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Being Me available for pre order

A few weeks back I mentioned that I’d had a story, The Visitor, accepted in a charity anthology called Being Me.

The anthology includes a total of sixteen stories about people suffering isolation or discrimination as a result of being different, and proceeds will be going to the Being Me charity. 76 more words


Horror-A-Thon: The Visitor (1979)

In media reviews you’ll often come across some variation of the phrase “the result is less than the sum of its parts.” The Visitor is not only less than the sum of its parts, it is an ambitious mess where the individual themes, plots, and character tropes are actively at war with each other in a struggle for the soul and sanity of the viewer. 474 more words


Just visiting?

I had some lovely news on the writing front the other week, but have been so busy dashing around I’d completely forgotten to pass it on! 175 more words


The Visitor: A Book Review *Rift with Spoilers*

Another hit by Amanda Stevens.

This novel picks up with Amelia and her sanctuary being invaded.


This is the 4th book in the series. 243 more words


Today in English 20-2 (Sept 8)

As a class, we worked on improving our sentences through a worksheet/handout. There was no homework associated with this handout, but being in class and practicing these skills is important. 12 more words

Period #1 (English 20-2)

Today in English 20-2 (Sept 7)

We discussed five elements commonly found in short stories: characters, setting, mood, conflict, and resolution. An important assignment was handed out – questions on “The Visitor.” You will need to answer these in 2-4 sentences each: 141 more words

Short Stories