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If you’ve read any of my other musical musings, no doubt, you’ve discovered…I am a true music nerd.  I love to know the why behind the song.   632 more words

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BMW BERLIN-MARATHON – my second World Marathons Major and my 11th marathon overall. I was extremely excited to go to Berlin and take part even though I had a feeling I might not have had the best preparation. 648 more words


Another Brick In The Wall

Fuji X-Pro 2 and XF 18-55mm R LM OIS Lens – 1/8000 @ f/2.8 – ISO 400

“All in all you’re just another brick in the wall ” – Roger Waters and David Gilmour


The Great Wall of Trump

Imagine; a giant wall built along the entire United States and Mexico border. It’s an idea that has been the cornerstone of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign since the very beginning. 525 more words

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The Untold Truth Of To Catch A Predator...


Date: September 20, 2016

01) The Untold Truth Of To Catch A Predator…

“Did To Catch a Predator perform a public service, or was it just another ratings-hungry reality series? 184 more words

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Pink Floyd - Comfortably numb

Comfortably numb

Հաճելի ընդարմություն

Hello , Բարև (արձագանք), Is there anybody in there? Ներսում մարդ կա՞: Just nod if you can hear me Պարզապես գլխով արա, եթե լսում ես ինձ: Is there anyone home? 252 more words
Pink Floyd