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Struggling to extend the teenage world view

The teenagers that I teach grow up in a relatively small provincial Dutch town or the villages in the fields around it. It is essentially, and for most, a very secure and familiar background. 832 more words

I Am Not Chasing Richard Jenkins - (Published in the Providence Journal 3/28/15.)


Let’s start with a roll call. How many Academy Award nominees for Best Actor live in my small town in Rhode Island? 859 more words

Trailer of The Day: The Cobbler

Adam Sandler has been on an indie streak lately, with last fall’s Men, Women & Children and his upcoming movie, The Cobbler.

Sandler plays a shoe repair man, tired of his life and profession until one day he discovers that his father’s old cobbler machine can magically turn you into the owner of whoever’s shoes were repaired. 37 more words

Trailer Of The Day

Zombies in Miami - Las Cruces

following up on “skulls” comes Zombies in Miami’s “las cruces,” a duo from Aguascalientes, Mexico, which blends a latin/island sound with goth and dancefloor.  the unique outcome has been well received internationally, and they have been touring europe, south america, and north america after only a couple years.   77 more words

Forgotten Filmcast Episode 43: The Visitor

On the latest episode of the Forgotten Filmcast, Todd looks at a film so bizarre that he needed two guests to properly discuss it. Jason Soto and Nolahn from The Lair of the Unwanted (and Your Face) stop by to look at 1979’s The Visitor. 35 more words


I was in love with you...but you weren't in love with me

You Weren’t In Love – Mick Fleetwood (1981) HQ Audio HD Video

“You Weren’t In Love” was released on Mick Fleetwood’s debut solo record,The Visitor, in the late spring of 1981. 614 more words

Screen Time For PoC in 2014

by Shane Thomas Follow @tokenbg

CONTENT NOTE: This post will contain discussion of domestic violence, and also contains spoilers for ‘Murdered By My Boyfriend’ and ‘The Secrets’ 1,178 more words

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