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Oops! I Did It Again: A Healing Story Pt.1

I have been on a mission over the past few years of healing my body and other things. The latest mission I ventured on was looking at why GERD was in my life and how I might be able to usher it out. 1,324 more words

The Voyage

The Voyage 040: Francine

Francine lay out her Mistress’s dinner dress while Lady Caroline Wentworth engaged in her toilet.  Normally, she would help with her bathing, but the cramped confines of the suite’s private bathroom made this impossible.  68 more words

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The Voyage 039: Malcolm

Malcolm watched the massive airship pass from the observation platform at the top of the Star Building.  After verifying the ship’s flags, he rushed downstairs and back to his typewriter. 71 more words

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The Voyage 038: Viola

In the little shack next to the hangar, Viola swore and grumbled.  The little rat, Molly had disappeared after tea service, and she hadn’t returned.  Florence was in a right state looking for her.   66 more words

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The Voyage 037: Lewis

Lewis stood with the noisy crowd as well, although he didn’t cheer along with them.  We simply watched The Indomitable rise in the morning sun, her filigreed envelope sparkling.  72 more words

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The Voyage 036: Erzabet

The viewing stand was quite far from the airstrip, on the other side of the field.  Erzabet stood in the crowd, watching the massive lighter than air craft ignite her propellers and lift off from a safe distance.  63 more words

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The Voyage 035: Hattie

Hattie was dying for a cigarette.  Unfortunately, there seemed to be no place on this accursed vessel for her to smoke.  They were barely off the ground but she had already been repeatedly harangued about the flammability, and the inflammability of the hydrogen gas that kept the airship aloft.  64 more words

140 Characters