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Anonymous, 22, South Africa

After brushing my teeth I need to make myself gag to make sure nothing bad went down my throat.

I am actually a very messy person and that is why it is so strange.

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The Wall

Clara, 28, East Anglia, UK

I believe that I am responsible for the safety of everyone in the world. The burden is huge.

My OCD is multipronged. It focuses mainly on ensuring that everybody is safe, but also shows itself as a fear of contamination.

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The Wall

Actions Have Consequences by Michael Moore

Such a well used and thought to be understood phrase yet is it?

I realized recently that I did not fully comprehend this. I was aware that my actions had consequences in the most simple ways – hard work gets results or the ripple effect of a drop of water – but did not sit and think about the more complex in some ways more real relevancy this universal truth had on relationships, both intimate and casual. 226 more words

The Wall

Sarah, 41, Nottinghamshire, UK

I constantly question whether I actually know my partner. I obsess over it – is he cheating, lying, deceiving me…

I have been plagued my whole life with intrusive thoughts.

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The Wall

Lisa, 29, Scotland

The burglar in my mind steals from me every single day.

It doesn’t matter how often I change my locks because he always finds the right key!

The Wall


This superimposed photo of my brother’s squad, over the Vietnam Wall, was shared with me by James Faber, one of my brother’s platoon members and a brave soldier who was there 47 years ago, when Stan fell ¬†on the battlefield of South Vietnam. 163 more words