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I can't write.

Okay, here’s my problem… I have this idea.

And I can’t execute it. And It’s really bothering me.

Years ago,  I read about how JK Rowling had a picture of a boy going to wizarding school, come “fully formed” into her mind, as she was on a train. 414 more words


Bluebells (Part 4)

what the heck, they’ll all be over in a week. This is a little wood above the road through the dale, just catching the early morning light for the benefit of folks on bikes who can see over the bank and who don’t sleep much.


Back in the saddle...

It’s been five days since my first attempt at running a marathon. Though I couldn’t predict that I would end up hypothermic, I have learned much about the gifts of friendship that I have been so blessed to receive. 258 more words


Bluebells (Part 3)

Sorry, more bluebells I’m afraid, but in my defence it is kind of a special time of year, there seems to be a better than average spread of these this spring, there are few things to lift an English person’s heart as much as a bluebell wood in May and I’ve been stuck indoors all week so staggering out blinking in to the early morning sunlight today is like coming up for air.



As the days and hours tick down to my first marathon, my heart becomes more grateful for this opportunity to run. I have trained and I have survived heartache, sadness and loss. 507 more words




Painting by
Sudeep V Menon

Sudeep V Menon

A Weekend of Affirmation

I am now down to 4 days to my first marathon. I had a great last long run this past Sunday with one week to go. 744 more words