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Set free - hiitsfi

Why did you pick this picture?
I picked this picture because I think it’s important to share the idea of freedom. So many of us are wrapped up in our lives and we fail to see the bigger picture, that we can escape and be set free like a bird. 285 more words


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The music geeks just a thought. Pink Floyds the wall an album that changed my life.

I like most people  first got into music when I was a teenager. I was a heavy metal fan.  Listening to bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple ,Metallica, Slayer and more. 409 more words

Your Backbone and My Flute

Your Backbone and My Flute

(translation of poem by Mayakovsky as if mistranslated by Donald Trump)


I’d like to build a wall

around my penis… 233 more words

A world ruled by networks

One of the more confusing characteristics of our age is how it trucks in contradiction. As a prime example: the internet is the most democratizing medium in the history of humankind giving each of us the capability to reach potentially billions with the mere stroke of a key. 1,294 more words


Make My Day

I gave my daughters friend my only copy of the album “The Wall” by Pink Floyd last weekend when we got home from the flea market, thinking that I had two of them. 235 more words


Roger Waters : The Wall

Roger Waters: The Wall is a 2014 British concert film & live album by Roger Waters. Directed by Waters and Sean Evans, it captures performances of Waters’ live tour. 37 more words


Linsey, 20, Pennsylvania, USA

I often worry that I’ll end up like Ted Bundy, or that I’ll suddenly lose control and stab my loved ones.

People look at me and they see a nice, normal girl, but they have no idea about the horrors that occur inside my head.

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The Wall