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Aung San Suu Kyi rose to global prominence as one of the most famous political prisoners during several years of house arrest by the military junta of Burma. 673 more words

Humans Tend To Hate What They Cant Have, Do You?

Hello everyone, Brotherly, Sisterly, Mama’s and Papa’s. Know we are all fine and kicking, a successful election in Anambra State is a proof to that. … 588 more words

The Vanguard Guitar Strap is now available on Amazon!

The listing for the Mojave color is complete and the Royal Blue is in progress.  Amazon has checked in the Mojave inventory and it is now available for purchase. 18 more words


Nigeria in 2019 "Leader and Followers" : The Choir Picture.

Hello everyone, Family, Friends, and Foes, how’s it going? How’s Nigeria treating us? Good or Bad we must still give thanks to Baba God. Thanking him for Life and the little or big provisions we get. 872 more words

Mentor, Mentoring & Mentorship. 

Hello Family, Friends and Foes, how are we all? I know we all are fine and kicking as my dad would regularly say. To God be the praise and thumbs up. 803 more words


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PLOT       The year is 2015 and overpopulation and famine have plunged our planet into chaos and one desperate survivor finds himself being hunted and pursued by hordes of rage-crazed zombies.

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Israeli Government sets to Ban Al Jazeera * click here to see the whole story
“Kara accused the media network of supporting terrorist movements and said that Israel is also seeking to shut down Al Jazeera’s cable and satellite transmissions in the country.” 62 more words