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The Visitation

When I first began channeling Angel Messages for my Angel Blog, the angels encouraged me to dedicate Sundays to the Gospel Readings.  With love and gratitude, here is the Gospel of Luke 1:39-45- with a message of love behind it. 415 more words

Daily Angel Message

Wish I Had Been There!

There are numerous moments I would have liked to witness in the Bible, not because I have doubts, but rather because they must have been amazingly powerful moments for all that were there. 645 more words


Year C Advent 4: kissing cousins

When we moved to Singapore, in 1998, my cousin and her husband were packing up to move back to Britain. We overlapped by just a couple of weeks. 1,151 more words


Mary Christmas

David Dances Before the Ark, Francesco Salviati, 1552-1554

Mary Christmas! It’s not a typo. No Mary, No Christmas. Know Mary, know Christmas. When the Angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would conceive the “Son of the Most High” in her virginal womb, her “yes” – her “Fiat” (let it be) echoed God’s “Fiat Lux” (let there be light). 487 more words


4th Sunday of Advent, Year C | Loving Our Mother

No time for writing much today, as I’ve had to do my Christmas shopping! Others have done a much better job so I will point you in their direction: 173 more words

Parish Newsletters And Readings

The Women of Christmas

There aren’t a lot of women in the original, biblical Christmas story. This should come as no surprise given that in the bible as a whole women show up less frequently, and in more minor roles, then men. 538 more words


Second thoughts

Mary did not float through her pregnancy without her swollen feet touching the ground.

When Mary returned to her senses, the bread was burning, and she nearly took the skin off her hands snatching it from the fire in a hurry. 539 more words

Lectionary Reflection