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The Vision Vol. 1: Little Worse Than a Man

Like any human being I love to be right, but many times its better to be wrong. There is nothing more that I like to see than Marvel proving me wrong when it comes to my opposition towards  their lack of depth. 307 more words

The Vision (DVD)

Dirk Bogarde, Lee Remick and Eileen Atkins head an outstanding cast in this stunning drama from the creative team behind Shadowlands. Originally screened as part of BBC2’s acclaimed… 129 more words


The vision of helpteach foundation will not die. The vision of helping and teaching lives and destinies in realising good dreams, will certainly not die. Even though the vision is not tangible yet, certainly in the future will be. 85 more words

The Vision

Tom King Carves his Name with War-Torn Comics

Tom King seems to be the new “it” writer in comics.

Similar to how Geoff Johns exploded onto the scene in 2005 and Scott Snyder made his name around 2012, King has slowly carved a niche for himself as a writer who can do little wrong. 1,356 more words

Marvel Comics

The Vision Creates A Synthezoid Dog

The Vision series didn’t take long to get dark and twisted.

The Vision’s wife killed the Grim Reaper in a previous issue and buried him in the backyard without the Vision’s knowledge.

From – The Vision Vol. 2 #6


Vision's Wife Gets Blackmailed

The Vision’s wife killed The Grim Reaper in a previous issue, and this man managed to catch her burying the body in video.

From – The Vision Vol. 2 #4