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The Recoys - "Rekoys"

THE RECOYS – Rekoys (Realistic Records/Troubleman Unlimited ’03): The Recoys were the pre-Walkmen band for vocalist Hamilton Leithauser and guitarist Peter Bauer, and this retrospective collection comprises the songs that appeared on their sole EP alongside others recorded for an intended full-length LP that never happened. 205 more words

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….has been hastily arranged in order to make sure our countdown series finishes on a Friday and not a Thursday. You can blame SWC and his new DJ booth software and his weird obsessive fascination with the ‘Number 11’.   145 more words

The Walkmen

Best Albums Revisited

Normally by this time, I’ve identified two or three albums that really resonate with me. But it’s mid-August and I’m still waiting for a batch of new songs to really grab me. 607 more words



It’s Monday, and it feels like it. On days like today, being one with the waves sounds pretty good. Here are some surfy tunes to tune out the Monday blues.

The Walkmen - "Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone"

THE WALKMEN – Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone (Startime International ’02): Formed out of the ashes of Jonathan Fire*Eater and the Recoys, it’s sometimes surprising the Walkmen existed as a band at all given the atmosphere of New York when they hit the scene at the turn of the century. 403 more words

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