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The Voyage Game: launches today!

Today we are officially launching our educational game, The Voyage, at the Tasmanian Museum and Gallery in Hobart.

The Voyage is a ‘serious’ game based on the transportation of convicts from Britain to Van Diemen’s Land in the early nineteenth century. 510 more words

Australian National Maritime Museum

How To Fix Your Personal Shit

Ever since I woke up spiritually, almost 4 years ago, I’ve gotten quite an education. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that things are not always as they appear. 1,714 more words

The Voyage

Absolutely! Always! And... Never!

A good friend endearingly asked, as she lassoed me with her kind eyes and playful smile, “Did you bite off more than you could chew again?” 304 more words

The Voyage

The Waiting Game

My first advertising deadline is only 14 days away and the key component, the elusive “where”, for my fall exhibit is still up in the air. 308 more words

The Voyage

Middle School, Menopause, and My Rock Star

Written last night, on the eve of the first day of school 2015:

Little Man starts middle school tomorrow. In our town, that’s seventh and eighth grade. 998 more words

The Voyage

The Crash Course Begins!

I have a little less than 12 weeks left, to have artwork hanging on the walls for my Fall Exhibition, and there is still a lot to be done. 1,620 more words

The Voyage

The Voyage - chapter 7

Shanus was down in valley with his guide, still walking the streets of what he saw as falsehood and degradation, a cruel wave of malign intent in the air. 516 more words

Short Story