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Coming Out The Other Side

How do I write about something I barely understand?

How can I describe an experience I’ve been going through¬†that my culture neither understands, nor accepts as real and valid? 813 more words

The Voyage

No Turning Back // the Voyage

Shallow desires of the heart are frivolous, at best: the more we indulge in them, the more we time-warp our lives. By carelessly following desires set forth by miscellaneous social, cultural, and familial influences, we lose days/weeks/months/years of our lives to a path that has a dead end. 729 more words


The Voyage

This song has been messing me up. Like really messing me up.

But that’s a good thing.

In fact, I’m seeing a lot of good things lately. 768 more words


So onwards we go. 

Sometimes we think we want to go one way but life takes us another. Our choices, they make or break everything and for the longest time I agonized over this, never daring to even move because I was so afraid. 64 more words


The Gift Of A Strong-Willed Child

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you have a strong-willed child, or maybe teach one. Or you might be an aunt or uncle of one, or just know one. 799 more words

The Voyage

Hanging Onto Hurts: What's Up With That?

I was reading a fellow blogger’s Pearls of Wisdom, and became inspired. Other writers do that for me. (Thanks Ned!) He was giving advice on how to handle unkind critics, and the advice was spot on. 2,098 more words

The Voyage

How Being A Mother Is Changing Me

Becoming a mother was something I dreamed about since I was a teenager. I dreamed about loving being pregnant and being able to show it off to the world, walking around with a big round belly full of baby. 2,321 more words

The Voyage