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Feeling the Need for Speed

First longer training run this morning with my new training group. The weather was overcast but almost perfect temperature; warmed up quickly and felt great. I needed this run for form evaluation and meditation for sanity evaluation. 75 more words



“If I stop, then tell me just what I will do.”

Awakened before 3AM by rain and wind pounding the small window of my call room. 248 more words



Reaching out for every minute of life because there isn’t a single one of those minutes to waste settling; not giving and for me, my existence.  59 more words

The Valley


To put one foot in front of the other one; accelerate off my left side and to change what I have. This doesn’t mean that I can’t improve on the plans as I keep changing my change. 61 more words

The Valley


 sleep, I won’t breathe- Ondine’s Curse”.

The sun came out for a few minutes here on the Lake. The temperature rose above 32F and I could move comfortably without feeling the sting of the cold or dampness and fog. 75 more words


Action Man

As an empath, I detect energy on many levels with other human beings that becomes difficult to explain to those who do not share this characteristic. 424 more words