15/1920 - 9/11/15)

I’ve had this post prepared for a while. I’ve known my grandmother was dying for nigh on six years now, and knew – correctly, mind you – that it would hit me like a punch in the gut. 921 more words

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About tomorrow

Before, I would always make a commemorative post on 9/11.

But not this year. And not again, not for a long time. Not until 2021, at least. 374 more words

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