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High Hat Film Podcast/Episode 36/ The Wages of Fear

In this special, feature length addition of the Hall of Fame, Nick Murray takes over hosting duties as Michael Clancy has a turn at submitting a film. 64 more words


Le Salaire De Peur (The Wages of Fear), by Georges Arnaud (Julliard, 1950). From a second-hand bookshop in France.

My Week in Movies, 2015 Week 37

Ever since I was at school I’ve often had a tendency to bite off more than I can chew, taking on projects far more ambitious than I can cope with and producing a lacklustre finished piece as a result of rushing or making do. 1,511 more words

My Week In Movies

High-Octane Thrills - The Art of the Chase Movie, Pt. 1: "The Wages of Fear"

One of the most important aspects of designing a film is location. Settings speak to stories in a multitude of ways, from displaying time and place to conveying theme to just providing an interesting aesthetic.  2,392 more words

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The Criterion Collection Comes to Fandor

We’re thrilled to offer our Fandorians another way to access the great films of the world: Criterion Picks! These carefully curated bursts of cinematic greatness will only be available for twelve days each, so don’t hesitate! 473 more words


245 - The Wages of Fear (1953)

I don’t usually review older movies unless it is as part of my journey through Roger Ebert’s The Great Movies (keep your eyes peeled for a piece on… 473 more words



This riveting unsung 1977 American movie classic is not to be missed as it makes its rightful return to the big screen.  The film is a knuckle-busting thrill ride that deftly incorporates brilliant social and political commentary on crime, labor, and politics.   164 more words

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