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The Man Without Bogart's Face

Welcome to Shadowplay, the daily blog about DARK PASSAGE.

Looking at part two of DARK PASSAGE, where it all kind of goes to shit. And where Bogart actually HAS Bogart’s face, having acquired it via plastic surgery performed by seedy rhinoplasterer Housely Stevens. 839 more words


Reading Theme ~ October 2016.

I can’t believe we are in the last quarter of the year! Looking back, I say I’ve done fairly well at reading more of a variety of books this year. 439 more words

Random Blathering

Why South Africa will Survive a Zombie Apocalypse...

  1. We all live behind very big walls and Zombies will struggle to climb over
  2. And should the Zombies somehow breach our walls we all have some form of burglar bars, Trellidor, roller shutters adorning not just our windows but our doors and sliding doors.
  3. 243 more words

Attention Zombie Loving Stay-At-Home Moms; We Have The PERFECT Job For You!

Okay so we LOVE The Walking Dead. Like, when one member for TWD family dies, there’s a funeral in our house. There’s nothing better than the potential to be a part of TWD,  56 more words

Mom Stuff

Robert Kirkman Says That 'The Walking Dead' TV Series Will Have A Different Ending Than The Comic Series

We all know the origins of The Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman wanted to make a comic series about what happens after the typical zombie movie ends and most of the world’s population has been turned into a zombie. 382 more words


What's Your (TV) Poison?

I probably spend far too much time thinking about these things, but TV fan that I am, an analogy has been brewing in my mind of late. 667 more words