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One Week Later

Okay, so we’re back in business!…

And there’s no shortage of graphic art to be posted!…

I’ve been looking and downloading and uploading. Everything except posting! 71 more words

The View From The Tower

Three Months Later

Dude, where HAVE you been?

As usual, I’ve been commandeered by that original social media platform, Life.

Someday, I may write more about this pause in my posts, but for now, I’m just pleased to be back. 162 more words

The View From The Tower

What Year Is It, Anyway?

In 1973, I was transitioning between my sophomore and junior years in college.

Like so many young men and women at Syracuse University’s S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communication, I followed the story of the Watergate break-in and the growing evidence that the Nixon White House was involved. 366 more words

The View From The Tower

April Showers

Hello! Let’s waste no time!…

Say, do you know what? That’s okay, neither do I. I hear that’s pretty common nowadays…

When people start to question your judgement, that’s when you need to reframe the question to your own advantage!.. 104 more words

The View From The Tower

Tax Day + Earth Day = Tearthax Day

It’s all about transparency and accountability.

For the first time in more than two generations, the United States is governed by a President whose financial life remains stubbornly shrouded in secrecy. 213 more words

The View From The Tower

No Cartoons This Time.

Think of it as an experiment…

As this humble blog goes careening across the Weird World Web (that is what those three ‘Ws stand for, right?), we will soon be approaching its fourth anniversary. 822 more words

The View From The Tower