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The Gift Of A Strong-Willed Child

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you have a strong-willed child, or maybe teach one. Or you might be an aunt or uncle of one, or just know one. 799 more words

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Hanging Onto Hurts: What's Up With That?

I was reading a fellow blogger’s Pearls of Wisdom, and became inspired. Other writers do that for me. (Thanks Ned!) He was giving advice on how to handle unkind critics, and the advice was spot on. 2,098 more words

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How Being A Mother Is Changing Me

Becoming a mother was something I dreamed about since I was a teenager. I dreamed about loving being pregnant and being able to show it off to the world, walking around with a big round belly full of baby. 2,321 more words

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a new beginning

2016, you were strange and hard. Happy in some ways yes, but mostly just really, really tired. I am so relieved to see you go. I will be taking the lessons learnt with me, but with the deepest breath I let go and empty my soul of everything else that was never meant for me to carry. 51 more words


Letter To Myself On Jan. 1, 2016

January 1, 2016

Dear Susan,

Hi there! Happy New Year, Chick!! I decided that because time is an illusion, and it really doesn’t¬†exist (except by virtue of our left brain), I wanted to write you a letter of encouragement for the year 2016: the year that is ending for me. 838 more words

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Christmas Eve Memories

Growing up, I¬†remember Christmas Eve, and the excited anticipation of presents on Christmas day. Our church always had Christmas Eve services, and when I was old enough, I joined my mother on our violins, accompanying the choir singing a holiday spirited piece, like Handel’s Messiah, or Vivaldi’s Gloria. 1,034 more words

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Life Is Not A Guided Tour, Or Is It?

When I started this blog just over six and a half years ago, I titled it, “Life Is A Journey, Not A Guided Tour” because that’s how I felt about life. 904 more words

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