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Rachel, 25, UK

I’m terrified of thinking the wrong thing.

I started having OCD symptoms when I was around 14 in secondary school. I had a group of friends that started to bully me, and this is around the time it started.

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Compromise vs Collapse — Jay Colby

Compromising is something we all have to do in many aspects of our lives. Compromises with life, career, family, goals, friends, relationships, life choices and countless number of other things are sometimes required in our daily lives.

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What Prostitutes Can Charge Represents Women's Declining SMV as They Age

The scientific journal Evolution and Human Behavior recently published an interesting study confirming many of the ideas about female sexual market value (SMV) and The Wall discussed on manosphere blogs like this one. 1,099 more words


7 Things that happened when I went sober......

7 Things that happened when I went sober

30 Days on The Wagon 

If you know me you know I LOVE red wine, like a lot, and is really perfect for any occasion imaginable;  weekends, week days, celebrations, BBQ’s, birthdays, movie nights, dinners, girls nights – ok you get my point!   1,260 more words

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7 Dream-Killing Habits (and How to Break Them) — The Change Blog

“Remember your dreams and fight for them.”− Paulo Coelho Do you ever feel like you don’t have what it takes to chase your dreams? I felt like that too, but here I am, writing for The Change Blog.

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Stay Focused: Working Towards Your Goals — Jay Colby

Do you remember your new year’s resolutions you set at the beginning of this year? We all know staying focus on our goals can be difficult after the initial excitement is gone.

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Saturday Night Slam Series in Provo, September 3, 2016 from 5 - 7pm

The Saturday Night Slam Series in conjunction with the BYU English Society presents the The Final(s) Slam!

Dates vary, but the slams are about once a month and held on campus. 129 more words