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The Visitation

If you were to poll Doctor Who fans beforehand, I doubt many would have nominated Peter Davison’s 1982 Jacobean adventure for the special edition treatment. However, thanks to the vagaries of the DVD release schedule both now and then, it’s back with an expanded two disc release, and this time it’s the new documentaries that are the chief selling point. 1,112 more words


The Visitation

Eric Saward’s first Doctor Who script is a return to a format that Doctor Who had explored surprisingly rarely up until this point: the pseudo-historical.  The first time history was combined with an alien element was… 1,879 more words

Doctor Who

When the heavens open

A homily for a Blue Christmas service. December 21st, 2017, Church of the Epiphany, Ohio. Luke 1:39-45: Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth, who is pregnant with John the baptizer. 621 more words

Lectionary Reflection


Then Mary said, “Here am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word.” Then the angel departed from her. 520 more words

Christian Reflections

Naming the Blessing as a Blessing: A Poem of Mary and Elizabeth

Was no one there to rub her back
when she got sick by the side of the road?
Poor child, that Mary,
fleeing the angel’s earth-shattering words to Elizabeth’s tranquil countryside. 492 more words


Weekend Coffee Share 12th November 2017

Welcome and come on in. Let’s get settled with a cup of tea or coffee and then I’ll try and remember the week I’ve had. It seems that as the weeks go by I am feeling more relaxed, more on top of life and generally in a good space. 757 more words

Irene Waters

True Inspiration for Fiction #3: Plague!

The plague first made an appearance in 1347-48, when a catastrophic and unstoppable pandemic swept through Western Europe. In four years, the population of 14th-century Europe plunged by an estimated 33-50% and its civilisation changed forever. 529 more words

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