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Gina, 33, London, UK

I thought I was going to harm my family.

I have a different type of OCD that is not often spoken about: Pure O. My illness is driven by unwanted intrusive thoughts and feelings, often around the things I value the most.

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The Wall

[Audio Review] The Wall (2017) by Bede Jermyn

When I think of filmmakers who successfully transition from the independent film to helm major Hollywood films, one of the first directors that pop into my head is definitely Doug Liman. 125 more words

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Sam, 30, UK

I feel constantly responsible for everything.

For example, if I don’t turn the light switch off in the right way it will cause something awful to happen.

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The Wall


Lady Gwyn and yolkboy analyze the myths & legends of the north, including the Night’s Watch and the Freefolk beyond the Wall. Close attention is paid to the role of myth and legend in the story, and their use as a worldbuilding technique. 13 more words


Tear Down the Wall

Who doesn’t love a good story? Good Will Hunting, The Princess Bride, Sherlock, there are plenty of good stories out there. Often we’ll turn to film or television for a good story – occasionally glance at the cover of a book. 887 more words


Gay History: The Wall & Green Park, Darlinghurst, NSW.

Historical information

This is a wall. It is also “The Wall”.

The Wall is the most infamous gay pickup strip in Sydney. There are probably others – but this 100m of convinct built sandstone wall has a unique synergy. 1,672 more words