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Friday Fantasy ~ The Visitor (the finale)

It was the morning of the spring festival. The townsfolk were scurrying about, going house to house, sharing freshly baked goods, hand woven crafts, all in preparation of the day ahead. 343 more words

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Friday Fantasy ~ The Visitor (part five)

Now approaching his 10th year, he couldn’t stay away, finding himself walking home from school, making sure he crossed her path. He was always an inquisitive child but there was a pull, a sensation his young mind could not explain and dare not ever speak of, for the town would think him mad. 126 more words

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Review: "The Visitor" by J.L. Pattison

Some short stories take a lot of information and parse it down into a quick, streamlined adventure. Some take a lot of information and pack it in to the point of leaving the reader to wonder why the author didn’t just go ahead and write a novel. 242 more words

Friday Fantasy ~ The Visitor (part four)

Years passed, silence surrounded the town, and people went on about their business. The chill in the air indicated an early winter was upon them. The town had not seen a bad season in quite some time. 172 more words

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Here's a Real Short One, to Break up the Week..

‘THE VISITOR’ by Gareth Jack Sansom

“Open your mouth and take your medicine, or I’ll have no choice but to use force,” promised Stanley as he struggled to keep his patient still. 2,025 more words

Gareth Jack Sansom

TBR Thursday 79... and End of Month Round-Up

People’s Choice 10 – The Result…

Well! The People’s Choice Begorrathon Special was exciting! One book raced into a clear read from the beginning and held off all challengers as it stormed towards the finishing line. 889 more words

Book Review

Jack Prelutsky

Hi there!

Today I thought I would have a chat about one of my absolute favourite poets; Jack Prelutsky. I’m considering making this a series of posts as there are many poets I love! 422 more words