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Always Choose Heart

I think the biggest lesson in life is to choose heart. When you are faced with really big and scary decisions, choose based on how it feels when you feel through your heart. 464 more words

The Voyage

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones

The brain is a magical thing. It helps keep us alive. It helps animate this very body that I live in. And a swirl of chemicals within it controls a bazillion functions and feelings. 709 more words

The Voyage

Sweet Relief

“You liberate me from my own noise and my own chaos // From the chains of a lesser love You set me free.”

He sets us free. 139 more words


Stand Your Ground

Enough is enough. Sometimes you have to draw the lines and decide what you will and will not allow in your life. Stand your ground, beloved. 125 more words


Lionize: New EP and UK Tour

US rockers Lionize have announced theĀ release of a new EP, The Voyage, on 13 May and are back in the UK for a headline tour this month. 357 more words

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Mercy Pulled Me Back

“You remind me of things forgotten..”

Oh how thankful I am that I came – it really was His perfect timing. I needed it more than I realized. 138 more words


New Every MorningĀ 

“There is time to make things right, to put things where they should have been put from the beginning. We convince ourselves that we are stuck where we have chosen to stick, and nothing can change it. 58 more words