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One Way Ticket

One day, my parents told me to pack a small purple suitcase with all the things that mattered the most to me. Like any child I did not ask much questions. 361 more words

The Voyage

More Storm Surge and Whitecaps

The respite between storms didn’t last as long as I’d hoped. Going through a Kundalini Awakening process has been, quite frankly, kicking my ass. It’s been the most mentally and physically challenging marathon I’ve ever experienced. 293 more words

The Voyage

The Tide Turned

Back when I was a child, puttering around on the coast of Maine in small boats, I spent countless hours discovering how wind, tide and current affected the boat. 512 more words

The Voyage

Holiday World, May 2017

On May 11th (the day before KI started Daily op), we decided to make the trip over to Holiday World! This was my second time visiting the park was pleasantly pleased with everything despite the school groups and the rainy weather (it always seems to rain when I go to the park). 78 more words

Transitions, Changes, and The Unknown

Life loves to throw us crashing into the dark once in a while. Tides come in and then go out. Good times roll up to our front door and then go washing out the back. 1,161 more words

The Voyage

My Love For The Sea

I feel like I’ve had a love affair with the ocean for lifetimes. And I probably have. The more I learn about life and about my life, the more I understand my love for the sea. 1,868 more words

The Voyage

War Torn

On this Memorial Day, here in the US, I am always torn between honoring our veterans and detesting war and all it does to our soldiers. 428 more words

The Voyage