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Time To Tack

We all sail through this journey of life, holding fast to the tiller, sometimes steering with all our might, and sometimes letting the wind and current move us where they will. 666 more words

The Voyage

Fishing: An Overview

Hello Crew,

It’s been a while, but we’ve made some progress on our journey. We must now address our purpose; Fishing. Being Fishers-of-men is a grand title that has a long history and heritage. 599 more words

The Voyage

When We Make Plans, God Laughs

What’s that expression? When you make plans, God laughs.¬†Yep. We trundle along our lives doing what’s expected of us, making bold plans for what our lives will look like in five, ten, or twenty years. 238 more words

The Voyage

THE VOYAGE~by Nakshatra Singh


A Voyage has thus begun,
Aha, the endless sea ahead,
Much to sail, much to live,
My boat, I made it nice to last, 123 more words



Today I feel like a lobster, molting. I’m delicate, sensitive, and haven’t quite got my bearings. I crave solitude and quiet. I hide away in the rocks, saying little to those around me. 410 more words

The Voyage

A Sea Story

The fiberglass hull crashed through the waves, chopping them with its hard chine. Wind blew the spray onto everything on the open deck: passengers, bags, and the Captain, as she ducked behind the pitiful windshield and gripped the steering wheel. 648 more words

The Voyage

Leaving Port

Hello Everyone,

If you are reading this, then you are about to leave port. This is not a voyage that is meant for the self-righteous, the weak-minded, or the easily-offended. 579 more words

The Voyage