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How Do We Help the Homeless?

If you live in LA, by now you’ve gotten used to the fact that homeless people are part of the landscape. No matter where you go, Downtown, Koreatown, Hollywood, Van Nuys, you see people living on the streets. 1,045 more words


Fuel Shortage Rocks Western NC

Waleed Kahlil, Student Writer
September 26, 2016

North Carolina was faced with a problem where locals faced a shortage of a resource that many citizens say they took for granted- gasoline. 536 more words

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I had a marvelous experience with my ministry service this morning; serving the very early morning mass and then the more formal choral mass. I didn’t make any major mistakes, having had a great mentor show me more than once how to knot my rope tie that goes at my waist. 836 more words

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Angels Watch: A Second Home for Children

Collin Stout, Student Writer
September 23, 2016

In August 2014, Eckerd Kids announced its affiliation with Caring for Children. This partnership has enabled both organizations to expand and provide high-quality, altruistic services to vulnerable children and their families across North Carolina. 464 more words

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Spotlight!: Jake Davis

With his debut EP The Valley, LA native Jake Davis has shown what it takes to find success. Drive and ambition are essential for the music industry and they are two things that Jake has in spades. 160 more words


Making the Most of Our Community

Waleed Kahlil, Student Writer
September 23, 2016

The Swannanoa Valley is full of lively individuals that are open to new things, ideas, and opportunities. Being a part of a community is interacting with individuals with the same interests, such as music, hobbies, and especially favorite pizza toppings. 589 more words

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” When someone shows you who they truly are, believe them the first time.”– Maya Angelou

I am a forgiving person. I have re-invented myself many times over the years as I learn more and more about myself. 297 more words