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Rain on the mountain is different than rain anywhere else as is everything on the mountain. Vegetation is bigger, fruits and vegetables are greater because the soil is like magic, animals are pure and the villagers are the closest to the earth they’ve been since reclaiming their land from the hunters. 576 more words

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The Genie Granny

It was the house at the end of the street, with a vacant smooth plot right opposite it, where we kids were often tempted to play. 561 more words


Daring Greatly: All We All Really Want

Hello, lovely villagers!

This blog has been oh-so-sporadic in recent months, but I couldn’t not share this. I’ve just finished what is perhaps one of my favourite books of all time (how often does a non-fiction make me tear up with joy??), and certainly my favourite book related to parenting. 726 more words



By the time the sun has said it’s hello to the village Morla is walking in with a bucket of water. Lese is just rising, shocked to see Morla still in the village at this hour. 654 more words

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Shades of yellow, orange and red fill the village as the elders keep the campfire going. Children are still running around filled with laughter and their mothers are stirring kettles and roasting meat. 906 more words

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Lese is propped up on a flat surface in Nuku’s hut. Lavendar and chamomile dance around the room to prayers that sound like poetry. Morla traces his body with her eyes. 531 more words

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