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Art Journal - Womankind Challenge Day 2 of 5

Day Two

The studio called though once again I did every chore including rearranging the duck coop before I answered. I left the radio playing and the door open as a reminder to the creative invitation. 419 more words

The Wall

Anonymous, 30, London, UK

If I moved or spoke, the rituals would have to start again

I should start by saying I had the most wonderful of childhoods. I wanted for nothing, I laughed and most importantly I knew how much I was loved.

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The Wall

Stephanie, 33, Ontario, Canada

I get stuck in a never-ending mental analysis of why “this is something to worry about” and why “this is not something to worry about”.

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The Wall

Art Journal - Womankind Challenge Day 1 of 5

Encaustic creative challenge.

I have a wonderful studio and if anyone entered it and saw the wild canvases and colour smeared haphazard bottles and jars that line up like potion bottles in a witch lair, they would not think creativity is a challenge. 372 more words

The Wall

Pink Floyd: The Wall

It’s pretty cool I guess. I liked them more earlier. I wonder if they weren’t influenced by Queen. I’m sure Pink Floyd fans would hate that idea, but they definitely got theatrical on this album.


If this If this grotesque slob
Gets the President’s job
It will loudly proclaim
To all of our shame
We’re the land of the freaks… 449 more words