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More on the whole 'private while being public' thing

See my previous post about engaging in conversation as a way of connecting on social media as opposed to just lurking.

So let me just elaborate on that for a little while. 1,438 more words

The Usual

Engage in conversation. It's OK.

I think it’s time I say what a lot of people are thinking, once again.

I’ve been on social media since social media was AIM and LiveJournal. 1,204 more words

The Usual

What Does Love Feel Like?

A clock is ticking
In a dark hallway. 
It's hands wrapping around 
The numbers 
It must know that 
Every movement counts. 

A candle light flickers 
On the window ledge 
Red and orang
All the colors so bright 
It must know that 
It's seen for miles beyond. 
The Usual


Four years later 
and our time has come 
To journey alone. 
We’ve come this far 
We’ll make it through. 
Together as one 
even when far apart. 
The Usual

Thanks all (again)

“I’m just seriously lucky. And I have amazing friends.”

That’s what Mary (Mare) McHenry told me over the phone, and it’s not the first time she said it. 462 more words

The Usual

Change Doesn't Come

All these years have passed 
Yet you still aren’t near the light 
All these years have passed 
And all you do is act five

You don’t understand 
What you’ve down to me
You don’t understand 
That you ruined the best parts

All these years have passed 
Yet I’m still the one with the fault 
All these years have passed
And I still think you’re pathetic 
The Usual

At the vice

I’ve been a trout fisherman as long as I can remember. I count among my earliest joyful memories the days my father took me to trout streams and showed me where the trout lived and how to catch them. 814 more words

Fly Fishing