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When Does AMC "Fear the Walking Dead" Comes On This Summer?

The number one question for The Walking Dead fans is “When does Fear the Walking Dead comes on this summer?”

Take a look at the new Fear the Walking Dead trailer above that announces the beginning of the end of civilization in LA. 14 more words

Ep. 072 “So Many Beans”


This week, we welcomed a new member into Near Mint family with the arrival of Theodore Maverick Cason-Bertwell, but not even an 8-day-old baby could keep Dan off the Mic. 152 more words


Being Black in the Zombie Apocalypse

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, then you know that the show has a history of killing off its already scant black population. 1,456 more words


George A. Romero May Give the Walking Dead a Run For Their Money With his own TV Series

It seems that the two big things on TV these days are either superheroes or zombies and the superheroes are outnumbering the zombies.

George A. Romero plans to even the odds a little with a small screen adaption of his graphic novel Empire of the Dead. 198 more words

Pop Cult News

Journal: 5.27.15

My dream last night consisted of a Walking Dead-type scenario, in which my dad and I were home and my mom and brother were not. 242 more words


When is "Shaun of the Dead" not "Shaun of the Dead?"

When it’s “April Apocalypse” (2013).  Don’t let that dissuade you from watching it, though, because despite being a derivative zombie movie, it’s still quite good.   375 more words