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The Valley: Charlton vs Bury

Charlton’s ‘Football For A Fiver’ scheme had me travelling to The Valley for their home game against Bury.

In the morning, I squeezed in a gym session.   997 more words



I hung the vestments of my new office of my church, on the front of my lower floor closet door. Every time I pass them, I am reminded of what I undertake. 578 more words


Warm and Grey

To say that I am in heaven with this wonderful weather is a great understatement! While I take the risk of over-training, I am loving every step as I round the neighborhood of my little suburban village next to the Lake. 271 more words

The Valley

Charlton Athletic 0 Oxford United 1

A new low, but with plenty of deep water below us to consume us.

The photos doing the rounds tonight of an empty Valley are utterly depressing. 344 more words


39F at 3AM with catnip

Back to my early morning runs with my extreme comfort of being on the road alone in the darkness. This morning I passed one car, a police vehicle at that. 310 more words


Why does Superman fly prone?

As I would have Superman fly feet first as a luger goes down an icy course, he flies prone with arms outstretched and reaching.  Just one of my thoughts on this warm sunny February morning. 331 more words


To Life in the Fast, no make that "Cold" Lane.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” Oscar Wilde

As I hit the silent cold of this morning, I realized that I am so alive that the cold made me laugh out loud as I began my trek in the morning darkness. 99 more words